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Mobile App Personalization Can Help Attract App Users


Oct 2020
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mobile app personalization can help attract app users
With the increasing use of the internet and fast connectivity, the smartphone and app economy rose on a vast scale. Above 2.7 billion people use smartphones, and 1.35 billion use tablets worldwide. There are 2.2 million apps on the iOS App Store and 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store. In fact, in 2019 alone, there were 205 billion app installs.
There is a vast opportunity to empower users, boost your digital presence, produce top-line earnings, and counter competition. The best way to continually engage your users and drive conversions is by integrating personalization strategy into your smartphone marketing machine.
Today, personalization has gone way beyond the obvious. Calling out your users by their names over push notifications or offering them discounts on their birthdays over an email campaign is a superb technique.
But that’s not adequate. Your users demand a customized customer experience right from the initial app launch. This assumes greater significance across sectors like OTT platforms, e-Commerce, news, and media.
In this blog, we will discuss different ways to deliver personalized mobile app experience to your users.
1. Gather sufficient data on your users
Successful personalization depends on the data you’ve accumulated about your users across platforms. Collecting the right geolocation, demographic, and device-type data-points is essential. You should start collecting this necessary information at the registration of your user onboarding process.
You also need to capture your users in-app actions, behavior, responses, inactions, and interactions to multi-channel marketing campaigns. This will help create and continually enrich a unified view of each user in real-time.
You should trace relevant metrics attached to these actions to collect minute insights. For instance, recent and frequent app launch and purchases, the ratio of items added to cart and finally bought, average time spent per screen, actual conversion rates, etc.
Evaluating these various data-points will help you gain in-depth insights and develop useful user segments.
2. Customize the app home screen on initial launch
Modern marketing has made it clear that one size doesn’t fit all. Based on your app type and quality of demographic data points that you can collect during the initial onboarding flow- you can instantly start delivering a customized user experience on your app homepage.
For example, suppose you are an OTT video streaming app. In that case, data like name, age, sex, preferred genres, etc., can be used to organize a first-degree customized list of content suggestions on your app home screen immediately.
Striking the right balance is essential between deploying an onboarding flow that teaches newbies on working, critical features, etc. and catching pertinent demographic information to deliver a delightful user experience as soon as possible.
3. Customize the app navigation experience
Other than users’ search, browsing, purchase history, and click patterns, you can customize how your users navigate your mobile app by app development companies.
Other factors such as age, gender, geolocation, buyer personas, seasons, timezone, etc. can be leveraged to tailor the banner images, CTAs graphics, trending products, offers, etc.
4. Tailor the search experience
Any searches made by a user on your app is a strong signal of purpose. Purpose to buy a product, buy a ticket, consume content, and whatnot.
Each search action made by a user tells you about their immediate wants, needs, and preferences. Your goal must be to direct your customers to what they want quicker.
AI engine Raman now helps you to immediately populate items or content suggestions based on the partial or complete search terms entered in the search tab. This would take into account past searches made.
5. Display real-time AI-based predictive suggestions
Declining user attention spans and fast access to alternate apps in the same category can boost switching behavior. Hence, you need to respect the time an individual user potentially invests when they launch your app. Near-instant product visibility and the top-of-sight discovery becomes crucial to conversions.
6. Re-order product or content categories for sizeable context
You are bound to have tons of items or content options in your product catalog or content library if you have an OTT, news, media, or e-commerce app.
AI algorithms can re-order these categories in real-time for single users, so the most relevant item or content suggestions show up right at the top.
7. Build an in-app customized storefront or playlist
Take it a step further and permit Raman to arrange a mobile boutique made up of only those items or content suggestions that a single user is most likely to see or purchase on your app.
Please you users with an exceptional online shopping or content consumption experience while boosting CTRs by 120-150% each time they release your app. 
Spotify goes a step further to develop multiple weekly playlists based on favorite artists, preferred genres, and music language.
8. Deploy live contextual suggestions via in-app messages
You can improve your in-app customization strategy by activating relevant items or content suggestions and suitable offers to single users via in-app texts.
These can be activated when a user opens specific predefined screens or when a user scrolls a limited percent on particular pre-defined screens.
9. Customize your suggestions across other platforms
The heart of personalization lies in offering a rich and exclusive user experience across multiple digital interactions. This means you must trigger other key mobile marketing platforms like email and app push notifications to repeatedly provide these tailored suggestions.
Below is the kind of contextual suggestions that you can render to follow conversions beyond only your mobile app.
“Suggested for You” suggestions, “Cart Abandonment” suggestions, and Buying Behavior suggestions.
10. Re-target current users with tailored ads
There will be downslide despite your best efforts to motivate your users to shop or spend more time-consuming content on your app. But AI engine, Raman, can target users with the most pertinent items or content suggestions via enhanced retargeting ads through Facebook, Instagram, Google, at the correct time.
Final words
Mobile app personalization is another tool for your massive omnichannel personalized experience. Stimulating your users just on one platform won’t make it. They expect a continuous and seamless experience across your mobile app, website, and marketing platforms.
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