This Is Why WordPress Is Popular For Web Development

wordpress web development
WordPress web development platform is no longer new to website and web development companies because of its advantages. In fact, so many active websites run on the WordPress open-source platform. Some of these advantages will be discussed.
It is cost-effective
Developing a website with WordPress is cost-effective. The cost associated with web development is reduced when a website is developed with WordPress compared to when it is built from scratch. This is because a lot of work has been put into the development of WordPress software by the WordPress development company.
It is self-hosting software
This is another very good advantage of developing a website with WordPress. WordPress software or platform is self-hosting. This implies that any website that is developed with WordPress is automatically hosted online for free. Ultimately, this also accounts for why there are so many WordPress-powered websites on the internet.
It makes web development faster
faster web development
Another good reason why WordPress is popular amongst web and web development companies is that it makes their job faster. It is much easier and faster to develop a website with WordPress than to build one from scratch because the WordPress company has undertaken much of the development process including the programming language and coding aspect of the project.
It has numerous templates
Another reason why web and web development companies love WordPress is that it has so many templates that they can choose from to design one. There are numerous templates designed for businesses in various industries. So, depending on the type of business you do, WordPress has a template that is useful and that will create a professionally-designed website for you.
It is secure
With WordPress, you have little to worry about regarding the security features of your website because the WordPress developers are doing a tremendous job in ensuring that no form of cyber attacks can affect WordPress-powered websites. For this reason, they undertake constant server maintenance services.
It supports gateway payment
WordPress can be used to develop websites that support payment gateway. WordPress can be used to develop various websites, including e-commerce sites, thus, a good reason why web and web development companies like the platform.
It has thousands of plugins
WordPress has thousands of plugins that your web developer can use to design a professional website. These plugins are used to add the necessary features to the website which in turn extends its functionality.
It has a built-in SEO
WordPress has a built-in SEO that makes WordPress-developed websites SEO-friendly. What this implies is that WordPress makes websites rank high in search engines. Hence, if your website is developed with WordPress, then this is a great advantage for you. As you know, ranking high in search engines creates a great impression of your business.
It is ideal for content management
As discussed earlier, WordPress is an open-source platform. This means that you can edit the contents of your website with ease. You can add or remove contents from your website should the need arise. For example, you may want to change the prices of your products or include new products. Discounts and promotions are some other reasons why you may need to edit the content of your website. And with a WordPress-developed website, this will be easily achievable. So, web and web development companies find this advantage very comfortable.
It supports social media integration
With a Website developed with WordPress, you can integrate your social media accounts into your website. This provides more ways to be contacted. It equally makes it possible to learn more about your products or services from your customers through social media interaction. You can as well use your social media accounts to advertise and/or market your products.
It is ideal for a responsive web design
responsive web design
As of today, nearly everyone has a mobile device. This is an impact of technology on global development. Hence, website and web development companies now put mobile devices into consideration when developing websites and mobile apps. A good website should be responsive and WordPress supports that, thus, ideal for responsive web design. So, whether you are assessing a WordPress-powered website on a PC, a tablet or an Android or an iOS device, you are definitely going to get the same outcome.
It supports media
Apart from your marketing content, WordPress also supports media. Meaning, you can upload both videos and pictures on your website or blog. People are easily intrigued by what they see and hear. So, having pictures and videos on your website makes people want to visit your website frequently and it also helps to pass the message across to your teeming customers and potential customers.
It offers free support services
The WordPress developers have made it possible for WordPress users to contact them should they have any problems while developing a website or blog. The channels by which you can contact WordPress developers are through live chat and e-mail help. This is also a great reason why web developers enjoy working with WordPress.
It supports multiple users
One very nice benefit of developing your website with WordPress is that it supports multiple users, therefore, you can assign different tasks to different administrators and still have a great website. 
Finally, with all that has been said, it is now understood why website developers love to develop websites with WordPress. Consequently, business owners are advised to make use of WordPress to have a website and ultimately enjoy all the benefits associated with WordPress-powered websites.

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