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On-Demand Apps Are Reshaping The Face Of Business

App Development

Mar 2021
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ondemand apps are reshaping the face of business
Smartphones have given us wonderful facilities to do anything with the swipe of our fingers. These apps get us services on demand, from food to a ride, getting a dog walker, and even a bodyguard, and the list is endless. We are a part of this smartphone era where life seems impossible if these needs are not met. Not only us, as individuals, but even businesses these days are running their operations via on-demand apps, which have indeed made their functioning much easier like never before.
The on-demand app industry is revolutionizing the face of businesses with its great features and functionalities. The younger generations have witnessed the "smartphone revolution" first hand, and we all have experienced what all the technology has offered us even amid the global pandemic. The on-demand sector has already witnessed phenomenal growth, making every conventional practice redundant. Gone are the days of waiting in long line-ups while shopping for groceries or food; the on-demand apps have reshaped how businesses perform.
From online food delivery to booking an Uber in a matter of minutes, the on-demand sector has taken over our lives, making it easier & convenient. The "the cab will be arriving in 7 minutes" or "your grocery has been picked from the store" sort of messages have officially made a special place in our smartphones. The whole concept of the on-demand sector has made it easier for the users to get the services in real-time while making ample opportunity for the businesses to grow their profit share.
The on-demand apps are not just created to provide mere convenience to the users but also assure higher engagement, thereby a guaranteed ROI. Irrespective of the industry, whether it is food delivery, eCommerce, healthcare, finance, or more, the on-demand apps have taken significant control over the market by providing a personalized experience resulting in more users and bigger profits.
As per the recent stats recorded in 2020, below is the look at the on-demand app development market:
- USD 869.95 billion of incremental growth by year-end 2022
- Projected CAGR to reach 49% by 2021
- 22.4 million annual users
- USD 56.7 billion spent on on-demand services in the States
Leading Industries Using On-Demand App Services
To get a better understanding of the on-demand app industry, let's look at some apps responsible for the popularity of such on-demand apps.
FinTech: Payix is a top tool in the FinTech world that renders collection tools, payment processing resources & business intelligence (BI) solutions to lenders and auto dealers.
Health Care/MedTech: Luna is an on-demand app connecting physical therapists with patients & provides in-home physical therapy.
HiTech: Shiftgig is an on-demand workforce management solution allowing businesses to find niche workers & manage schedules, budgets, and talent all into one seamless app.
Retail: Giants like Instacart offer users the ability to do their grocery shopping and deliver to their doorstep while being able to compare shops, discover sales, & read labels.
Some Benefits of On-Demand Apps for Companies:
1. Golden Opportunities
The growth of on-demand apps has made it easier for users to make online purchases in no time while getting the delivery quicker than ever. This has caused the businesses to eliminate all the hassle from their end for online purchases, thus attracting more users to their end and witnessing bigger opportunities. Besides this, the on-demand apps' success has made businesses invest in providing other on-demand services too, which eventually results in a guaranteed ROI and more cash flow.
2. Flexible Working Hours
flexible working hours
The demand for on-demand apps has helped industries employ more people to serve the client's needs, thus employing to a larger extent. Moreover, the employees can now work flexible hours, enabling them to streamline their working hours across various jobs and earn a better living than before.
3. Challenging Conventional Approaches
Since a massive population has now tasted the on-demand services be it the food-delivery, taxi services, online shopping, or more, they can't switch over to conventional services as they can't give adequate freedom. Users are now more focused on getting a personalized service experience & various on-demand apps are available in the market, offering them just that and at irresistible prices.
4. Better Employee Satisfaction
better employee satisfaction
Since every staff member now has the freedom to contribute work home as per their liking and get paid accordingly, the staff satisfaction rate has increased manifolds. Higher the employee satisfaction, better is the employee efficiency, and more is the business growth & profits.
The Endnote
We all now have a clear idea of how the on-demand mobile app industry is reshaping the face of business. It is even crucial for mobile app company to have a sound plan to venture into the on-demand sector for experiencing better growth opportunities & gain more profits.
Every business planning to enter the on-demand service market must ensure to jump into all the data & analytics available in the market while creating a close connection with their target users. The business must have a clear understanding of the advantages & the drawbacks of the on-demand market and how it can help them rise strategically.
Although innovative strategies can help businesses go a long way in attaining, nothing can be accomplished overnight. One must ensure to jump into that much innovation that supports their brand to get identified and not lose its essence.
Things that businesses need to remember while diving into the on-demand industry is keeping in check with legalities while recruiting employees on a temporary or permanent basis. This will help them get rid of all the unnecessary management in case of disputes or emergencies.
Moreover, ensuring flexibility in the work ethics according to the changing market needs and partnering effectively with local groups can help businesses achieve their goals quicker than ever and guarantee ROI with better employee satisfaction & bigger profits.
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