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Some Of The Challenges That Hinder Mobile Apps’ Financial Success

App Development

Aug 2018
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some of the challenges that hinder mobile apps’ financial success
While mobile app development companies are almost always employing highly talented app developers to meet up with the demand, they also face a lot of challenges that make their success a whole lot more difficult. This article examines some of the major challenges that mobile app development companies face.
Very stiff competition
The biggest challenge app development companies encounter is fierce competition that gets even fiercer by the day. For every app niche, you will find many players already in it. So, it has become very difficult for users to notice any new app on app stores. 
Unfortunately, it is not likely that the trend will change anytime soon. So, app developers have to brace up for even tougher competition ahead as more apps are being launched on a daily basis. 
Finding an app need
Apart from game apps, every other app has been developed to serve a purpose. So, before you build your app, you need to find an app need. This is another major challenge for mobile app development companies. It is not easy to figure out a need and if you do, if you don’t develop an app that will meet the need as quickly as possible, someone else will.
Raising funds
raising funds
Raising funds is also a big challenge for app and top web companies. To successfully develop a mobile app, you will need at least $30,000 and due to the level of competition in this space now, you also need to promote it aggressively to get noticed at all. 
According to a reliable report, the number of mobile apps that eventually achieve financial success is not up to 10 percent. You will quite agree that this figure is not encouraging so, people usually shy away from investing in app development because their return is not guaranteed. This is why raising funds is another challenge for app developers. 
Regular update
As a mobile app developer, your work on a particular app just begins after launching it. To give users great experience you need to keep fixing bugs and releasing updates regularly. Most importantly, you will have to seek feedback from users continuously and it is their feedback that you will base your updates on.
If you don’t do that, users will drop off and your competitors will gradually run you out of business. Now, imagine a company that has multiple apps active at once, they will have to keep updating all the apps. You can only stop releasing updates on any app when you are ready to retire the app.
Continuous promotion
App developers now have to promote each of their apps all through the life spans of the apps. Unfortunately, cost of promotion is high. This is why it is a challenge. Even if an app hits 50 million downloads, its promotion still has to continue. The moment you stop promoting an app, the number of users of the app will begin to drop gradually. 
It is also believed that it is easier to retain existing user than to attract new ones. Besides, not everyone that downloads and installs an app will use it for long. This is why the number of current active users of some apps that have been downloaded more than 20 million times may not be up to 5 million. Continuous promotion is the key to user retention.
Making money is now more difficult
money making
Due to the high level of competition among app developers, it has become absurd to place a price tag on the download of your app. Chances are high that there are other apps solving the same problem for free. So, users distance themselves from apps with a price tag. However, it may not be a bad idea to sell some in-app items but you also need to make the purchase optional.
Since app developers cannot place a price on their app, you may think they can completely fall back on ads but that is not the case. Users hate too many ad pop-ups too. This is because they take a considerable amount of screen space and as such, they distract and annoy users. Now, the challenge here is that developers cannot make users pay to download their app and they can’t also take too many ads. So, how are they expected to make money from their app? Only very few app developers have been able to walk the tightrope successfully.
Monitoring of OS upgrades
Both Apple, the owner of iOS, and Google, the owner of Android regularly upgrade the platforms to make room for better performance and more sophisticated features. Once an upgrade is done, app developers have to check the performance of their existing apps on the latest platforms and if there are issues, they will have to fix it as quickly as possible even before a sizeable number of users upgrade their OS to the latest one.
Not too long ago, Google released Android 8 Oreo and some mobile apps initially had problems with it before the various developers of the app resolved their various issues. What makes this a challenge is that different devices still run on different version of the same OS and app developers have to make sure that their apps perform well on all the versions.
For instance, some mobile devices are still on Android 6 Marshmallow, some are on Android 7 Nougat, and some are on the latest Android 8 Oreo. You can’t also rule out the possibility that some devices are still on either Android 5 Lollipop or Android 4 KitKat. And you know what? That is on Android alone. What about iOS? App developers have to make sure their apps work in all the versions. It is a big challenge because both Apple and Google will continue to release new versions to cope with technology advancement and app developers also have to monitor the performance of their apps on the new versions too.
Now that you have an idea of the challenges that app developers face, it should not come as a surprise to you or anyone that the mobile apps that eventually reach financial successful are not up to 10 percent. 
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