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Mistakes To Avoid While Working With React Native Apps

App Development

Jan 2023
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mistakes to avoid while working with react native apps
What is react native?
Where is react native used?
What are the common mistakes while using react native?
How can you develop apps using react native?
Are react native apps useful?
If this is what your search history is looking like from the past few days, then this article is for you. In this article, we will look into the various ways of using react native and how you can build interactive apps using these platforms. Apart from this, we will also look at the various things you need to take care of while using react native. So without further ado, let us get into it!
Top app development companies use react native to develop highly interactive software. This is used as a framework to develop apps as it makes the app available on various platforms like android and iOS. The more platforms you are able to target, the more customers you are able to reach. The more people stay on your app, the higher the profit rates you can earn from it. This has another advantage in that the development process becomes easier for the app developers as well. Now that we know this, let us look into the mistakes that we should avoid while working with react native.

Why Choose React Native Apps?

There are a number of reasons why mobile app developers prefer using react native. Let us look into each of this one by one. It is as follows:

1) JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most trusted and widely used languages in the development sector. There are certain reasons for it. The first being it is object-oriented which makes the program deal with problems in the real world. Apart from this, it also allows the code to be used several times with the help of inheritance. It also allows data wrapping and displays only that piece of information which is extremely crucial.

2) Easy to Install

React is an open-source platform. This means that it is free to use for everyone. Apart from being free to use, it is also easy to install as compared to other development software. Even if the app developer does not have knowledge of the JS he or she can get along with this platform with ease.

3) Increased Productivity

When you choose react as a platform for development it helps to increase the productivity of your task force. This is because react already has a set of predefined libraries which prevents you to start your code from scratch. It also has live reload features that help you to analyze the given changes in real time. You do not need to reload the whole system every time you make a change which can be a tedious task.

4) Community Support

React Native is a widely known language in the software development sector. React Native is a widely known language in the software development sector. From most experienced to entry level app developers everyone seems to use it. This is the reason community support is greater for solving your doubts. In case you get stuck with a code segment you can ask for help online and solve it immediately.

Top Mistakes to Avoid While React Native App Development

Now that we know the advantages of using react native apps, let us look at the mistakes to avoid while working with react native apps. It is as follows:

1) Inappropriate Image Sizes

When you upload wrongly sized images, they get shattered on the screen after the app development phase is over. When the app developers are busy testing and running the features that the app is supposed to be made of, they tend to overlook this step. This tends to spoil the aesthetics of the platform. The losing speed also determines whether the website will display the image or not. Optimizing the definition of the image helps to resize it according to your needs.

2) The Incorrect Layout of Redux Features

When you begin to develop an app, you need to focus on the layout of the app as much as you focus on the innovation of the app. If you do not plan this step properly, the whole app can collapse. It can also help to detect errors and make the app process data faster. There are also other factors that you need to take care of which are:
  • Configuring the whole app with the right parameters
  • Keeping the files in the order of precedence
  • Adding the right middleware if required
  • Use the suitable reactive native database
  • Allow code reusability

3) Details Details Details!

One thing that sets top app development companies apart from others is the intricate details with which they decide to code their apps. Paying attention to small details can make the customers feel more amazing. Have you ever logged on to the Starbucks website where you get to write your name on the cup? This is a small step that can make a huge difference. The app development companies are well aware of this and use this to their advantage.

4) Using components That Are Static

Ever considered using stateless components? React gives you the advantage of creating objects that do not extend any class. This means that you can create this object with functionalities to cater to your own needs. Without these components or objects, using pure and predefined components is not possible. Apart from this, you can also use the DOM model to cater to your development needs. Inculcating AJAX with react can also take your react app to a new level.


Top mobile app development companies choose to use react native app development for all their projects. There are a number of advantages of using react native the primary advantage being its adaptability and scalability. It allows you to use JS which allows code reusability. This helps you to save time as you need not start the app’s coding from scratch. It also has huge community support which allows you to solve your queries in case you get stuck in the development phase. But along with that, react native is platform-independent and free to install. This means that one does need to pay additional costs to get this platform.
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