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NodeJS VS Python: Which One Is Better For Backend Development?

Web Development

Sep 2022
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nodejs vs python
Both NodeJS and Python have been filling in fame throughout recent years. Looking at Node versus Python, StackOverflow claims Python to be one of the most utilized programming dialects while Node.js is the best one for server development. In this blog, we will take a look at the correlation between Node.js versus Python, inspect industry applications, and spotlight the vitally technical qualities. Let's start with Node.js.

What Is NodeJS Development?

NodeJS development is a runtime environment that depends on JavaScript. Various Node.JS developers can develop the backend and front end with a single brought together stack. This unmistakable component permits the team of web developers to utilize a similar range of abilities, rapidly hiring new developers, and saves the efforts of restarting the hiring process over and over again.
NodeJS is perfect for real-time web projects that offer various features and functionalities such as navigation, chat support, and real-time interaction. Various well-known organizations such as Walmart, Microsoft, IBM, PayPal, GoDaddy, Netflix, LinkedIn and much more use Node.JS development.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using NodeJS Development

Advantages of NodeJS Development

Offering better web development services was the core thought for Node.JS development. So it reflects well its primary difficulties. You can hire NodeJS developers that can resolve various difficulties such as quick execution, ordinary library instrument refreshes, adaptable structure, and proficient code sharing. Along with that, it also offers various benefits.
Effective Tech Stack
Node.js depends on JavaScript, so you gain admittance to the Java Script tech stack, its assets, and the community. Working with Node.js gives you the likelihood to foster undertakings with MEAN Stack - a blend of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js to cover all requirements of web development. All of them deliver the best services for various functions.
  • MongoDB is responsible for data management.
  • Express.js is responsible for backend development;
  • Angular is responsible for front-end development and also for running JS code to create a dynamic user interface;
  • Node.js is responsible for backend JavaScript development services.
Fast event-based Model
As indicated by Toptal's investigation of server tools' speed and effectiveness, Node.js is 2-3 times quicker than Java, PHP, and Go. Node.js development uses event-based programming to play out an algorithm of activities paying little mind to user interactions. At the point when any user clicks on any button, the program rapidly presents another page, communicates something specific, or displays new content.
Adaptable for Microservice Development
Having a bundle chief with free modules, web developers can alter different modules simultaneously, which is ideally suited for microservice engineering. Various famous applications such as Netflix and PayPal utilized Node.js to change from monolith to microservices. This progress assisted web development companies with partitioning usefulness into more modest pieces, further developing testing and maintenance quality, and allowing the team of web developers to update on various features all the while thanks to the non-blocking nature of Node.js.
Rich Development Ecosystem
Node.js package manager is likewise an assortment of open-source JS plugins. NPM has more than 840,000 libraries that help Node.JS developers with Nodejs development. Almost 97% of web applications are built using NPM modules.

Disadvantages of NodeJS Development

Along with JavaScript benefits, Node.js acquired a few basic hindrances. Generally, the issue with Node.js development is neglecting to adjust specific usefulness to the necessities of the backend while replicating features from a front-end language.
Web Development Issues
Node.js development depends on JavaScript language structure that cycles undertakings with little CPU utilization rates. As you use Node.js development for the backend runtime environment, the central processor-bound CPU seems significantly more regular. The structure of Node.js is some of the time conflicting with high-load-computer processor processes, which limits web developers and affects the web development performance.
Immature Tools
The usefulness has been attempted and demonstrated by the enormous development community, so there are scarcely any presentation issues. Less well-known NPM modules are ineffectively developed, have bugs, and need documentation. Node.js is open-source, so its updates do not go through severe quality control, favoring an amount of over-quality methodology.
Callback Hell
Node.js utilizes callbacks to follow and get done with responsibilities. As the project scales and the quantity of dynamic cycles develops, callbacks increment. Eventually, web developers risk becoming mixed up in callbacks and missing significant bugs or technical obligations.

Challenges With NodeJS Development

In general, we can bring up three fundamental difficulties that web developers might look while working with Node.js:
Broad Tech Stack: The big number of ineffectively checked devices prompts conflicting execution and diminishing quality.
Tech Obligation Accumulation: Callback damnation and inferior quality NPM modules lead to code bugs, lucidness issues, and technical obligations.
Adaptability Issues: As the web development company further develops the web development projects, it gets more diligently for Node JS to recognize a defective module or read through callback damnation. The testing and support team needs to invest a ton of energy tidying up the code after some time and timetable steady tech obligations for the executives' meetings.

What Is Python Development?

Python development is a widespread programming language that is utilized for Artificial Intelligence development, big data, logical registering, automation, and backend development. Python is the decision for complex web projects that cycle a ton of information, depending on troublesome computations and use artificial intelligence and automation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Python Development

Both Node.js and Python are utilized for web app development, yet Python brings much more applications to the table. Let's go through the advantages and disadvantages of Python.

Advantages of Python Development

However, Python development is not a language explicitly for web development, there are a few benefits worth focusing on.
Python syntax structure is exceptionally conversational, so the code records are profoundly discernible. Getting the hang of basic development projects requires 10-30 minutes.
AI/ML Development Opportunities
Python has a great deal of implicit simulated intelligence libraries such as Pylearn2, Tensorflow for neural networks, and Scikit-learn for data analysis.
Numerous Spots For Library Hosting
Many facilitating suppliers have native help for the Python code and allow APIs and extra module integration. Organizations can utilize AWS, Digital Options, A2 hosting, TMDHosting, Heroku, and other famous web development platforms.

Disadvantages of Python Development

Even with all the popularity, Python web development is not the perfect one; it also has some loopholes that affect the entire web development.
Development Speed Issues
The other technologies that are much more famous for backend development offer better web development speed compared to Python development when it comes to dealing with server-side activities. The language has numerous reflection layers that require some investment to interact to make it simpler to peruse.
Mobile Development Struggle
Python development is certainly not a native Android or iOS language, and it is not the most ideal decision for hybrid development by the same token. Python developers can adjust the language for app development by utilizing structures and platforms, however, the app performance will be slow.

Challenges With Python Development

How about we summarize the fundamental difficulties of utilizing Python development:
Module Name Clashes: Python modules are characterized by their location and the location of their fundamental contents. Whenever you input a module, there is an opportunity to confound a name or location, and the information will not go through.
Unfortunate Treatment of Memory-escalated Processes. Python development oversees data proficiently with automation information gatherers and quick memory management. Notwithstanding, when the framework is huge, these central processor weighty cycles will generally dial back.


I now have an idea about node js development and Python development. You can figure out whether you should hire Node.Js developers or Hire Python developers based on your project requirements. If you are still confused about the right tech stack, you can reach out to the web development companies and discuss your project requirements with the team of web developers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Python Web development cost estimation does not depend on just one factor. The cost estimation considers various factors such as your web development project requirements, type of web development solution, the complexity of the web development, features and functionalities to include in the digital solution and many more.

You can reach out to one of the top web development companies like Hyperlink InfoSystem and hire dedicated Node.JS or Python web developers that can leverage their development knowledge, years of experience and advanced skills to develop digital solutions after finalizing your project requirements.

Just as the cost estimation, defining the time frame of the web development solution depends on various factors such as project requirements, web development time frame, the complexity of the web development, the type of solution, features and functionalities including web development, the required team of web developers, and many more.

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