The Web Developer's Guide To Overcoming Critical Web Development Issues

web development
Web development is currently advancing at a growing rate. No doubt, it is fast becoming the customary way of developing B2B (business-to-business) application interactions. Interestingly, it is becoming quite easy to build and understand those services needed to create the Web services model. These have helped to not only simplify the process of web development but have also helped to greatly enhance the development and deployment of Web services. 
But while there is a wide range of development tools and languages available to support these services, it is sad to observe that most web development companies still consider security as an afterthought. The field of website security is indeed very vast and can take a while to fully understand it. Apart from security, there are still certain factors to consider particularly when it comes to developing an efficient web app. 
Every web development company is cognizant of the fact that customers are always willing to know the different aspects of any business product such as value for money, look and feel, and cost. To this effect, they are always eager to visit the company’s social media platforms, mobile apps, and/or website to acquire more ideas both its details. As a result, it becomes pertinent to understand how to interact with customers, as well as respond to their pressing needs. 
When it comes to web development, it is important to understand those critical issues affecting the development of web apps and how they can be corrected, harnessed, and incorporated to provide users with that seamless experience they deserve. 
The security challenge
security challenge
As earlier mentioned, security is one critical but highly overlooked aspect of web development. Most web developers often neglect web app security in the midst of design and user experience. But it shouldn’t be. In fact, this is one aspect of the development process that should be observed all through the development life cycle particularly when it has to do with the processing of vital information like confidential data, contact information and payment details. 
When talking and performing security, there are certain things every web development company should put into consideration. Some essential factors to consider include providing unauthorized access to certain restricted areas of the website, database malfunctioning, the safety of user data, denial of service attacks and so on. 
Most web development companies are already used to some of the well-known security threats such as Buffer Overflow, SQL Injection, Session Hijacking, Shell Injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery, Phishing, Cross-Site Scripting, etc. In order to ensure proper and efficient safety against these security concerns, there is the need for such companies to perform an effective coding of the website. Just so you know, your entire web development efforts can be washed down the drain if proper security strategies are not put in place. 
Gaining a solid knowledge framework 
Every web development company and developer is expected to understand how efficient frameworks are enhancing the use of development languages. With these tools, developers don't need to hand-code web apps from start to finish as they help to not only extend capabilities but provide libraries of coding, and boost performance. 
In a bid to promote the development of dynamic web applications, most web development companies use frameworks to perform these processes as they offer certain helpful features like snippets of code, APIs, models, and other helpful elements. It is important to note that while some frameworks offer a flexible approach to development, there are some that can be actually quite rigid. Some popular examples of web frameworks include J2REE, Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net, and PHP. 
Understanding web platforms
On the other hand, web platforms operate on already existing frameworks to provide client libraries required by developers to build a website or a web app. Developers and web development companies can create and add a new functionality on their own with the use of external API. However, it is highly recommended that a clear understanding of the company’s needs be established before relating these elements to web app development. 
Just so you know, there are several web platforms developed and designed for various purposes. Now, for those looking to launch into the web space with a selling product, it is advisable to make use of an e-commerce platform such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify or Magento. But when it comes to creating an online presence and delivering information, you might want to consider using a simple web platform such as Squarespace or WordPress. 
Even after selecting a platform perfect for their needs, there are still other factors that any dedicated web development company would want to consider. These include analytics, customization options, pricing, learning curve, and a range of technical skills. 
Handling performance
handling performance
It is generally believed in the web development world that the speed of the website can either make or mar the website’s efficiency. To a large extent, this can be very true. As you already know, every second count when a business is online but when web applications are running slow, it could lead to a failure. As a matter of fact, this could lead to a drastic fall in the number of visitors that get on your website thereby affecting but your reputation and revenue. 
To this end, it is highly crucial to always take performance seriously when developing applications for the web. Some common performance issues include troublesome third-party services, default configuration, poor load distribution, traffic spikes, unmanaged growth of data, un-optimized databases, and poorly written code. Once a web developer can effectively handle these issues, you are bound to create an efficient website and promote proper site management. 
Consider using a content distribution network
Commonly known as CDN, the use of a content distribution network can be very effective in helping to enhance performance and promote adequate efficiency on the web. Basically, this technology which can be deployed in multiple data centers involves a network of proxy servers that can be distributed globally. So by implication, a developer can practically make use of a network of servers to run a website rather than employing a single web server. 

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