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Mobile App Functionalities To Closely Monitor In 2020

App Development

Mar 2020
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mobile app functionalities to closely monitor in 2020
It is clear that the use of mobile devices is growing at a dizzying rate, and with it is the use of mobile applications. But would you know why there are applications that no one can resist using them, while others end up forgotten or worse, uninstalled?
Trends in mobile applications are an important track to follow, mainly because they summarize the market demands and the features with the greatest acceptance by users. 2019 has marked the way forward for 2020 when it comes to mobile application development.
It is not easy to seduce users, but in this article, we describe the most important trends in app development to take into account, either to create a new application or to update an already developed one.
AR and VR
In its beginnings, both augmented reality and virtual reality were totally linked to video games. However, the time has come for both to get out of their comfort zone and spread to other sectors.
In 2018, these two technologies had a global market of 23.4 billion euros, and it is expected that by 2022 the figure will increase to 181 billion euros. With these numbers, it seems like we'll finally see AR and RV in more apps this year.
In fact, Google Maps functionality with AR is being prepared to offer users real-time directions. In the retail sector, augmented reality is being used to change the color of garments or even virtual fitting rooms. Other sectors use AR so that their commercial teams show the advantages of their products in an innovative and attractive way.
Artificial Intelligence
The integration of artificial intelligence to mobile applications has begun to be seen in recent years, but AI apps are expected to increase significantly in 2020, especially in the health sector.
Smart mobile applications that emulate human behavior in some way make the user experience much more satisfying. The use of chatbots and virtual assistants are increasingly being implemented. This is because they provide personalized customer service while reducing costs and efforts for companies.
Furthermore, artificial intelligence is being used in apps to better security systems, automate tasks, and solve technical problems for users. Definitely, AI is here to stay.
Beacons are small sensors that work via Bluetooth. They are perfect for automated communication in confined spaces and an ideal solution for broadcasting short-range radio signals.
Its ease of use and the advantages that it brings in terms of geolocation make beacons a trend in 2020, mainly for proximity marketing. Imagine walking past your favorite shoe store and getting notified of their best deals.
Sectors such as the hotel, restaurant, or retail are using it more and more in their proximity actions and also for mobile payment. Everything indicates that beacons technology will be a must for any app in these sectors.
Highly Customizable Applications
One of the most promising trends for app development in 2020 is personalization. There is nothing more practical than the app itself to know the tastes of each user, and the content it displays is tailored to them.
Today, the minimum expected of technology is an adaptation to the user. Applications like Spotify, which makes personalized lists according to tastes, Facebook adds which adapt advertising to each user, or apps like Fever, which prioritizes events that may interest you, are just the beginning of this trend.
Personalization in mobile applications creates a closeness with the user and, with it, much more satisfying experience with the brand. There is no doubt that this type of functionality is an advantage for users and companies alike, and therefore one of the trends in mobile applications to look closely in the coming years.
On-demand Apps
On-demand apps are basically mobile applications that function as a mediator between client and provider. The latter identifies a common need for many consumers and provides a solution by creating an innovative app.
In 2020, this type of apps will reach new verticals. It was a market that already in 2017 handled profit figures of 57 million dollars, it has a profit forecast of 335 billion in 2025.
Its main feature is that the user benefits from significant time, effort, and money savings. For this reason, on-demand apps are currently experiencing exponential growth and will continue to be a trend in mobile applications in 2020.
Mobile Wallets
mobile wallets
Mobile wallets are mobile payment systems with which different credit or debit cards, discount cards, or customer loyalty cards can be stored. Their main advantage is that they ensure payments in a flexible and adequate way.
In addition, they avoid the infinite number of customer loyalty cards that we receive from many brands, which end up being a nuisance. The mobile wallets will go hand in hand with the retail sector and electronic commerce.
That we are becoming more receptive and less fearful of mobile payments is due to the high security that comes with them. This is why blockchain also enters the field of mobile payments to offer apps with greater security.
Web And Mobile Integration
50% of the time we spend on mobile is currently spent using mobile applications. However, there are certain tasks that we still associate with computer use.
A trend of this 2020 for applications is full integration with the desktop web. As users, we are increasingly used to personalization, and we hope that every contact we have with a brand is interconnected.
Regardless of the device through which you access an online channel of a brand, we hope that it identifies us and connects the data of our last purchase in a physical store with our online accounts. A fully integrated platform is something that app developers and brands will seek with greater emphasis, putting more and more users at the center of their technological development.
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