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React Vs Angular: How To Choose The Best For Web App Development Project?

App Development

Mar 2022
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react vs angular
Even if you have been in the industry for a while, there is a question that any web developer will ask themselves: which framework should I choose for this web app development project? According to the stats, more than 40% of app developers around the globe prefer the React native framework. Considering the most famous web framework, After React native, AngularJS is something many web developers prefer for web app development. But that is not why you should go for React Native app development without thinking about anything, right? There are so many things that any app developer should check before actually making up their mind.

React VS Angular: Choose The Best Web App Framework

Coding Structure

App developers can use the @component decorator to develop the components along with the custom directives and regular HTML to develop the templates when it comes to angular app development. On the other hand, Angular app development allows app developers to use the component class and JSX for both component and template development. Even though angular enables web developers to use component class and JSX, there are various syntaxes that app developers should learn for a smoother development process. If your app development company is familiar with the HTML files, go for the Angular app development. And if they are comfortable with the JSX, react should be your go-to choice.

Coding Language

Even though Angular and React both are JavaScript frameworks, they use different coding languages. Angular developers can build the solutions faster and efficiently with the TypeScript coding language. But React Native developers can use JSX with the XML syntax. There is no rocket science over here; you can choose any of them based on your expertise in the coding language.

Development Speed and Productivity

App development speed and productivity are among the top priorities for enterprise app development services. In this case, React Native might disappoint you. That does not mean React is slowing down the development process. On the contrary, it allows the app developers to integrate 3rd party tools to speed up the development process. Still, it also demands a few external tool combinations along with enough expertise and experience from the developers' end to speed up the process and provide on-point productivity of the solution. Angular might not come in handy for the fresher app developers.
Angular JS speeds up the development process by providing powerful CLI, built-in tools and typeScript development that can automate the configuration and set-up, providing consistency and facilitating real-time debugging.

Mobile Development

Having a mobile application that represents the business products and services is not rare but a mandatory thing for any business. So the frameworks should be able to reflect the website experience for the mobile apps as well. Angular offers a mobile app development framework called Ionic with fascinating libraries that can provide a native mobile app experience to the users. When it comes to React, App developers can develop native mobile applications effortlessly with the help of React components and native codes using Java, Kotlin or Objective-C.


One of the things where React Native shows the biggest flaw is the testing facility. React native app development demands the use of various testing tools to test the entire app development solution. On the other hand, Angular app development provides various tools to test the entire mobile app. So you can choose any of them to test your entire app.

Learning Curve

The learning curve is an introspective matter for both app development. Even though various app developers think React is much easier to learn, it offers various libraries for the app development process. So, picking up the best-fit libraries for the app development process can be a difficult and troublesome process. On the other hand, Angular app development does not offer many front-end development features. So, choosing the right kind of front-end framework to learn depends on various factors such as what kind of project you are working on, what features and functionalities you will need, what kind of framework features you want to use and millions of others.

App Development Performance

One of the fascinating things about React Native is that it uses virtual DOM (Document Object Model) as the language-neutral programming interface that allows all the scripts or programming languages to edit the app's style, structure, and content. Along with that, it is not browser specific and lightweight, which never affects the app performance.
Angular app development demands the real DOM. The problematic thing is, real DOM demands restructuring the entire DOM tree to reflect any style, structure or content change. It takes time to reflect on the changes and also demands frequent app updates that majorly affect the app development performance.


React Native is not very scalable as it is a library that demands support from various external libraries to support the front end development. But that does not mean you can not develop a scalable mobile app through React Native. All you need is to hire React Native app developers from the best react-native app development company, which has proven years of experience in scalable and maintainable enterprise app development with server-side rendering.
Angular app development is a full-fledged front-end framework that offers advanced tools and a super-efficient CLI to develop the most scalable app solutions.


React native is more flexible compared to Angular as it provides full freedom to the app developers to choose any UI components, features or widgets to integrate with any third-party libraries.
On the other hand, Angular app development does not provide many third-party tools integration; app developers should use in-built Angular tools to develop a web app.

Angular or React, Which One Is Better?

As you can see, there is no black and white when choosing the best framework, whether we take Angular VS React or Flutter vs React Native. But some project requirements can clarify your confusion.

When To Choose React Native?

You should hire react native app development company if your project requirements demand customization and frequent content updates, such as social media mobile app development. If you want a web application that you can easily port into a lightweight mobile application without much effort, you should choose the React Native app development. If the app developers have extensive years of experience and amazing skill sets for HTML, JSX, and CSS, you can choose to go for react native framework.

When To Use Angular?

You might find it hard to learn the Angular framework, but Angular is one of the most convenient frameworks to work with once you learn it well. If you don't want to learn, you can hire app Angular developers to develop a large scale mobile app with complex structures that can publish your mobile app in a short market time. Angular app development is widely used to develop a stable mobile application with predictable version release updates.


Even if React and angular app development is the best choice for the single page mobile application, focus on your project requirements before choosing the best framework for your next web app development. Then, if you still feel confused, reach out to Hyperlink InfoSystem app developers and leave all your worries. We will help you choose the best one based on your project requirements.
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