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Mobile Applications To Take Advantage Of Virtual Reality Lenses

Game Development

Apr 2018
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mobile applications to take advantage of virtual reality lenses
Virtual Reality, This is the use of computer technology to imitate an experience. This experience is similar to the actual encounter. This is achieved by using virtual reality glasses. VR entails immersing oneself in a multidimensional experience through technology. VR mobile app development company specializes in image processing, which is an integral part of the entire technology. App users expect smooth experience and realistic image from mobile app development company.
Mobile applications to take advantage of virtual reality lenses
The virtual reality is the new buzzword in the field of technology and everyone wants to take full advantage. Virtual worlds in three dimensions can now be enjoyed by millions of users around the world without the need to invest huge amounts of money in a helmet prepared to withstand this type of technology. VR app development companies are also on the rise and are equally creating sleek apps.
However, there is a problem. There are many users who have a virtual reality lens and do not even know what content to run with it. Either because they received the accessory as a gift, through a promotion or, simply, by an impulse purchase, it is common not to know what to do with these devices once the smartphone is mounted to begin using them.
Android has taken the lead in terms of accessible VR content since it’s already mentioned Cardboard (and the countless imitations that can be found today) allowed for a few dollars any user with a relatively modern phone can immerse themselves in virtual worlds. Mobile games are trending and mobile app development companies are coming out with innovative ideas.
App developers from VR mobile app development companies are on the rise. Currently, the Play Store has a section dedicated exclusively to Daydream, the new brand of Google VR, where you can find hundreds of titles compatible with most headsets that work with Android terminals; Apple also does the same, with an interesting catalog of options in its App Store. The quality varies, as well as its availability (there are free and payments). Then, a tour of the best apps that can be found today to make the most of virtual reality and dust off that headset that, a priori, had as its destination the most recondite place in the closet.
Known at the time as VRSE, Within is an application designed to provide users with virtual reality content created by creators from all over the world. His library includes from short films to documentaries, through live shows and productions of some of the most important media in the world.
Within was created with the aim of exploring and expanding the potential of immersive narrative in VR. Within app is available for free on iOS and Android and has two playback options: via streaming or by downloading the contents, allowing you to enjoy them off-line.
VR Fantasy
The video game industry has not yet massively turned to VR, but there are already some titles that take full advantage of this technology to enhance their stories. In mobile, one of the main exponents is VR Fantasy, a game that, although it is simple, fulfills its objective of providing a good time of entertainment to the casual player.
The story takes elements of Zelda and Minecraft, as it puts the user in the skin of a hero who must go into dungeons and fights with different types of enemies, solving puzzles and using the different weapons that are collected throughout the story. Its playability does not present too many complications and can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
Google is one of the main drivers of VR since it has developed several applications that take advantage of this technology and turn it into Android phones. One of the most interesting is Expeditions, an educational virtual reality platform that allows you to travel through hundreds of scenarios around the world (the seabed, the Egyptian pyramids and television studios, among many others) or stories that have value historical or social.
The main attraction of the app is that it was specially designed to be used in classrooms. Expeditions allow a teacher to guide and direct their students through 3D images and panoramic 360 degrees, pointing out the most important details along the route. The devices can be connected through the same Wi-Fi network, and if the teacher has downloaded the expeditions, it will not be necessary to connect to the Internet to see them.
So far, the app has more than 200 expeditions, including integrated descriptions, discussion topics and questions to ask in the classroom. Its availability is completely free through the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store.
Cardboard Camera
Enjoy own content made specifically for VR is possible in the hand of Cardboard Camera, another app developed by Google, in this case, to enhance the generation of content from the hand of the users themselves.
The platform allows you to create images in 360 degrees or with three-dimensional effects in a few steps. You can even add sound to make the experience much more immersive. Its operation is simple: Just press the trigger and perform a 360-degree rotation slowly. The app will record the audio along with the images and once the capture is made it will generate the panoramic image.
How do virtual reality glasses work?
Once you have virtual reality glasses, all you have to do is have an application with which to test these elements. That is why we will show you some of the applications that you can try with them.
But before you start showing the applications that you can use, it is essential to know that these glasses have different elements that you should know about.
One of the main ones is a magnet usually located on the left side and what it allows is that you can interact with the phone without having to touch it directly. How is it possible?
Easy, as we have already mentioned, it is a ceramic magnet that acts directly on the smartphone's compass, so the same smartphone will know in which direction it is oriented at all times.
As for the lenses that have Cardboard glasses, in particular, we can say that what they create is a magnifying glass effect, which, if you want to enjoy a good image quality, it is recommended that the phone has a large number of pixels.
What do people think of virtual reality? Is it worth investing in high quality dedicated glasses or do people prefer to start with simpler and cheaper ones?
One thing is to try virtual reality for a few minutes with our phone, and quite another to live the full experience. VR has lots of potentials and takes the gaming experience to a different level.
VR apps are becoming popular and VR app development company specializes in developing games that are both fascinating and captivating. 
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