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The Factors That Affect The Cost Of Web Application Development

Web Development

Nov 2020
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the factors that affect the cost of web application development
The increasing demand for the smartphone has influenced the demand for mobile apps. The mobile apps have seen incredible growth in the past 10 years, with an increase in the graph. However, web apps' significance cannot drown as they also play a massive role in driving more traffic and leads towards the business. 
Web applications are widely prevalent in the tech world and have become an essential part of the business world. Several companies use websites to spread their brand reach and sell their products & services. Websites are paving the path for various opportunities for several companies, and regional businesses are going global with web applications.
Therefore, there is no doubt that many business owners are considering building a web app for their brand. Budget is one of the most critical things to consider while you decide to build a web app. Web apps are the first correspondence of your brand with your users; hence, you should avoid cutting costs in this essential area to make sure users have a positive image of your brand.
According to research, 56% of website traffic comes from mobiles. Thus, observing such a high demand for the app, developers also started to build web apps. Building a web app is lengthy; it can be costly too, but you need to know what points can impact the web app development cost, and you can create it accordingly.
How Much Does It Cost To Build A Web App?
The cost of building a web app is considerably low compared to developing a native app. The reason is that you do not need a specialized app developer, and it takes less time to build a web app. Based on the web app's complexity, the cost of developing a web app might be higher or lower than that of building a website.
Several factors determine the cost of web app development. If you want many features in your web app, then the cost will rise as the web development company will need a lot more hours to build and test the web app. Moreover, the web app developers will charge you higher if you want to develop your app quickly as they will need to distribute more resources on the project. A simple web app with basic features will cost you around $2000-$5000, whereas a more complicated app like an eCommerce website can cost approximately $15,000-$40,000.
Factors Affecting the Web App Development Cost
There are plenty of factors that can affect the cost of web app development, and they are listed down so you can decide what suits you the best.
1. The Complexity Of Your Web App
the complexity of your web app
There are different levels of complexity in a typical web application.
Simple Web Apps:
These web apps have essential functions and include minimum content and interactive elements. This app type requires less time to develop and hence the cost. Mostly these kinds of web apps are only to produce brand awareness. The MVP is a great example of a simple web app. Static web apps can be categorized as simple web app and are usually built using CSS & HTML.
Medium Web Apps:
Medium web apps are a tad bit more challenging to develop and consist of interactive pages. The time taken to create such apps is more and hence the cost. Typically, businesses that want to extend their reach and gain better business opportunities go for these kinds of web apps. Dynamic web apps can be categorized as medium level web apps. Contents are updated each time the user accesses them, and alongside a CMS panel is provided from where administrators can modify the web content. Once can use .Net and Core PHP to develop medium level web apps.
Complex Web Apps:
eCommerce websites are widely known for its complexities. These are the most intricate websites and hence are the most expensive ones.
A huge amount of time, money, and effort is involved in developing these kinds of web apps; thus, you should always go for experienced campaigners who have tackled similar types of work earlier.
Being one of the best mobile app development companies in 2020, we would suggest that you develop an MVP first and later add on the feature as and when needed. This is because several times, the features that we think are important for a website turn out to be redundant.
2. Web Developer Choice
Usually, large and established companies with a lavish office and experience with big clients will charge you more to develop web apps.
Other ones are moderate-sized companies. They will charge you less than the giants but more than small standalone developers.
Lastly, if you want to save more money, you can go for independent contractors. However, you must be alert as an independent contractor with superior-quality services can be costly.
3. Web App Developers Location
web app developers location
The location of the web app development plays a huge role in determining the cost of your project. This is a labor-intensive process; hence, it is better to develop in a developing country like India instead of the company based in developed countries. You will end up saving 200-300% by choosing an app development company in India than in the USA.
Bottom Line
The cost of creating a web app might be less than the cost of not building one. Websites have become outdated in the world of smartphones. It can be hard to browse a website on a smartphone, while using a web app can be easier because not all websites are optimized based on the mobile-first approach, even in the tech-dominated world.
Web apps are becoming a need now. If you haven't thought of building a web app in the world of fierce competition, then you must definitely consider it. Moreover, it is essential to think about the factors that can affect the web app development cost too.
Building a web app will benefit your business in manifold ways and take your brand engagement to the next level.
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