Reasons Why Brands Should Consider The Development Of Mobile App

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Business owners do ask top app development companies - is it really worth developing mobile apps?

Of course, if the company plans to use smartphone features such as push notifications, user contacts, etc., then the use of a mobile app will be logical and necessary. If the company does not plan to work with the app, then perhaps it is worth refraining from developing.

The mobile application cannot solve all the tasks of a business, but it can significantly improve what is already working and making a profit.

Business must strive for development in order to remain on the wave of new technologies and respond to innovations that can make it more efficient. Creating and running your own mobile application is quite a serious step. It requires an investment of time and resources. What are the benefits of developing mobile applications? We collected some of them.

The constant growth in the number of mobile device users
The popularity of the mobile Internet in the world is growing rapidly. The number of internet users through mobile devices has exceeded the traffic of users from personal computers. The growth of mobile technologies opens up a huge new market of opportunities for any business, including small ones.

Ideal for smartphone or tablet
According to statistics, sites that are not adaptive for mobile devices get a large percentage of failures. Retrieving information from a small screen of a mobile device is inconvenient due to its small scale. Interfaces of mobile apps are initially developed taking into account the consumption of information from small screens. The app structure is optimized for comfortable navigation, all the necessary information is easily accessible. The application makes maximum use of functions available only for the smartphone, such as calls, location, push notifications and others.


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Important marketing channel
If the buyer is already using a smartphone or tablet to search for and study products, then why not give him the opportunity to buy the necessary goods? The advantage of the mobile app is that it is installed by people who are initially interested in your products/services and it is for these people that you will post new information, promotions and special offers. Plus after installing the app, your icon will appear on the main screen of the user’s device - long advertising contact. To access the goods and services of your company, there will be only one “tap” on the screen.

Constant, fast and inexpensive contact with your customer.
Mobile device is always with the owner for almost 24 hours a day. This is a personal contact with your customers. Competent strategy and segmentation of push-notifications allow you to communicate with different groups of users. Anyone who installs your mobile app is likely to make repeated purchases, as he is your direct target audience. Push notifications should be used when something really important happens in the app and the notification is time and place related useful information.

Customer Involvement in Your Business
Using the mobile app, your customers will be able to more actively use your loyalty programs, discount offers, and promotions. Through the mobile app, you can receive customer feedback on the work of your establishment, service, staff, quality of goods and services. It is fitting to integrate viral mechanics in the app, for example, the opportunity to receive bonuses and discounts for active participation in the marketing campaign. In the application interaction reports, you will always know how the interest of users within the application has changed. You can see how often people use the app and how they work with it.

A convenient way to monitor important business indicators
Mobile apps allow you to customize e-commerce tracking and collect information about all purchased products, the total number of purchases and their value. You can set up to get the main business data in real time, for example, performance indicators: number of customers, sales, costs, profit. For example, the middle and top management of a large holding receives the results’ summary of the different unit. At meetings, they look at the numbers in the appendix and report the results of their work.

Bonus in promotion in mobile search
People use mobile devices more and more, and this leads to certain changes in their preferences. For several years now, we have seen a significant growth in the mobile internet audience worldwide. Successful business development is impossible without trend analysis and optimization for mobile devices. According to Google statistics, 39% of users of mobile devices make purchases from them, 55% are looking for goods or services using their smartphones to make a further purchase. If your business is not mobile adapted, Google will lower the position of the site in search results, which may lead to a sharp loss of traffic and a decrease in the flow of new customers. To prevent this, you should contract a project to a mobile app development company.



Secure access to corporate data
Mobile apps can serve as a reliable channel for secure data exchange. Apps allow users to quickly share, edit, download, view and transfer corporate data with each other directly from their smartphones. Users comply with corporate data, security policies, which increases their safety during remote work. For example, a retail bank sends the plan and sales results to its loan agents. For “people in the fields” who bypass customers with their feet, it is very convenient to have data in the application.

Mobile systems for customers
Mobile apps are developed to interact with users, for example, notifying customers about the location of the nearest offices or points of sale, reporting information about profitable offers, the possibility of purchasing products or services through a mobile application, a channel for customer feedback, forming a community of customers to communicate with each other. The set of functions of the mobile app were based on customer needs. First of all, a mobile application should cover tasks that should be solved quickly, “on the run”, or those that arise frequently, regularly, almost every day, or those that require specific mobile capabilities, for example, geo-location.


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