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5 Top Battery Saving Apps For Android

App Development

Apr 2022
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top battery saving apps for android
How about I tell you that you can extend your mobile’s battery life more than your normal battery life? It is great, Isn’t it? Many applications assure you that they will help you power up your mobile phone but trust me few are telling the truth.
Does your smartphone have a problem dying earlier than expected?
You don’t need to worry about that. Here we are providing you with the best battery saving apps by android app developers which will eventually boost your phone’s battery life and give you some extra time.

Here Are Some Best Battery Saving Apps For Android

1) DU Battery Saver

DU Battery saver app has the most significant features that a mobile battery saver app should have. The app gives you the smart preset mode that allows you to select the feature that suits the usage of battery power perfectly.
DU also gives you a free hand on customizing your performance and the lifetime of your battery according to your needs. If you are on a trip for a day then you can use the moderate features and if you are going to be away for more than a day then you need not worry about it. It has some extraordinary features too.
The DU battery saver app also helps you to detect those applications which are draining more power. The Phone cooler feature of this application is cool which automatically shuts down the non-active applications.

2) Avast Battery Saver

Avast is a well-known name in Antivirus, Phone Cleaner, and Optimizer. The mobile battery saver application from Avast boosts the battery life of your device. It has a great range of features to remove junk files, upgrade the performance of the phone, it also increases the battery life of the mobile.
General Features of Avast Battery Saver:
  • This power saving app Cleans the unwanted files on your device.
  • Battery saver Auto adjusts some basic things like Brightness and background running applications depending on the usage and current battery life of the device.
  • This power-saving app Switches off the device’s applications and functions that are not in use.
  • Increases the performance of the application.

3) Kaspersky Battery Life

Kaspersky is also a well-known brand in the sector of battery-saving applications. This application is one of the best battery savers. This application runs an automatic scan on your device and gives you the details about every app that consumes the maximum battery life.
This mobile battery saver has a keen eye on the applications that are running in the background. The most amazing thing about the Kaspersky battery Life is that it is completely free on android smartphones.
General Features of Kaspersky Battery Life:
  • It tracks battery usage very closely.
  • It gives you the alert when a particular app is draining more battery life.
  • This battery saver application tells you how much battery is left in minutes.
Note: It is only compatible with the device that supports Android Version 4.1 or higher.

4) Greenify

Greenify is one of the best battery saver apps which runs on both Android and iOS mobile phones. Greenify is a power-saving app that has approximately 50 million installs. Greenify allows you to de-activate those applications which are using extra battery life.
This battery saver application helps you remove the junk files from your RAM. Before using greenify ensure that you are not putting any unnecessary notifications on your messenger, e-mail, clock, or any other applications.
General Features of Greenify:
  • Easy to use.
  • This battery saver increases your battery life and the quality of the battery effectively.
  • It is Free to use.
  • Minimize your battery consumption to zero.

5) AccuBattery

The most interesting thing about AccuBattery is that if you download this battery saver it does not take days, weeks, or months to determine the battery usage cycle. It only takes a few charging cycles to provide accurate results. It is advisable to use AccuBaterry more often for the best results of this Android battery saver app.
The tutorials will be given right after you install the application. AccuBattery has both free and premium versions, you can select one of them according to your requirements. There are some differences between free and premium. Premium gives you the ad-free experience, it also provides CPU Stats and much and also some extra features while the free app monitors the health of the battery.
General Features of AccuBattery:
  • Easy to Access.
  • Real-time battery statistics.
  • The Inbuilt charge alarm increases the battery life.
  • It calculates the capacity of battery life in mAH.
Note: This battery saving application is supported only above Android version 5.0


Whether you have the latest or an old smartphone. You don’t need to worry about your mobile’s battery life if you have one of these battery-saving applications on your device. You just have to keep your needs about battery saving in mind and download one of these applications. Definitely you are going to love this battery saver application.
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