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The Distinction & Engineering Between- PUBG Vs. PUBG Mobile App

Game Development

Oct 2020
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the distinction and engineering between pubg vs pubg mobile app
Today, anything is possible with the advancement of technology. The same can be said when it comes to gaming. There were days when we used to stick to our PCs for gaming, but times have changed now. We can play games anytime and anywhere on our smartphones.
With the increase in size and resolution of mobile devices, it has become possible to play games even on smartphones, which were once played only on computers. The same concept goes for the PUBG game. Though we might think that PUBG games played on our computers and mobile devices will be the same; however, there is a substantial difference between the two.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was launched back in 2017 and started the battle royale craze worldwide. A year later, PUBG Mobile was launched, enabling fans to play on their smartphones as and when they wished to. The announcement of PUBG port to phones was thrilling, mainly for fans who didn't have a console or PC. PUBG Mobile app's free-to-play model enables more gamers to find the game through app stores and enables console PUBG gamers to check out PUBG Mobile on their phones totally free.
The decision to release a mobile port of PUBG was the right one, as it became a huge success instantly after the launch, gaining 300 million installs in the initial year. PUBG Mobile app was undoubtedly one of the best and most adaptable mobile games in 2018.
The progress is still on-going. Gamers are registering in millions each month, and PUBG Mobile's growth won't stop anytime soon. But, PUBG Mobile has some differences from the PUBG on console or PC. In this blog, we will cover all the differences between the two.
PUBG Mobile App Vs. PC - Graphics & Design
pubg mobile app vs pc - graphics and design
According to the gamers, the primary difference between the two, PUBG Vs. PUBG Mobile is the graphics. PUBG Mobile is a much lower resolution, so it's improved for most mobile devices globally. Even though gamers can alter their graphics settings up to Ultra, the graphics still won't match PUBG on the computer, and some gadgets will sacrifice frames for graphic quality. In contrast, a computer can tackle a much larger workload and run superior graphics settings up to a 1080p HD gaming experience. PUBG on the computer will be much smoother than PUBG Mobile.
PUBG Mobile even lacks the interior design feature. There is less-to-no design in houses, and the only thing that decorates most interiors is a simple rug and shelf. On the other hand, PUBG is much more thorough with lots of extra decoration placed around the walls and rooms. PUBG also includes additional small rooms like a closet to occupy space or bathrooms, while PUBG Mobile just leaves these spots open.
PUBG Mobile's Extra Features
Visual audio cues are one attribute that PUBG Mobile has. When a gamer shoots or walks around, it'll be displayed on nearby players' minimaps, even though their phone is in silent mode. This enables gamers to know where a foe is, making it easier for PUBG Mobile gamers to locate and fire enemies. Another location-based feature is the blood marks on a gamer's screen. If a gamer is shot and hit, they will get a red spot on their screen in the location from where they were shot. This allows gamers to rapidly turn to wipe out their rivals or flee and find cover immediately without worrying about their foe.
Auto pick-up is another facet that PUBG Mobile has, and PUBG PC does not. Gamers can tailor this to pick up particular amounts of ammo, attachments, and which guns to lift. PUBG gamers on console do not have this benefit and will have to utilize headphones to determine foe locations. Unlike PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC does have an auto pick-up; hence gamers will have to loot slower.
Gun & Vehicle Mechanics In PUBG
Unlike PUBG on PC or console, managing guns and recoil in mobile is a straightforward task. Guns like the M416, AKM, DP-28, and more can all easily be overlooked, even with a 4x scope. But, in PUBG, it is much more challenging for gamers to manage the recoil on the same guns. If a gamer were to switch from PUBG Mobile to PC, they would absolutely not be accustomed to a vast recoil difference and would have a tough time getting used to it.
Each gamer had gone through a scenario when they flipped over in a car and died. In PUBG Mobile, that is less likely to occur due to much easier car engineering and controls. Because of improvements, vehicle physics have been subdued a little to help the game run seamlessly.
PUBG PC Vs. PUBG Mobile App - Customization
pubg pc vs pubg mobile app - customization
Customization is a significant factor for gamers who care about winning in style. Unlike PUBG on PC, the mobile version contains much more personalization options for gamers. Vehicles, guns, parachute skins, clothes, etc. can be tailored to the gamer's likings. There is something for everybody, whether it is someone using free crates acquired through playing the game and accomplishing missions or spending some funds to shop specific skins they want.
PUBG Mobile's Game Modes
Unlike PUBG, PUBG mobile offers more game modes to gamers, including Arena, War, and Playlab. PUBG Mobile even has rotational ways for gamers to enjoy at different times. PUBG Mobile App has Ranked Solos, Squads, and Duos instead of being unranked. PUBG PC only offers Ranked Squad, so Duos and Solos are totally unranked.
In both games, the Training mode is slightly different. PUBG has Camp Jackal, while PUBG Mobile has Training Camp. Camp Jackal is highly larger than Training Camp, which means practicing long-range battles and driving cars will be a lot easier on PUBG. But, gamers can still utilize Training Camp to practice their driving skills and mobile aim.
Final Words
Although the PUBG Mobile app is now banned in India, if you are not from one of those countries, PUBG Mobile gamers must try PUBG on PC at least once, and likewise.  If gamers from both communities can play the game on the opposite platform, they can determine the pros and cons themselves and decide which game is the best. This is the best way to know which game tops for somebody's playstyle since everyone is different. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is an ideal example for future top android game developers 2020 to develop PC games on mobile.
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