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The Essential Mobile Marketing Tools To Consider

Digital Marketing

Apr 2020
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the essential mobile marketing tools to consider
The behavior of online users is changing. In the nineties, the trend came up with the Internet, and more and more people bought a PC to get on the Internet. But in fact, there are far fewer Internet users today who are sitting in front of the computer or laptop. Rather, smartphones and tablets have already worked their way up to the top of end devices for Internet use in some channels.
As a result, marketing needs to find a way to present their products and services to these people. In order for the planned campaign to succeed, professional mobile marketing managers use special tools, including:
Mobile website
As part of this young form of marketing, it is necessary to optimize the respective website for mobile use. The mobile website is used in mobile marketing to increase sales and integrate banner advertising. Ideally, a separate website is created for this purpose, which can only be accessed via the mobile device. The landing page should be adapted to the mobile device and deliver the most important information without being overloaded. Because less is more with mobile landing pages. Too much information at a glance confuses the customer, and he may leave the landing page very quickly. It is always the first impression that decides and, therefore, the length of time the customer stays on one side.
In this context, responsive website design is crucial. Since its "invention" in 2010, responsive design has always been the magic word for customized user interfaces and user-friendly usability on the web and on smartphones or tablets and PCs. As part of the responsive design, a website adjusts the content to the size of the device. Responsive design has meanwhile also become a ranking factor by Google and, therefore, also decides where the respective website appears in the search results list on Google.
Mobile apps
Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store are an enormously growing market in the mobile sector of online marketing. The advantage lies in the design adapted to the system. A well-programmed app by mobile app developers that appears sensible to customers, which offers recognizable added value and which motivates them to download, binds to the company or the brand. This can be simple information about the company or entertainment; the main thing is to grab the user's attention. In addition to the possibility of increasing your own awareness, advertising banners can also be integrated into apps.
Mobile commerce
In mobile commerce, business transactions are completed using mobile devices. Mobile shopping is done either via mobile websites that are optimized for mobile use or via apps.
Mobile SEO
mobile seo
The mobile marketing devices also result in new requirements for search engine optimization, or SEO for short. Local SEO plays an important role in tablets, PCs, and smartphones, which should improve the ranking within the local search.
Location-based marketing
Location-based advertising is becoming more popular. When assessing location-based services, 18 percent of those surveyed in a Goldmedia study in 2014 stated that they perceived this as important market size. After activating GPS or entering the zip code, offers from the area are displayed to the user. The customer is directed to the point-of-sale (POS) with a card and can use an offer immediately. Also useful in this context are bonus points that can be collected when visiting a certain location and thus regularly lure the user back to the location.
QR code
With the help of the small, sometimes cryptic-looking characters, content can be compressed into products or services in a shortened form. With a simple scan, the customer can quickly get the information they need without having to type in a URL. You can meet with app developers to integrate QR code functionality into your mobile app.
Mobile advertising
Advertisements and banners are still a reliable means of addressing customers. Even in the field of mobile marketing, small advertisements on the edge of the screen or pop-ups that are adapted to the smaller screens can have a certain effect. In 2014, mobile online advertising generated sales of EUR 298 million. And the trend is still increasing. Advertisements are adapted to small screens in the mobile sector. Instead of a small display on the edge of the screen, it is often displayed as a pop-up over the entire screen.
In-game mobile marketing
Mobile games are becoming more and more popular - whether on the subway or on the sofa at home. Ads that are specially designed for games on smartphones or tablets are, therefore, a good option. Whether at the bottom of the screen or as a full-screen pop-up, well-placed advertising can create a greater reach in this area of marketing.
Mobile payment
Mobile marketing devices open up new possibilities for processing payments on mobile devices. The prerequisite for this is that at least one participant uses a mobile payment system. You can also use your smartphone to make cashless payments in retail stores.
Mobile banking
mobile banking
Mobile banking enables users to access their deposit and account functions via their mobile devices. Transactions can also be processed with these devices on a smartphone or tablet PC.
SMS messages
SMS marketing is an effective tool for targeting customers. If the customer has consented to the use of his cell phone number by opting in beforehand, relevant content can be delivered to him in a targeted manner. Certain rest periods should not be neglected because SMS is still a very personal medium for advertising.
Mobile coupons
Mobile coupons open up new sales promotion opportunities for marketers. The coupons available on the Mobile Marketing Devices can be redeemed directly online as well as in the local shop and are intended to make a contribution to sales promotion.
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