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Top 9 Social Messaging Apps To Boost Your Business

App Development

Sep 2021
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top 9 social messaging apps
The social messaging app has become part of our daily lives; we solely cannot start our day without it. From the young to the old generation, everyone is on social media apps. However, the reason for the usage of the social messaging app is different. The purpose could be personal or professional - but it is vital now.
There are several social messaging apps; app development companies are still creating more apps. That shows the demand for messaging apps. A social messaging app can be an effective method to engage with users or customers. People started to prefer social messaging apps for business use for quick messages or calls, send documents or pictures. If you use it properly, you can gain multiple benefits.

The list of 9 best social messaging apps to improve your business services:


Undoubtedly, the most used app for messaging is WhatsApp. Moreover, on the list of the best messaging apps worldwide, WhatsApp stands on the top. It is one of the first items people download when they purchase new smartphones. No need to prove; it is one of the leading social messaging apps across the world.
Presently, Facebook owns this mobile app and has more than 175 million users, almost 180 countries users use WhatsApp app, and among them, 50 million users use it for business purposes every day. Right now, even for small communication- people use WhatsApp. The instant messenger has emojis, features to send video, photos, and others. Recently, they have started WhatsApp pay where one user can send money to another user through WhatsApp.
Another benefit provided by WhatsApp is that it ensures that they offer every feature an instant messenger app should have in it. By presenting everything, users do not have to switch it to another app- and use WhatsApp for a longer time.
If we see from the business side, WhatsApp involves streamlining consumer service conversations and presenting products in a catalog, as it is a partner of Facebook. For every business inquiry, people can contact each other on WhatsApp. There are already several users using WhatsApp for business, and according to predictions - it will increase more than double in the upcoming years.
Download: Android, iOS


Every tech startup company is fond of Slack. It is ideal for startup companies because it is easy to use and does not require anything. It is considered as one of the messaging apps to communicate for businesses. It is a modern mobile app with creative and funky emoji, animations, GIFs, and others.
The mobile app also has a user-friendly interface and the facility to build channels like group conversations - the best part is that it could be public or private - whatever you desire. It can join with lots of other traditional business apps, like Gmail, Outlook, and many others. You can share the file with a determined size.
Slack promotes video calls and one-on-one voice. Unlike WhatsApp, in this app, you can make the call to people who are on your contact list. They give customization features where you can custom notification, keywords, mute, fonts, and others.
Download: Android, iOS


Another leading messaging app on the list is Telegram. It is a cloud-based messaging app that secures your messages and data. The mobile app has more than 200 million active users globally. The Telegram ensures to not fall into the wrong hands for wrong work. It is the only messaging app that gives such a security purpose. The feature which superior Telegram provides is no limit on members of the groups. You can mute the notification for the optional messages.
For business purposes, you can encrypt messages to stop unauthorized messages and set a time to delete the messages after a specific time. Because it ensures secure messages, it is ideal for the business- as no one can access your private conversations.
Download: Android, iOS


For professional messaging apps, Skype always comes on first. The users of skype are mostly business people who create accounts to communicate with each other. Skype is an excellent option for business people as it provides simple chat, good quality video, clear audio calls, and many others.
Professionally, it is perfect as it does not have much unnecessary stuff. It is effortless to use and can transfer files within seconds. The calls on Skype are highly professional - so you do not worry about secure data and information.
Download: Android, iOS
best social messaging apps 2021


Kik is a social messaging app famous among teenagers and the young generation. You do not require a phone number to be part of this social messaging app, a user id, email, and password are enough to join Kik. To reach out to a younger audience, Kik is an ideal social messaging app for businesses. It is free to use for messaging. You can have a conversation with each other or also, through group chat in Kik.
Kik has some fun features like stickers, GIFs, and much more. It is an appealing method to keep users engaged and interact.
Download: Android, iOS

Facebook Messenger

Messenger is an app attached to Facebook and is one of the leading social messaging apps. Like Kik, you do not require a phone number; a Facebook username would be sufficient. Messenger has 1.3 billion active users and is likely to grow double in the upcoming years.
It is easy to use and popular among users because of its instant messaging service. You can send stickers, GIFs, share videos and images to other Messenger users. Facebook messenger has a helpful help desk solution and is known to solve user problems quickly.
Download: Android, iOS


Snapchat is a social messaging app for a younger audience to increase business. To engage the target audience, nothing is better than Snapchat. The popularity of Snapchat is high and is famous for its features because it is different from others. Users need to save the conversation, or it will be removed within a minute. Moreover, if you take a screenshot of a chat or image, the app will inform people on the other side.
In Snapchat, you can have a conversation by sending images and videos to each other limited to 60 seconds.
Download: Android, iOS


Viber has more than 260 million active users and is a perfect social messaging app for businesses. It is free to use and enables users to have a conversation through messages and voice calls. It is pretty different from other social apps and can be used for merely professional use. It can be operated on mobile, computers, tablets, and other devices.
You can share images, videos, GIFs, and others with your friends and family. There is no limit; so, you can send short video messages. The users can create groups and allow you to like and reply to particular messages. It is a great way to connect with your target audience.
Download: Android, iOS


Last on the list but not the least one for the social messaging app. Instagram is another app owned by Facebook and is pretty popular among users. It has 500 million active users daily and is easy and fun to use. Instagram has Instagram direct, where you can send another user message, image, video, GIFs, stickers, and much more. It also allows you to a video call - here is another catch: you can do group video calls of 4 people.
It is an efficient method to have conversations individually or in a group; and an excellent source for professional and personal use for social messaging apps.
Download: Android, iOS

Why Do Social Messaging Apps Matter For The Business?

Most social messaging apps are free and present a user-friendly experience. With one app, you can perform every activity, so it is perfect for business actions. It is cost-effective and can be accessible by everyone and in any country. You can interact with your clients locally, internationally, and with others with these social messaging apps.
It can be personalized and customized - so you can connect with your audience as well. Quick service is what is being sold for the businesses. You have unlimited options and alternatives for the same, so no complication you will ever face.
Messaging is an agile and straightforward way to associate with your business. It makes it more comfortable to contact your business with issues or matters. It is a numerous opportunity for your business to respond and create a relationship with your audience.

Final Words

Having social messaging apps has become vital for brands. There would be no company that is not available on social messaging apps. It is a dynamic, direct, effortless way to gain your acknowledgment in the market. It can bring the best for your business just by a single conversation.
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