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Top 8 Budgeting Apps For Personal Finance Management

App Development

Nov 2021
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top budgeting apps for personal finance management
The applications for managing personal finances are complete and functional tools that make it easy to manage your money. In this way, you will be able to use your income correctly and control your expenses effectively.

Best Budgeting Apps To Manage Your Personal Finances

1) Buxfer

Buxfer, an effective digital tool to control economic expenses. If you are looking for a digital tool to help you keep control of your finances and stick to a budget, Buxfer is among the best alternatives you will find. Schedule your payments, manage your income and expenses, monitor your bank accounts and budget for your future in one place. Thanks to a very intuitive and friendly interface, you can know your financial status and track your budget and investments through graphs and tables.

2) Credit Karma

Credit Karma goes beyond a financial application. It is focused on your financial security since it is responsible for monitoring and supervising possible breaches of your data that may be generated online.
In this way, you will know if someone tries to steal your identity to carry out a fraudulent procedure; what's more. One aspect to highlight is that it has a section dedicated to financial aid, where you will find information of great value, especially these days.
It may not help you schedule your payments, generate budgets, or perhaps track savings account movements, but it is worth having it on your mobile for what it offers (which is not negligible).

3) Digit

Digit is the perfect application for someone who is saving with a target. And if you want to start saving but don't know how to take the first step, it is also ideal.
Digit is a platform that will help you save money, but not how we all know, but it helps you achieve it through goals. Doing this will control your expenses and estimate how much you can save by linking it to your bank account, automatically saving your money in one or more goals.

4) Mint

Another of the best apps for tracking and sticking to a budget is Mint. It is a super complete tool that will help you set savings goals, schedule the payment of your debts, track bills and find out what your spending trend is, show your credit score and even suggest ways to save money.
You will have to assign a monthly budget to different expenses, that is, to all those that are a priority (and not so much) for you. In this way, the application will generate a status bar that will go from green to red as the established budget runs out.
Being a free application is complete and useful for anyone looking for a bit of order in their finances immediately. Although it is not easy to use the first time, it does not take long to take advantage of it.

5) You Need a Budget

Although it seems a bit nonsensical, "you need a budget." Yes, as you have read it, this is the application's premise: you need to assign your money to a category. In this way, you will know how you use your money and, eventually, better financial management with it.
Luckily, You Need a Budget (YNAB) has a straightforward and clean interface, which will not give you problems getting used to it. The purpose of this application is to know how much you can spend each month and, in the future. For this, you need to keep detailed control of your expenses.
You can link it to your bank accounts (only if you live in the United States) or complement it with another application that you can do in your country. In this way, you save a lot of work at the end of the month and manage your money correctly.

6) Accounting Record

Do you want to keep track of all your expenses in an orderly and effective way? Accounting Registry is the ideal application for this purpose, as it helps you keep track of all your expenses, whether in cash, bank accounts, credit cards and more.
Additionally, it gives you a weekly or monthly balance of the amount and what you have spent. Although it has a premium version, it is an excellent free alternative (although it has a premium version) that offers you a financial world on your mobile.
If it seems minor, you can create reminders of payment, amount and date of movement, establish budget limits, add photos of your tickets or expenses, and view all your records through graphs and statistics.

7) Money Manager

Although not limited to that, it is a straightforward application since it is designed only to record your income and expenses. You can choose from various categories of expenses and income to help you identify them at all times.
Calculate the balance, view your record using graphics, export your budget to Excel, modify an amount and date of movement. It is free and has no advertising.

8) Expense Control

As its name implies, it is designed to keep track of expenses. Record your income and expenses, create bank accounts in different institutions, and categorize your expenses according to your currency format.
In addition, it places a daily, weekly or monthly limit on your expenses so that you do not exceed yourself and you can save a little. And as if that were not enough, it is possible to use templates for frequent expenses and it allows you to export your budget to Excel. It is free and has no advertising.


Your finance management can now be managed with excellent mobile apps dedicated to help you monitor your expenses. These apps will keep track of your finances and eventually change your lifestyle. If you consider developing something similar, you should meet a top mobile app development agency to hire app developers.
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