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The Cost & Features To Build A Diet & Nutrition Mobile App

App Development

Mar 2021
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the cost and features to build a diet and nutrition mobile app
Consciousness in eating habits has always been trending since the beginning of time. However, since the pandemic hit and the lockdown took place, people's focus has shifted to building strong immunity and raising fitness levels. This has encouraged better eating habits and consuming healthy food.
Healthcare consumerism reaching its peak has motivated people to take it upon themselves to track their nutritional consumption, calorie intake, the sort of food they consume, the frequency, etc. Helping them in their healthy diet journey and nutrition tracking are some fantastic mobile apps.
The demand for nutrition & diet apps is so much that they have become the major players in the US fitness app market & a trending demand of the healthcare app development sector. This blog is focused on businesses seeking to enter the growing industry and are looking for a valuation of the cost for app development in the nutrition and diet category.
In the whole article, we will focus on the need & benefits of developing such an app, the features of a nutrition app, and the cost to build such a mobile app.
Need To Develop A Nutrition App
The pandemic has tremendously changed our fitness habits, and the transition from conventional gyms to virtual fitness has begun. Hence, developing nutrition & health apps are essential for business. Below are some interesting facts:
- A survey discovered that India is the nation with the highest diet tracking app installs with potential active users.
- In 2020's 1st and 2nd quarter, there is a 51% increase in health and fitness app installs.
- India has experienced massive growth in the average session duration, with a 21% rise in 2020.
Advantages Of Creating A Nutrition Planning App
- The nutrition planning app helps users consider their food preferences before consuming them.
- It has become for the people to discover their eating patterns and stick to their diet plans.
- Having such an app is the best way to concentrate on your health.
Essential Features To Incorporate In Your Nutrition Tracking App
Whether we are building a complete app or just deploying an MVP to test the market, we work on both the app's admin and client sides.
User Side Of MVP Features
user side of mvp features
1. Registration
Like other apps, social media integration in the login stage helps in diet planning apps too. Besides this, there should be a questionnaire to help people build a user profile. Some of the questions we recommend our clients to add are:
- User's age
- Present & desired weight
- Height
- Allergies
- Food Taste
- Goals
- Etc.
2. Food & Activity Logging
The main goal of a nutrition app is to keep track of what you eat in a day and the activities you perform to remain healthy. So, this is the next essential feature of a nutrition planning app. There must be input fields in the app to help app users enter their food consumption & activity information.
3. Calorie Tracking
Indeed it can be an excellent idea to have a QR code synced in the app to help users scan & know the calorie details of an item, but it can get costly. Hence, we suggest making users put in the calorie details manually at an MVP stage.
4. Progress Graph
There must be a progress graph in the app which displays the user's progress in the diet plan journey & if they are on track with what they set out to accomplish.
5. Push Notifications
This is absolutely a must-have feature in the app to keep users notified of their progress graph or use it as a marketing mechanism to keep them addicted to your app and return.
6. Social Media Integration
There must be a social media integration feature in the app allowing users to share their progress with their network & connections. This can act as a successful app promotion tool. Apart from these MVP features, some features provide the app a step ahead in the competitive space.
- AI-enabled Diet Suggestions
- Wearable Integration
- Live Chat with Nutritionists
- QR Code Scan
Admin Side Of MVP Features
1. CRM Integration
It helps the admin to keep track of the user experience inside the app and the issues they might be facing. It even allows them to solve users' queries in real-time from within the app.
2. Real-time Analytics
The feature helps admin check live dashboards, reports, pie graphs, etc. the details can then be used to make strategic business decisions.
3. Dashboards
With this feature, admins can see various users' dashboards while having a dashboard of their own, including a cumulative view of the app's performance and its maintenance information.
Tech Stack NEEDED To Build A Nutrition Planning App
- UI/UX: Google Sketchup & Adobe Photoshop
- Nutrition Feeds: Nutrition X and Myfitnesspal
- Coding: Swift, Java, Objective C, and Kotlin
- Health Data: HealthKit APIs and Google Fit APIs
- Database Management: Firebase, MySQL, and MongoDB
- Payment Gateways: MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, and net banking
- Push Notifications: Twillo
- Wearable: Misfit, Garmin, Jawbone, and Fitbit
Cost To Develop A Diet Planning App
cost to develop a diet planning app
The cost of creating such an app would be a joint decision of all the feature set and tech stack details that you decide to choose. Moreover, it would also be impacted by which healthcare app development company you are partnering with. Besides the agency size and the team working on your project, the agency's location also plays a crucial role in the final valuation of your diet & nutrition app development cost.
Overall, the mobile app development cost is determined upon the design system, feature set, tech stack, and development agency. The estimated cost would be between USD 8000 to 15,000, and for further information, you can contact our expert team.
Final Words
Mobile apps have been a blessing to humankind in every possible way. Mainly there are several apps designed to keep humans healthy, both physically and mentally. Some of the best apps designed in this criteria are MyFitnessPal, NutritionFacts, HealthifyMe, MyNetDiary, and many more. If you seek to develop your nutrition or diet-related app, feel free to contact us for the same.
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