Simple Tips For Increasing Your Business App Retention Rate

app retention rate
It is very much easy to find several businesses adopting or planning for mobile app development these days. Seeing enterprises adopt relevant technologies of this sort is more like taking great steps in the right direction which is nothing but a welcome development. No doubt, this can go a long way in helping to boost productivity, improve sales, increase efficiency, and even bring about more growth opportunities. 
However, it is important to note that the success of an application in the mobile app ecosystem requires more than the mere completion of an app development process. Simply put, it takes more than just mobile app development to build a successful application. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses are failing today. Basically, they are lacking the right strategy needed to improve their business app retention rate. And without a great UI and UX design, it will be difficult for any app to make headway. 
To this end, it is very critical for enterprises adopting mobile application development to take user experience and conversion very seriously. Mobile applications are rapidly transforming the way people do business, as well as the way services are being rendered in the modern world. This emphasizes the need for adopting an effective user experience strategy. No doubt, there will be relatively no meaningful achievement for any business that lacks a great user experience. 
It is absolutely important for businesses (including startups and established companies) to possess a strategic mix of good design and proper understanding of their app users. That’s what it means to have a great user experience. Today’s mobile users are more interested in engaging with applications that are rather beautifully designed than made with plainly simple features. In a bid to provide users with the best experience possible, both developers and app owners need to target organic growth. 
Below are some helpfully effective tips businesses can adopt to not only improve user engagement but also increase app retention. NB: these tips are aimed at helping businesses build great apps by app builders and create happy users. 
Save form content
save from content
While it is good to adopt clean and simple forms, it is also absolutely necessary for mobile apps to use forms that are capable of saving user data so as to prevent them from going over again with the demanding process of filling out forms in case of a system error. These days, app users don’t enjoy filling forms despite it being one of the most efficient ways of obtaining customer data. However, developers can help to simplify the entire filling process by integrating data retention capabilities. 
Users are prone to witnessing error in apps which could either be due to an internal or external factor. In case of a systematic error, people are often required to restart the entire process of filling the form. While this can be quite disappointing, nothing turns off users more than using an app is unable to restore inputted data that might have been wiped off as a result of an error or invalid submission. This alone can frustrate a user’s intention to use an app and can even lead to app abandonment 
However, it is important to note that users are very comfortable with using apps that are highly user-centric – i.e. sensitive to users’ needs. A mobile application that is capable of saving form content will always bring back user data (such as password, contact, email, phone number, etc.) during registration. No doubt, this can go a long way in helping to effectively enhance user experience by speeding up the entire process.
Show clarity
While app development involves lots of automation processes, there is no harm in making users feel and know how things are done, and if possible, get involved in the ensuing process. One great way developers can do this is by displaying clarity rather than just showing automated actions alone. It is important for application developers to make users understand how things are done while interacting with the business app such as moving from one screen to another. 
If possible, let users be able to foretell what the next process will be during an engagement. When it comes to developing business apps for enterprise, it is better to be open as this will help to build users’ confidence in the app. There is no need to surprise your users with lots of less-efficient features but try as much as possible to make them understand why things are done they way they are. 
For instance, developers can choose to make use of a progress bar to enable users to understand the length or duration of a particular task. This can be very helpful when participating in a survey or filling long forms. Apart from helping to simplify seemingly strenuous processes by making things less-tasking their customers, developers can effectively enhance user experience by ensuring that things are done explicitly clear. 
Provide helpful tips
helpful tips
While most users do not require tutorials to be able to use an app, there’s actually nothing bad in enhancing user engagement with tips and guidelines. Basically, your main objective here is to ensure that users do the right thing in the right way so as to achieve meaningful results. You can get those who are ignorant about your app’s processes in the know by providing helpful tips to guide them on how the application can be used. This technique can be very helpful in resolving user challenges and also creating happy customers. 
Provide suggestions for search
As it is highly recommended for business apps to employ a highly efficient search box on every page, it is also essential to use a search box that is capable of suggesting the right keywords. Users may actually know what they're looking for but may not get the spelling right. This challenge can be effectively corrected in a search box with efficient correction abilities particularly when users utilize its search function. In fact, many users these days have become so accustomed to this technique that they now expect to be corrected whenever they make a typographical error.

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