Tips To Be Successful When Developing And Selling Apps

tips to be successful when developing and selling apps
Did you know that 80% of sales that happen require five follow-up contacts after a business meeting and that this first face-to-face encounter plays a decisive role? In fact, not having optimized material and not strategically preparing the business meeting can ruin a good business opportunity.
Whether or not you sell apps, this post interests you. Here are the factors that will help app developers when designing apps for clients.
Give a good image
give a good image
It is obvious that you will not be late for your appointment with a potential client without appearing properly for such an occasion.  It is about mastering the body language or nonverbal language and that it fits with your words, that is, with your sales speech or commercial action for that client.
Projecting honesty, credibility, and passion is essential to gain attention and, more importantly, the trust of a person interested in your product or service.
There are some aspects that you should keep in mind.
- Look into the eyes but without intimidating. Eye contact is important, but don't abuse it.
- Modulate your tone of voice. There is nothing more boring than listening to a flat intonation.
Be empathetic
To achieve your goal, you need to know the difficulties that small and medium-sized businesses face every day, depending on the sector to which they belong. And an efficient way to do this is by following the question-answer philosophy.
* What are the main fears of your client?
* What problems do they find it hard to cope with?
* Do they manage to solve them?
* How do they do that?
* What are the strengths of your client?
* Where does the company want to go?
They are some data that you have to understand. Only then will you know exactly how mobile applications can be adapted to their need. Do not assume that you know what your clients' problems are without first taking an interest in them. Companies that belong to the same sector are likely to have similar difficulties, but each company is a world.
Therefore, listen to your clients when they are expressing themselves and then offer them your solution. Understanding the pain points of any small and medium business is a compulsory subject for any independent vendor in the sector in which you work.
Beware of price reductions
When an SME is interested in Apps, or in general any product or service, and decides to buy or hire a service, it is because they know they need it. But, of course, they will want to get the best possible price. You, as a mobile app developer, are the ones who have to decide the worth of your service or, on the contrary, strive to make your customers see everything they can get with a mobile app.
If you manage to make the company understand that Mobile Marketing is the sector of the future, since in the coming years it will continue to grow exponentially, it will understand that the investment is necessary and will put fewer objections to the price of your service.
Sometimes, it may be a good idea to reduce the price of your service - as long as the trade agreement is profitable for you. Calculate your price reduction margin in advance and run away from offers that exceed this margin.
Follow up
follow up
The reality is that only 2% of sales are closed on the first contact. So you have to do a business follow-up, work the relationship with the potential customer, and pursue the opportunity over time.
The more times they tell you no, the closer you will be to get a yes. For this reason, to keep track of your potential customers (or leads), it is advisable to use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sales software. This software is very useful for commercial management since it is responsible for storing all the interactions that a company makes with its customers, centralizing all the information.
Knowing the feeling of each client and understanding the decision stages that he has gone through will help you know at what exact moment you should contact him and with what value proposition.
As you can see, it is not difficult. Add these steps to your business training and apply them to any business visit. Don't let any customer resist you!

Harnil Oza

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