Medical APIs: Raising the Hope Of Better Healthcare

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Healthcare has improved greatly with the advent of mobile apps. More and more people are beginning to know the importance of being able to access health data to care for themselves better. Healthcare technology has made such data more accessible to satisfy this need. 
The innovation of connected health- fitness trackers, sensors, as well as smart gadgets is more popular among mobile app development companies. Android app developers have made plans to integrate Android fitness and health applications which will store health data for easy access.
The question is whether healthcare professionals and hospitals welcome APIs such healthcare apps. Healthcare providers currently use electronic health record systems. These systems do not work with other networks or allow exchange of data between patients and doctors or the facilities.
The law requires healthcare providers to allow patients see and transmit health data to other parties such as hospitals, research facilities, and insurance companies. This law will be adjusted to allow patients use an API of their choice to access their health data.
The benefits of APIs in healthcare

APIs mean control over health data for patients. It allows the patients to take their health records wherever they go without having to do lots of paperwork. They can also use this feature to remain fit and healthy when they use fitness trackers. All these can facilitate diagnosis and treatment in whatever facility the patient visits.
APIs mean a chance to enhance the usage of electronic health records using third-party software. With APIs, the doctors can know all they need to about patient history with data consolidated in a single place. It is far easier to access. APIs such as DrChrono help doctors to manage appointments and bill patients. 
Researchers also benefit from this feature. For them, it means viable data. Most of the time, clinical trials do not produce conclusive results due to a smaller number of patients participating. Using health APIs, they can access enough data about certain patients with a similar diagnosis. Data collected from this process will be anonymous so that the privacy of the participants can be preserved while providing essential information for the researchers. 
GluVue and other platforms collect and analyze medical data which is related to severe conditions such as diabetes are developed with APIs and give doctors all the data they need.
Despite being beneficial to the healthcare industry, there are still some concerns about the safety of APIs in healthcare.
The specific challenges include:

Privacy and Security 
Everyone wants to be sure that their medical history and data are kept private and only available to insurance companies and healthcare professionals. Different companies have rules for protecting health data of citizens. These regulatory bodies control access to personal health information determining how it will be managed and protected.
Android app developers are always searching for new solutions to promote safe exchange and storage of health data among patients, facilities, and networks. New technologies are expected to help with the secure and easy exchange of medical data. Some of these technologies include encryption protocols and Blockchain which are both in compliance with the laid down standards in the country. Android app developers must consider this before building a healthcare app.
Ensuring that APIs can access healthcare databases
Some countries have not started using electronic records yet, and in other countries where it is used, it is fragmented because of the mode of operation of insurance companies and hospital networks. Whether or not these records exist, a good mobile app development company must find a way to incorporate the data or promote the creation of the database so that the healthcare workers and patients can access data. 
An API creator can encourage healthcare personnel to use API databases by

• Providing built-in tools that will be used for digitizing and scanning medical records.
• Allowing the patients to send healthcare data from smart devices and fitness trackers directly to the database.
• Working with labs so all test results will be backed up safely in the database.
Giving developers an exhaustive API documentation 
Most of the time, poor documentation affects the adoption of some API’s. Giving comprehensive developer guides for these APIs will make sure that the healthcare services integrate with your API. App development companies can find existing APIs that are integrated with healthcare apps as well as how they are used. Some of these healthcare APIs include: 
1. Human API
This Human API comprises of several wellness and medical APIs. It offers lots of useful features such as reviewing prescriptions, managing patient profiles, storing test results, as well as allowing doctors to have access to vital signs. This API organized a hackathon for similar healthcare apps. The API provides a comprehensive documentation, an all-inclusive guide for iOS, web and android development and an API reference. All these features make it easier to use. 
2. Box API
Box API is relatively easy to use as it allows the user to manage all files securely. The service is often integrated with some healthcare apps that store and also share the documents. Test results, medical records, and prescriptions can be shared through this API.
Its API comes with mobile and web software development kits. This makes it possible to use it with different operating systems and languages. Some of these languages include Java, Ruby, .NET, CHROME, Windows, Android, Python, Node.js, and iOS. It is really easy to implement in the system.
3. Doximity
The API, Doximity, works with healthcare platforms connecting patients and their also runs background checks on the doctors that register with the platform. It is always difficult to run a background check on doctors, but this API can get full information on doctors and their practice. Their colleagues can be pointed out as well. This API has a shorter documentation, but it is just enough to begin implementation.
4. BetterDoctor
BetterDoctor is quite helpful in finding and choosing your healthcare professionals, assisting patients to know more about the doctors and also to make informed decisions before choosing a healthcare provider. This API is quite comprehensive, so app developers everywhere can begin to use it in existing projects or even new ones without a hassle. 
5. Drchrono
This popular API lets developers build a platform to allow doctors have access information about all their patients, and colleagues. They can also manage prescriptions, review clinical notes, and read/respond to all the messages in their messaging center. 

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