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Top 7 Journaling Apps To Write About Your Life In 2021

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Jun 2021
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top 7 journaling apps to write about your life in 2021
Journaling is one of the best ways to store all your thoughts and experiences in one place. You can write in your journal every day or only when you feel like, after all, it's about writing your life-oriented things. A diary is the best way to put your thoughts together and keep them to yourself without someone else reading it. Journals have a rich and ancient history as people have been using them for ages. Moreover, you can also use it as a picture album to save some of the best moments of your life.
According to sources, writing down your thoughts in a diary is a simple way to enhance creativity, boost happiness, manage stress, boost work performance, and improve well-being. However, forming this habit isn't easy as it takes dedication and willingness to write on a bunch of blank pages. Journaling can help you figure out various aspects of your life, starting with where you were yesterday and where you are today. It can help you know yourself better as you put your thoughts on a piece of paper.
Now we don't want to lose our focus on our discussion. We are living in a modern era and digitally advanced world surrounded by the latest tech. Today, we don't need to write our thoughts and life experiences in a book. There are too many mobile apps developed by mobile app development companies for the same available on iOS and Android platforms. However, choosing the best mobile app for your journaling can be difficult, but we have made it easy for you by compiling a list of the top 7 journaling apps.

Top Journaling Apps to Pen Down your Thoughts

1. Journey - Diary, Journal App

This is one of the best journal apps for android users as it offers some incredible features. Journey app can increase your positive energy, a calmer mind, and a grateful heart by establishing healthy thinking through journaling. This is not just a journal app, but it's your own happiness and motivational coach to embark on the journey of self-improvement.
The top features of the Journey app include:
- A stepwise guide for novices.
- Security with fingerprint and passcode.
- Drafting your journals with email.
Moreover, it lets you see your journal from anywhere, no matter where you are. Journey app allows you to introspect your thoughts and ideas via daily self-reflection.

2. Penzu - Secure and Private Journal App

penzu - secure and private journal app

Penzu app is one of the most famous journals, diary, and notepad apps with a 4.2 rating on the Play Store and a 4.3 rating on the App Store. Penzu has a diverse user base as it is used globally and is the best place to keep your thoughts safe and secure. You can sync our diaries to Penzu, where your notes are available from any device worldwide. It enables you to write entries, add pictures, and make some tweaks. It provides a unique user experience as it makes online writing as easy & seamless as writing on paper.
The best features of this app include limitless storage allowing you to make several entries, and offers peer-to-peer encryption. However, to avail top services, you need to purchase the Penzu Pro version, which gives you access to endless journals, custom journal covers and fonts, top-notch encryption services, and other top services.

3. Daylio - Diary, Journal, and Mood Tracker App

Daylio is a diverse app, with a 4.8 rating on iOS and 4.6 on Android. This is your fitness pal and mental health coach. Use Daylio to enhance your well-being and self-care. The Daylio app helps you know your mood with statistics. You can even save your mood as you write it down in the app. These moods are saved at figures that help you understand your overall habits.
The top features of this mood tracker app is to understand your habits, backup and restore via Google Drive, and PIN lock. You can track your activities and form patterns to be more productive. You can ensure to include activities to help you cope with stress and anxiety.

4. Memento - Capture Your Life Story

Memento is a personal journal that stays updated effortlessly. You can capture and collect meaningful moments to rejuvenate, explore, and share your story. Memento helps you organize everything in your journal and enables you full-screen mode to make it easy for you to focus while writing your diary.
Memento's pro version allows you to export entries to PDF with cloud sync using a Dropbox account to give you the backup option and give you enhanced security.

5. Day One Journal - Private Diary App

day one journal - private diary app

Day One journal has been Apple's app of the year with more than 15 million installs. This app gives you a unique journaling experience with an elegant interface making journaling about your life a pleasure moment.
Day One's top features include managing your calendar, adding audio and pictures, setting timely reminders, and unlimited storage.

6. Daybook - Next-Gen Journal App

Daybook is a passcode-secured free personal diary that helps record your experiences, activities, thoughts, and ideas. It allows you to organize your created journal entries or notes from the past in the simplest way. Daybook's unique feature is that you can use this app in offline mode as well. You can also collect insights using mood analyzer within the app.

7. Luci - Intelligent Dream Diary App

This is one of the best journal apps as it records your sleep cycle, tracks sleep, and filters to record your sleeping activities. Moreover, Luci comes with a unique feature known as Lucid dreaming to help track your dreams. Luci's top features include recording audio while asleep, intelligent audio filters, secured-password, tracking your dreams, etc.

Final Thoughts

Creating a fantastic journal app by a mobile app development agency with a unique touch can make your journal app a success in the market. Nowadays, people don't prefer writing down in their books; they'd instead type in their smart devices. Hence, it would be fruitful for your venture to create an awesome journal app that delivers a great user experience.
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