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Mobile App Development Process: Steps To Build Successful Apps In 2023

App Development

Nov 2022
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mobile app development process - steps to build successful apps
Do you have a brilliant app idea but don't know how to execute it? Keep in mind that 99.5 percent of consumer apps have been unsuccessful, so how can you ensure that your app targets the correct audience and is successful?

App Development Process: Steps to Build a Successful Apps In 2023

Step 1: Mapping Out the Basics

Before you develop an app and pitch it to mobile app development companies, you need to be crystal clear about a few things to ensure that the app is worth the time and money you are putting into it. These include:
App Objective
Why do you want to make this particular app? Is it required by businesses? Is your app going to target the needs of a specific audience? Are there sufficient resources to promote the app?
Target Audience
Who are you marketing the app to? Who do you think will use the app?
What are the integral features of the app? What makes your app different from other apps in the market? Why would users want to use your app?
Competitor Understanding
Do you have competitors who have made similar apps? How do you plan on making your app better than theirs? What will your app offer that other apps do not?
You will need to put in time, effort, and money to develop your app. Can you afford it?
How do you plan on promoting your application? Will you sell it to app development companies? How will you promote the app to the first 1000 users?

Step 2: Conducting Market Research

The most important part of building a successful app is understanding the demand- how interested are consumers? This is an important question to answer as it can help you modify your app and prioritize certain things based on consumer demand.
Here are some ways to conduct market research efficiently:
  • Plan your objective and keep customer personalities in mind.
  • Prepare research questions that will give you clarity.
  • Pick out some consumers from your research who you can engage with.
  • Keep your survey open-ended.
  • Make a note of market competitors so that you can compare your app to theirs.
Market research is essential as it helps you gauge the community you will be marketing to while allowing you to get a better idea about your competitors. The more you know about the market; the more apt your app can be.
Moreover, with the correct market research, you can discover different demands and make changes to your app to ensure that it is successful.

Step 3: Create a Blueprint for Your App

Once you have all the necessary details, it is time to create a wireframe. A wireframe helps create a rough design of your app while focusing on its functionality. Not only will this help you understand what your app will look like, but it will also help you draw out errors and functionality issues that may not be user-friendly.
Creating a blueprint of your app also helps give app developers a reference for what to expect from your app.
Here are some tips that will help you build your app's wireframe:
Select a Frame
When selecting a frame, focus on the dimensions of the device that you are planning to design the app. The frame will help you ensure easy readability so that you do not add too many elements to the screen. Make sure your frame creates an illusion of what the real frame design will look like.
If you aren't sure what mobile app development company you want to pitch your app to, create a mid-sized screen device. For example, if you are pitching to an iOS app development company, focus on the XS iPhone framework.
Use Familiar Patterns
Users love using new apps with a familiar interface as it shows them that they can trust the new app and interact with it the way they would interact with apps in the past.
Regardless of whether you are using an Android or iOS pattern, you can simplify the framework and design to ensure that users enjoy a familiar experience.
Ensure Readability Across All Screen Sizes
The mobile app developers look at whether your app will serve all screen sizes. While it is great that your app looks good on an iPhone 13, it should also look good for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 11 users. It is essential to ensure that all consumers have a similar experience.
When wireframing, you can start with a particular screen size and create your app around it, but make sure to see how your content looks on other screen sizes. Adjust anything that needs to be adjusted according to the screen size to create a successful app.

Step 4: Use Design Sprints

It is difficult to ensure that you make the correct design and add all the relevant features. However, one way to tackle this is by using a Design Sprint - this is a scientific, proven method of brainstorming that helps decide the features that need to be included in the app and those that need to be removed. This is a wonderful way to save time, money, and effort in designing and wireframing.
Design Sprints help create a new service, redesign an existing service, and add new features to an existing service, making them a reliable choice for app developers.

Step 5: Choose Your Platform

There are three platforms you can choose from when it comes to developing an app:
Hybrid/Cross-Platform App
These are single mobile apps that are built on HTML5 and can be used across different platforms. They can be downloaded from all kinds of app stores.
Native App
An app development company or app developers can develop an iOS or Android app using development tools and language.
HTML 5 App
These mobile websites have been optimized to look like native apps running on phone browsers. This platform-independent app has higher functionality and is great for developers who want to create an app that is not allowed on app stores.

Step 6: Develop Your App

Once all the above steps have been established, it is time to give your app a proper structure. This includes the coding process and realization of your app.
Before you get to the development stage, different milestones need to be established, like creating parts of the code, creating the mobile app, and any preliminary testing that needs to take place.


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