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5 Top Eco-friendly Mobile Apps Can Help Us Make Our Lives Greener

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Jun 2022
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5 top eco-friendly mobile apps
Even with the thousands of mobile apps on our phones, I am sure not many of us even know about the existence of eco-friendly mobile apps. You must be wondering what is an eco-friendly mobile application? So, rather than just meeting and chatting about the global warming issues while throwing the garbage on the road, eco-friendly mobile apps are the ideas that turn into the reality that provides a platform to the worldwide audience to be responsible and take a step forward toward a greener life.
One of the best things about eco-friendly mobile apps is that they are not focused on just one thing. Different eco-friendly mobile apps cover a different aspect of eco-friendly life, including a greener habit of switching off the lights while leaving the room to suggest a whole new wearing style from our existing wardrobe. To help you get a better idea, let's explore some of the best eco-friendly mobile apps.

What Are 5 Top Eco-Friendly Mobile Apps?


Want an eco-friendly way to know your neighborhood better? Well, Olio is just the perfect mobile app for you. Olio allows you to share the surplus food with the nearby people rather than throwing them away. As we know, food is one of the best ways of communication; Olio provides you with an opportunity to connect with your neighborhood. You can take a pic of the food dish, and upload it on Olio, mentioning the details such as what is the item, how much time it will take to get ready and a bit of description, and you are all set.
Various local stores and grocery stores list their items on the Olio that they need to sort out before it expires that anyone in need can use rather than throwing them away. It's not just about the food items; you can even find the chopping boards, pet food and many more things on the platform. Well, as they say, it's all about the small actions to make the big changes.
Mobile Application:

2) Ecosia

We all are aware of the search engine google, right? What do we do over there? Searching for the stuff we need information about, right? Well, that is the basic idea behind Ecosia. It allows the users to search the queries and plant the tree, and that's it. All you have to do is search your queries through Ecosia.
Ecosia earns the profit from the search ads and invests that to plant the trees. You can even add the chrome extension to your default search engine, and that way, you won't even have to switch to the Ecosia search engine and keep the world greener than ever. You can even keep the count of the trees you have planted through the portal. But that does not mean you just keep clicking on the ads as it will not help them get the accurate data, which can eventually make it hard for them to attract more advertisers in the future.
Mobile Application:

3) Ailuna

Want to build a healthy habit but feel helpless without the right motivation or some push to get it in your daily healthy habits? Ailuna provides exactly what you need. It presents the list of dares that can help you build a new healthy habit, in the week as you have to complete the dare in the week.
One of the best things about this mobile app development is that every dare is designed by experts and backed up with behavioral science with a single goal to help the users to build long-lasting healthy habits.
Mobile app development is focused on basic things that can bring great changes in your lives such as saving water, not buying anything new and various other things.
It has the basic setup process, all you have to do is find the dare that you think you can fulfill, provide details such as how much time you can commit and when they can check in with you about the habit, and that's it.
The mobile app also allows you to chat with the others who have taken the same dare as you to keep you motivated and allow you to explore the next level of dares. The app also provides basic tips and tricks throughout the weeks to keep you engaged. You can share your achievements with your friends before moving on to the next dare.
Mobile Application:

4) Happy Cow

Thinking about turning to vegetarian or vegan and having no idea about the vegetarian or vegan food options? No worries, Happy Cow has got you covered. Happy cows list all the vegetarian and vegan food options for you, such as restaurants, food trucks, cafes, juice centers, food stalls and many more, along with the accurate details about their menu, recommended food items, opening hours, contact numbers, reviews, must-try dishes, location and so on.
You might think it is just an On-demand mobile application, how can it be eco-friendly? Just as mentioned above, every single step can turn into a big change. You get irritated by the ads you receive while browsing through Happy Cow, but you can get rid of it just by purchasing the premium version.
Mobile Application:

5) Litterati

If you are concerned about the garbage you find on the roads but have no idea about what to do with it, you can start with installing Litterati. Litterati collects a worldwide database about the Litter. You can be a part of it by providing the details about the garbage. To the date, you got concerned about the garbage and picked it up to throw in the dustbin now just add one step into it. Take a picture of the litter and tag it to the litter. It will ask you to tag the COMB which means;
C - Category of the Litter (coffee, food packet and so on)
O - Object of the Litter ( cup, bag, straw and so on)
M - Material of the Litter ( paper, plastic and so on)
B - Brand of the Litter( Starbucks, Ubereats and so on)
It will help them get accurate data about the litter. You must be thinking about what Litterati can do with this data? Well, you get it right. First thing first it can help them take the action about the object that users list the highest. Once students of the school campus listed the plastic straws highest. And it turned out it was the straws of their campus cafeteria. The team of Litterati filed the petition to stop the usage of straws and the volume of listed litter eventually dropped dramatically. Along with that, it will give them access to more data so that they can identify the object on their own through machine learning technology.
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Along with using these eco-friendly mobile applications, you can reach out to the app development company with your unique eco-friendly app idea that can bring a change to the world. The app development company can help you reach your target audience to make the world for the right cause and make the world a better place to live.
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It provides us with a platform to attract more like-minded people to bring the change in the world towards global warming and environmental awareness.

Eco-friendly mobile apps help us to raise awareness about the impact of a single person on climate change, and global warming and help to reach out to the right audience to bring change together.

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