Some Simple And Inexpensive Ways To Promote Your Mobile App

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Successful Indian app developers understand the importance of promotion to mobile apps and this is why they keep promoting their apps until the apps are retired. Even after hitting the 50 million download mark, most app developers still continue to promote their app.
While promotion of mobile apps isn’t cheap, there are some simple inexpensive techniques that Indian app developers adopt in promoting their apps without spending much. That being said, here are some of the simple app promotion ways that successful Indian app developers adopt and you can also try them too.
Start a blog on your niche
According to one of the most experienced Indian app developers, it is highly recommended to start a blog on a topic that is relevant or related to the purpose of your app. When you keep sending highly informative posts, your readers will gradually see you as an authority in the niche. Immediately you present your mobile app or recommend it to them, they will not hesitate to download it.
Use social media
social media
While a lot of promoters just paste a link to their mobile app social media page, this is no longer acceptable. Besides, app users are much smarter now. They don’t just click any link. You need to first increase your number of followers and engage them continuously to earn their trust. This is similar to starting a blog. Once they begin to see you as an authority, you can introduce your app and include the download link.
A simple video intro isn’t a bad idea for your app
Videos attract people more than other forms of marketing. Apart from being entertaining, it also passes more messages than ordinary images. In addition, it lingers longer in the minds of viewers than pictures. This is why it generates a higher ROI. So, it is important that you include a simple video introduction of your mobile app. The video will explain the usefulness of your app and it will also explain how to use it. It is necessary to keep it brief as long videos usually become boring at some point and people have a short attention span. An ideal video intro should not exceed a minute in duration.
Submit it for review
You can also submit your app to third-party review platforms. A lot of app users trust third party review platforms as their views are usually not biased. If your app is great, explaining its features will not be different from promoting it. However, this also has a downside. It will also expose the drawbacks of your mobile app. So, if you don’t have confidence in your mobile app, do not try this method of promotion.
Contact tech writers
You can contact writers within the mobile app niche and see if they may write about your mobile app. This is because virtually all established writers usually have a large number of readers. You may be lucky to find a writer that will agree to write about your mobile app. This will promote it tremendously.
Promote it on your website
If you have a website, there is nothing wrong in dedicating a whole page for the promotion of your mobile app. People who visit your website will get to see it. As more people visit your site, more people will see the advert and more people will download your app.
Partner with others
You can synergize with other organizations by promoting their products or services on your website or in your blog so that they can also promote your mobile app to their customers. That way, your app will reach a wider audience faster. The more organizations you partner with, the more people your advert will reach. 
Consider app store optimization
You can also optimize your app for app stores. Optimize the description, icon, and title of your mobile as well as well as screenshots from your app so that prospective users can locate your app faster on app stores. It is needless to remind you that your app store optimization strategy is incomplete without search engine optimization. They both work hand in hand.
You can host a giveaway
Create a contest that involves your app and gives out prizes. The contest could be about doing a task that requires the download and installation of your app. Leave the competition open for a pretty long time before you close it. People will not only participate, they will also invite their friends too. The more they invite their friend the more popular your mobile app will become. When you try this, you will appreciate the power of freebies.
Continuous feedback
Another easy method to continuously promote your mobile app is to continuously seek feedback from users. The more you ask for feedback, the more users get attached to your app. Apart from the fact that this will attract new users, it will also help retain existing users. Remember, a number of downloads is different from the number of active users. There are so many mobile apps whose number of active users is not even up to half of its number of downloads and installations. So, you must promote to attract new users and to retain existing ones.
Capitalize on negative reviews
When you come across negative reviews about your app online, don’t feel bad. Use it as an opportunity to pacify the poster as he must be aggrieved to have written a negative review and also correct the wrong impression and educate him or her about your app. You will not only win the user back, you will also warm your mobile app into the hearts of all other people that get to see your response. They will see your brand as caring and sensitive to the plight of users of your app.
Distinct icon is great
Your app will be in app stores in the middle of numerous other apps. So, it is important to design the icon of your app to be very unique so that it can stand out from the crowd. 
Encourage user to invite their friends
A marketing idea is to encourage users of your app to invite friends to your app and reward them for it. This gimmick is an old gimmick but it still works wonders. 
Conclusively, there are several other simple methods for promoting apps but these ones are the most effective ones. You don’t have to try them all. Just try a few and stick to the ones that yield the best results. 

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