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Mobile Onboarding Can Flourish Your Business And Make User-Life Easy

App Development

Jul 2020
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mobile onboarding can flourish your business and make user life easy
Mobile app development business is continuously flourishing with the increasing demand and advancement in technology. There is no chance the graph is going to diminish in the coming years. According to Statista, the year 2019 witnessed 204 billion app download. This year the figure is assumed to increase by 258 billion. Mobile apps earned a total of $462 billion, so now you can imagine the numbers this year. With so much demand and revenues in place, it doesn’t take effort for any companies to invest in mobile app development.
According to Quettra, 77% of users, on an average, uninstalled the mobile apps within the first three days of downloading it. According to Adjust’s research, users uninstall the apps within 5-6 days of installation. However, they also found that 40% of users who uninstall the apps will reinstall it in the future.
Does this ring a bell in your head? If you want to earn a fraction of revenues in the mobile app development industry, you need to keep in mind that your website must have easy accessibility. The most important one is the onboarding process. If you want to make sure of user retention, you got to make a phenomenal first impression.
This article will throw light on the follows:
What is mobile app onboarding?
Why is it important?
What is an accessible application?
What should you practice for Mobile App Onboarding?
What is Mobile App Onboarding?
what is mobile app onboarding
The mobile app onboarding refers to the process of using the app when it is the first time installed and opened. It gives the user a first-time impression of your app. If your app gets designed rightly, it increases the customer's chances of using your app or retaining it. There is also a likelihood that they will suggest it to other people, especially adults and seniors, who are not so tech-savvy.
The onboarding process intends to instruct the user on how the app works and the advantages of using it. If necessary, it enables the user to sign up or register. Overall, the process is meant to deliver customized content to the users and notify them based on the facts on their profile.
What is the Importance of Mobile App Onboarding?
Attracting and retaining the users to use the app is not an easy task. The fact is that 25% of users tend to delete the app after just using it once. How do you make sure that doesn’t happen? As discussed earlier, the Onboarding process is set to create the first user impression. This first experience they encounter is your only chance to make it through and give an exceptional user experience and stimulate them to use it again.
The process allows the app developers to render an enhanced first user interaction with the app and avoid the pain points. If your app is bemusing or strenuous to use, they are likely to lose interest quickly.
What do you mean by Accessible Application?
what do you mean by accessible application
The first thing to know is that app-accessibility is for general users. It is not biased. It is for everyone to use. Hence, the app gets designed to ensure every user can access it and use it easily regardless of their ability. Accessible content is the same as that available on the websites which are obtainable by all. It means structuring your website and digital tools in a way that general people can utilize it.
So, you must have understood that the next time you design your app, follow the Onboarding process to make it user-friendly and accessible for the users, if you are already not doing so.
How do you practice Mobile App Onboarding for your business?
Below are the following points to help you make sure your app is user-friendly and provides a positive user experience.
Emphasis on your primary concept for the app:
The mobile apps make a few mistakes that people don't care about, like showcasing their apps' main features. Avoid making those mistakes. As an app developer, make sure you highlight the value proposition of your app. Why is it of value to them?
For instance, the app named GasBuddy enables the users to compare the fuel prices wherever they travel. It directly informs the users that the app is helpful to soothe their journey by offering real-time reviews.
Easy access to content:
Apply the web content availability rulebook, like, contrasting text color, a perfect typeface, and relative text sizes. Another method to design an accessible content is to make sure the screens of your Onboarding procedure match perfectly with the screen reader.
You can also consider how the users with hearing impairment, vision loss, or other disabilities will use your app. The next thing you want to make sure it to avoid jargon or ambiguous phrases in your instructions or app usage to make it comprehendible for users, even those not fluent in the language.
Don’t ask unnecessary questions:
Asking too many questions can frustrate the users. You might need the data for your record, however, know the right and needful questions. According to research, 60% of users avoid reinstalling the app due to the number of private questions they ask.  However, a few apps might need to overload with a bunch of questions like a tax filing app. Here, asking a few crucial questions won’t be a problem if it helps users meet their objectives. 
Simple and Quick usability:
One of the things to keep in mind is keeping everything as simple as it can be. It can be overwhelming to have too much intricacy in usage. Your layout should be concise and arranged. You don’t have to focus on showcasing how cool your app is. Just do the needful. Demonstrate how it will fulfill their needs. Lastly, keep your onboarding process succinct.
Simple it easy to register:
Sign-ups can be a bit tedious. Make it easier for the users to create an account quickly by using their existing accounts like Facebook or Gmail to sign up. They don’t have to remember different credentials (ID or password) for all the apps they sign up.
End with a Call To Action:
Having a call to action after the onboarding process can guide users for their following step. This increased the chances of user engagement and arouses their excitement.
Final thoughts:
Mobile Onboarding is an essential step towards captivating your audience. Now you must know that not having this can lead to colossal failure. Your goal as an app developer from a top mobile app development agency is to allure the audience to use your app and keep them involved. This is possible by stating the value proposition of your app, having a straightforward interface, making it available to general users, not bombarding users with unnecessary questions, and thus following the App Onboarding process correctly.
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