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On-Demand App Ideas For Startups To Rule The Market


Feb 2021
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ondemand app ideas for startups to rule the market in 2021
2020 was a devastatingly unexpected year for the world, whether it was getting locked up in homes for months or working from home. Everything in our imagination seemed to happen in reality in 2020. But for those reading this article, we are the warriors that survived the year with our patience and courage. The lives came to a long pause, and the economy is still recovering. People discovered ways to operate within the home. Some industries were left shattered, such as hospitality and tourism, but it also gave a chance to courier delivery apps and other on-demand apps.
The good news is that the pandemic scenario is becoming better, and the vaccination will make things normal. Let's see how the new ventures will grow in 2021 and the different startup ideas that will rule the mobile app industry.
The On-Demand Apps Scenario
The ondemand apps scenario
The world is accelerating with the latest technologies. People count on them, whether it is delivering food at home, knowing the heart rate with the smartwatch, booking cabs, reserving tables, or getting an education at home. All is super dependent on technology, especially with 5G entering the tech space; IoT will rule the market.
On-demand mobile apps are a substantial part of the IoT sector. People use on-demand apps when they feel the need to have that specific product or service. These apps render the users the same when demanded by users. That's the reason why we name them on-demand apps.
As per AppSamurai, on-demand apps act as a mediator between service providers and users. Rather than spending time & effort to get what they want, users prefer to pay a tiny fee for a quicker and convenient process offered by this app type.
Statistics as per Statista
- Approximately 45 million people in the States work in the on-demand service industry, which naturally increases the scope of on-demand app development.
- Around 22 million users are most likely to invest USD 58 billion in on-demand services annually.
- America has a user base of about 86.5 million people for on-demand services.
Why Do Users Love On-Demand Mobile Apps?
why do users love ondemand mobile apps
1. Convenience
The on-demand mobile apps are comfortable as users can use them anywhere and anytime, regardless of their location. Scroll through the app, look for your needs, and order to receive your product or service at your doorstep. The person can ask for the service as and when required, and it is rendered in no time. Hence, the services render users great convenience to use the app as per their requirements.
2. Time Consuming
The on-demand mobile apps enable users to get their products and services delivered at home with one click. Users need not take time out to look for things. All they got to do is put their demand in the search bar of the mobile app, and results would be displayed in seconds.
3. Cost-Efficient
The apps render instant solutions to the users at less cost than the solution they have to make or buy. For instance, a cab booking. People prefer cab booking apps as they are an affordable solution instead of purchasing a car.
Startup Ideas In 2021
startup ideas in 2021
Stepping into the new year, we are even stepping into the new era. This era will be tech-dominated, and on-demand services will be offered at the doorstep with the touch of our fingertips. The investors who will invest and commence their venture in 2021 have to come up with startup ideas that are based on.
The apps you create might have public demand, but you should leave an additional element to them. These apps must give users an advantage or a unique user experience that appeals them to your app.
For instance, making a food delivery app is simple, but creating a food delivery app that displays a live kitchen would be unique. Hence, you have to come up with startup ideas that are original yet in-demand.
The apps are either needed by the users, or the need is created for them. Consider plans to build on-demand apps that you see are required by the audience or mobile apps that are already in demand. Creating an app that touches users' emotions and their desire to have those services boosts users' chances of installing and using the app.
Most startups fail as investors are unable to visualize the future. Consider making on-demand apps that have the power to run even in the longer-haul. For instance, creating an app that gives you updates on Covid-19 is a huge hit, but currently. In the future, we won't need insights on Covid-19, and thus this kind of app will be a huge failure.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Technology will take over the world soon, and to do so, the apps need to be tech-friendly. This includes AI tools like self-monitoring logistics and chatbots. They help users over the app and keep up with the pace of tech change.
The On-Demand Mobile Apps to Consider
the ondemand mobile apps to consider
Several startup ideas can be converted into fantastic mobile app ideas and produce good revenues. Let’s look at some significant niches about which investors should think for good payoffs.
1. Beauty Apps
People’s lifestyle is changing every day. We live in the era of Instagram and social networking platforms. Hence, taking care of our personality is not new anymore. This self-care trend and engaging in a beauty regime will keep rising, and that is why beauty apps like Glam Squad are a good category to think upon.
These virtual apps let users see how they will look in makeup. These apps include features where users can manipulate their features in the pictures to make them seem more appealing or the way they want. These apps are based on extreme VR functionality.
The estimated cost for beauty app development comes between $30k - $40k.
2. Medical Apps
The apps that render medical help like providing medicine delivery at home or online booking appointments are trending today. After Covid-19, people prefer to go out or avoid gatherings, especially in places where other patients suffer from various ailments.
Building medical apps will have a solid scope of future growth as it’s a convenient way. Like food delivery apps, the users can request the medicines to be delivered to their doorstep. In online appointment booking apps, the user will schedule appointments virtually and get their reports & consultancy done without a face-to-face visit. This will not only save their time but also give you an investor to expand.
The approximate cost to develop a mobile medical app is $20k to $70k.
3. Homecare Apps
Today, the customer looks for comfort. Where they find convenience, they go towards it. The homecare app is one of the on-demand apps that render solace to the app users.
Verified Market Research claims that the home service industry is anticipated to rise by 18.96% by 2026 and reach USD 1133.40 billion. The users can reserve the services such as electrician, cleaner, plumbing, and the servicemen are sent to the doorstep. Homecare apps are trending as people are getting busy. People working from home want someone to help them with the household chores or home services. The homecare service app renders the same immediately without any hassle.
The approximate cost for homecare service mobile app development is around $15k to $30k.
4. Travel Apps
You might find this app idea foolish considering the world is stuck in homes and looking at popular apps such as Airbnb bearing losses. But the world is getting recovered, and people are embracing new standard ways, and soon enough, apps will take a pace too.
The investors should make the app before the demand hikes and introduce it before the other competitors. This way, the investors will have a competitive advantage since post lockdown, the tourism industry will have a fresh start.
The approximate cost for travel mobile app development is around $20k to $50k.
5. Laundry Apps
CAGR claims that the laundry care industry made revenues to USD 80,030 million in 2020. With the time flowing fast, people are moving to sublet services where they choose to get their solution from rental services instead of owning themselves. Performing laundry is also one of them. Like we have common laundry or washing areas where people dump their garments to wash, an app could replace this.
These laundry or dry cleaning apps will allocate a person to come and pick the laundry and return it after wash. Or just like any match-making app or dating app, the two people who want to come together and go for laundry could find their partners. There are several innovative ideas for laundry services. Such apps will be trending in the coming years, and it would not be surprising if they become a super duper hit in 2021.
The approx. cost for laundry service app development is around $10k to $25k.
4. Dog Walking Apps
The pet care sector is burgeoning. People choose to have pets, which is why they also want on-demand services that offer pet care. Dog walking apps like wag have hit the right spot by bridging the gap between busy dog owners and people who seek earnings.
The dog walking app enables dog owners to recruit dog walkers that walk their pets & get paid in return. The investors funding in pet care or dog walking apps have a possible chance of growth as the sector has shown promising incomes worth USD 223 billion by 2019, as per reports by gminsights.com.
The estimated cost for dog walking mobile app development is somewhere between $10k to $30k.
7. Health Apps
As we know, Covid-19 has significantly impacted our lifestyle; people are considering their health and are careful about it. The health apps such as fitness trackers, diet apps, or calorie counters help users know their health status without stepping out.
These health apps come with unique features. Some apps even include personal trainers that prescribe a specific diet or workout for better outcomes. Such apps will have a great chance in the future as they concentrate on health and tech.
The users don’t have to visit clinics or dieticians. They can consult app designer via apps or self-monitor their health routine due to these self-explanatory design modules.
The anticipated cost for health mobile app development is somewhere between $4500 to $11,500.
8. Logistics & Delivery Apps
The need for logistics & delivery apps will take a massive hit. Since users are super reliant on delivery apps, whether it is courier delivery app, grocery delivery app, or food delivery app. These apps allow users to order & track it over smartphones. Such apps require a high-level of logistics & better integration in different panels such as vendor, admin, driver, or user.
Logistics or delivery apps will be in significant demand mainly after the prohibition on Chinese mobile apps like Lalamove; several users will search for other options that render home delivery.
The estimated cost for logistics & delivery app development is between $10k to $30k.
9. E-learning Apps
Post-lockdown life has transformed. People are working remotely, conducting meetings on Zoom, and kids are attending classes online. Mobile e-learning apps are the future of the education sector. Therefore try to invest in the mobile apps that offer online education or training over the app. Such apps allow the user to learn or modify the subject according to their convenience.
It would not be astonishing if the classrooms go completely online in the upcoming years, and students can learn the entire syllabus at their fingertips.
The approx cost for online education app development is between $15k to $40k.
How To Develop An On-Demand Mobile App?
how to develop an ondemand mobile app
Identify the Target Audience
The target audience could be rich kids, business owners, family guys, frequent travelers, nomads, singles, night owls, etc. Whoever they are, they must be in good nos., willing, and have collective issues.
Recognize a Common Issue to Them
Well, everyone has specific issues in their life. Several people coming from various avenues of life have a collective problem. For instance, before Uber came, drivers had a tough time finding a rider and vice versa. Uber got rid of both the issues in one shot. They both became actors on their on-demand cab solution app. Uber targeted city travelers not having a car. The rest is history.
Similarly, you can target lazy teens too lazy to move their lazy asses to nearby supermarkets and be happy to order groceries from an online store. Just like gamers, night owls would totally love late-night pizza delivery service.
Singles loathe cooking and would love an app that delivers home-made food. Affluent kids need new toys to boast on social media. Entrepreneurs are busy people and want to make the most of every minute. Therefore, they come up with a more all-inclusive solution.
Define On-demand Factors
Every problem is a 2-way factor. Some people are often late for the office. And they face this problem every day. But, there are several reasons for it. For instance, slow vehicles, oversleep, not having a car, and reliance on public transport are unpredictable.
One factor here is people who travel on the same route. Now to find the second actor and establish the solution, you must find the other actor. In the case of Uber, individual drivers were. In this case, car owners ready to pool would make a good 2nd factor. In the case of food delivery, you might need over 2 factors.
What if the party delivering the order & prepping it are different?
Moreover, the business owner must have control over state affairs, and therefore an admin app is a must in on-demand solutions.
Make a feature-set for each factor
After defining the actors, it is time to explain each application's feature-set, mobile or web set. Here are some essential features for each actor that you must include.
1. User App Feature
- Push notification
Push Notification is a core part of any on-Demand app. It helps the app users to know about their product or service arrival.
- Real-time tracking
This feature enables users to track their order or service status in real-time. Therefore, it guarantees quick and reliable service.
- Payment system
Payment is a major part of an on-demand service. Guarantee that your payment system is quick, trustworthy, and secure. Various payment options make a user's life simple.
- Favorites
This feature helps the users to mark their favorite product or service provider. It helps them find out fast and thus save time and energy by looking for them all over again.
- Reviews & ratings
This is a must for on-demand apps. It helps users to rate their experience, which acts as feedback for the service providers.
- Help & support
You must integrate this feature as it helps users in case of queries. It improves user service by resolving issues.
2. Service provider app feature
- Push notification
In this, a service provider gets notified as soon as a user receives its service or product.
- Accepting & rejecting requests
Service providers must have the authority to approve or disapprove a request in a stipulated time.
- Start & end services
The service provider needs to have a module to commence the service to end it as it finishes.
- Track earnings
Service providers should have a feature to help them track their earnings. It helps them plan their day more efficiently.
- Work on your schedules
This feature renders the service provider the flexibility to work as and when they want. They can pick their schedule & begin working during that period.
- Choose your availability
The service provider can pick their availability. They can determine when to appear available and when not for a service.
3. Admin app
- Dashboard
Your app is not complete without an easily accessible and customizable admin dashboard that can effortlessly navigate different sections handling both service providers & users efficiently.
- The matching algorithm
It is the matching logic that helps in matching an appropriate service provider with every new user request.
You can either go for mechanical matching, where matching is based on an algorithm, or opt for manual matching where the admin matches both the parties manually.
- Manage users
Admin can tackle all customers' affairs from discounts, cancellation charges, payments to solving any escalated query.
- Manage service provider
Admin can handle all service provider's affairs from earning, incentives to penalties.
- Manage pricing & commissions
You can handle pricing depending on the demand. Secondly, you can even set the commission charges that promise seamless transactions and drivers' profit sharing.
- Analytics & reports
Analytics renders info like no. of services availed, canceled, and repeated. It even displays which section of the business is doing good and which one is struggling. It helps obtain essential insights, which helps to avoid all the obstacles and improve your services.
Once every mobile app is happily coded, sync them with your current management system and make them work in the union as intended. This might need some extra coding to the apps' backend part and setting up compatibility layers.
This might be some hours to a few 100 hours depending upon no. of actors, age of the current management system in place, no. features, etc.
- Test & launch
Test the solution for consistency and begin with your top app developers 2021 and later internal testing team. Allow your developers' community to play with it in a closed beta & ultimately launch the public beta.
Replay this cycle when you launch new features or go for app redo to promise the minor bugs in the end product and more user satisfaction.
- Publish
Once your app is ready, launch it on the respective app stores. If one of them gets rejected, work on the feedback, rectify the issue and reapply. Apple is famous for disapproving new apps.
This year many new things will take place in terms of technology and mobile apps. Let your startup idea breathe with cutting-edge functionality. The costs in this blog are on average and not definite. You can discuss further queries with our expert team to know the actual cost you might need to invest in the on-demand app to make your 2021 merry.
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