The Impact Of Virtual Reality Technology

virtual reality
When it was first reported that the virtual reality industry will hit $30 billion by 2020, it seemed like an exaggerated figure but it is turning to reality now. Virtual reality technology is being adopted in virtually all sectors now. App development companies are already enjoying their fair share of virtual reality market with numerous 3D games.
Android app development companies have found out that the most successful game apps are the ones that offer 3D graphics so over the years, the number of Android app development companies that have dabbled into 3D gaming apps have increased tremendously.
Well, apart from the Android app development industry, here are some other great applications of virtual reality.
In the military
iOS and Android app development companies have been hired to develop virtual reality based apps for different arms of the military. Highly experienced android app development companies have been able to develop highly effective flight simulation and parachuting simulation apps.
Army, Air force, and Navy now make use of these applications. Instead of training their men with the real parachute, it is safer and cheaper to train them with simulation apps. This one has little or no risk. The same goes for flight simulation. To be able to fly a plane, military men are now trained with flight simulation apps. Remember, it is even more difficult to fly a military plane than a commercial plane. Apart from the fact that military planes are more sophisticated, it is usually flown in the middle of a war. All these will be considered in the design of the simulation application.
Several war situations are created on VR apps and used to train soldiers. One advantage this strategy has over the real situation is that it can be repeated as many times as possible without the risk of death and serious injuries. Apart from being safer and less expensive, this training method has proved to be more effective over the years. Virtual reality technology is also used for vehicle simulation, medical training in the battlefield, and battlefield simulation.
In healthcare
Healthcare industry is one of the biggest users of this technology. Have you heard of surgery simulation? This is where a student surgeon trains on how to carry out surgery. It is highly dangerous to allow a new surgeon to operate on a human being so he has to showcase his expertise through surgery stimulation first. 
VR technology is also used in robotic surgery and phobia treatment. The major advantage of VR to healthcare is that it allows doctors to learn new skills in a safe environment without any risk on human lives. A system built on virtual reality is HumanSim. This system allows nurses, doctors and other medical personnel to interact with one another in a virtual environment. 
The technology is also used for diagnostic purpose. To avoid using invasive procedures or surgical procedures, doctors can use virtual reality tools to arrive at the root of a health issue. Another tool built on virtual reality is a robotic device used to perform surgery. Although it is being controlled by a surgeon, it reduces the chances of complications and it also enhances both accuracy and precision.
In real estate and building development
Realtors now make use of virtual reality. Instead of walking prospective home buyers through your properties, they just need to upload 3D images of every part of the buildings and give buyers virtual walkthroughs in their office. This will save a lot of time and cost that would have been spent on fueling. Besides, a realtor that offers 3D images of properties for sale is well ahead of the ones who still depend on physical walkthroughs. 
Architects can also upload the images of buildings that they are yet to construct to give investors and creditors a feel of the plan. This will definitely attract and convince them more than plans drawn on a flat cardboard. 
In auto manufacturing
Ford, Toyota and other auto manufacturing giants also make good use of the technology for car manufacturing. They create the 3D image of the prototype of the model that they are yet to manufacture. So, engineers will view the interior, exterior, and the engine of the car. After the evaluation, everyone will now make necessary recommendations on the prototype. 
The car will now be manufactured physically after all the recommendations have been worked on. This is not only faster. It is also cheaper than having to build a physical prototype before the general assessment.
In entertainment
A lot of cinemas now make use of VR headset in cinemas. There are certain movies that you will watch with the headset. They are presented in such a way that you will be so immersed. Using the headset with the combination of the powerful speakers installed in different parts of the hall makes the movie highly engaging. If you have never watched a horror movie through a VR headset, you have definitely not watched a real horror movie before. 
Universal Studios also makes use of the technology in providing its numerous highly thrilling virtual tours. 
In business
Some retailers now build virtual stores and they give customers a 360 degree view of all their products. This is exactly like having a feel of the products. There is no doubt, having a 3D feel of some products usually attract customers than the traditional one-dimensional view. 
Although only very few retailers have adopted the technology, more of them will continue to join as time goes on gradually. 
Virtual conference is already becoming a common practice. Several multinationals have adopted the technology for their periodical meeting. Instead of having executives from different branches meet somewhere, they now adopt a virtual meeting where everyone will remain in his or her location but still participate in the meeting. This will save the company the cost of conveying all the executives to a certain location and the cost of paying for their accommodation too. 
In tourism
Some museums have already uploaded all their items and artifacts on virtual reality platform. Instead of having to travel to the museum, you only need to access the virtual version from your location and you will have a 3D view of all the items and artifacts in each museum. Some of the museums that have uploaded their collections on a virtual reality platform are the British Museum in London and the American Museum of Natural History.
In conclusion, the applications of virtual reality outlined above are just a few of them. There are many more. And more will continue to emerge with time. 

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