Simple Actions To Improve The Response Time Of Your Site

response time of your site
The starting point to improve the response time of your blog is to verify if there is a speed problem. You may notice it at first glance, but it is advisable to use specialized tools. That way, you can know what kind of adjustments you should make on your WordPress site. You can use Google PageSpeed Insights, a free tool that informs you how fast your site is and offers you a list of the aspects to correct.
If you consider that your WordPress site should improve its speed with the analysis made in Google PageSpeed Insights, here are some actions you can take to optimize the speed of your site:
Update the platform
Make sure you always have the WordPress platform updated. Each time an update is available, it will inform you about it in your control panel. It is very easy to update the platform from WordPress. Every new version brings improvements in different areas, so there is nothing to lose.
You should not only be aware of WordPress updates, but also check the spam folder and your trash can, both for comments and for entries. Managing spam is a simple task if you use the plugins designed by web and app developers India. An example of such as Akismet plugin. It is one of the most reliable plugins that exist to recognize spam. After activating Akismet, you will notice how spam decreases considerably.
Use a light theme with a great design
light theme with a great design
There is a wide variety of themes for WordPress. Depending on the type of business you have and your specific tastes, you will opt for a certain theme style. But it is important to consider not only the design of the theme but also verify that it works correctly. Luckily, the theme markets offer previews, so you can try all the features that the theme offers. You should also contact your web and app developers for the best light theme that suit your business and taste.
You should also keep in mind that many themes offer countless functions and added plugins. In principle, this is an excellent feature, but keep in mind that all those plugins and functions affect the weight of the file and therefore the speed of the site if you decide to use that theme. So, analyze if you need all the functions that the theme includes.
Analyze the impact of plugins on site speed
WordPress plugins are one of the elements that differentiate it from other platforms. The WordPress community has grown so much that you can currently find plugins to include any functionality you imagine on your WordPress site. The best part is that many of these plugins have a graphical interface and you can learn to handle them easily.
However, the number of plugins you use also has an impact on the speed of your site. Therefore, the general recommendation is to have less than 10 plugins installed in WordPress. Being such a small number of plugins that you must use on your site, you must install those that are necessary.
You can also use P3, a plugin that helps you determine the impact on the speed of the site that each plugin has. You can download it for free from the WordPress directory.
Always remember to uninstall those plugins that are not active and keep only those plugins that you use at the moment and that is always active.
Optimize your images
optimize your images
The images are resources that are used on any website, help make your page much more attractive and even have the power to enhance the message you want to convey. However, you must be careful when adding images to WordPress. Be sure to change its size in a photo editor and verify if the resolution is 72 dpi. These two features will decrease the weight of your file. You can also choose "Save it for web". This option in photo editors compresses the size of your file and makes it optimal for websites.
If your WordPress site is a blog or you have a blog attached, you have a large number of images per post. If this is a problem, you can use lazy loading. This form of loading is characterized by prioritizing the resources that the user sees in the browser and only loads the rest if the user goes down with the sidebar and continues browsing.
Use a CDN or cache plugin
This plugin help increases the speed of your site. In the WordPress directory, there are several options from which you can choose.
You can also activate a content delivery network (CDN). The CDN allows you to duplicate your content on various servers so that when a user enters your site, the server closest to the user's location will deliver the data.
Whether you activate a cache plugin or a CDN, don't forget to perform the necessary tests to verify that the content of your site is displayed correctly. It is just an extra precaution that you should keep in mind.
Take a minimalist approach
To improve the overall speed of your site you must have a minimalist approach. We do not necessarily refer to the style of your theme, but the components of your website.
Maintaining a minimalist approach will improve not only the speed but also the user experience. So remove everything that is not necessary such as buttons, widgets, plugins, etc. Keep only what you consider necessary on your site. For example, if you have a blog, one of the measures to take into account is to show excerpts from the entries, instead of showing the entire entry on the home page. They are simple and small solutions that help improve the speed of your site.

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