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5 Top Celebrity Look Alike Mobile Apps In 2022

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Feb 2022
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top celebrity look alike mobile apps
Every one of us has that one celebrity crush that we can never get over with. We always try to copy the one thing from them that we like the most about them, whether it could be their most famous dialogue or their one habit or even their looks. The social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok are encouraging these things with various features such as reels, filters and so on. Just like those social media features, many other mobile applications offer amazing celebrity look-alike filters.
You can try the below mentioned mobile applications and find out how similar your face features are and with which celebrity.

1) Gradient

Out of all the celebrity look-alike, mobile apps available out there, Gradient tops the list because of the amazing features and seamless user experience. This mobile app has AI and beautification features that provide accurate results to the users. You can find your celebrity doppelgangers through this mobile application. Along with that, the photo editing features enhance the user experience. The most amazing thing about this mobile app is, along with the amazing additional features, it never loses the focus on its main goal of providing celebrity look-alike results.
Must Try Features of Gradient
  • Artificial intelligence empowered photo application that accompanies celebrity look-alike features.
  • Offers AI portrait solutions based on users image/photo
  • Various hairstyle and color features with a brilliant hair collaging tool
  • Numerous in-built beauty features enhance the user experience.
  • Make your own beauty feature and make it available for other users.
  • Change your skin tone based on your requirements through the skin tone feature.
  • Find out your most look-alike cartoon character through the AI-empowered cartoon feature.
  • Create your own portrait with a blurred background.
  • Find out your beauty score with the beauty score estimation feature.
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2) Celebs

Just as the name suggests, Celebs is a popular look-alike mobile application. Along with AI algorithms this mobile application employs machine learning technology as well to provide the most accurate look-alike results. The facial recognition feature of this mobile application makes users use this mobile app more often. The facial recognition feature identifies users' expressions and emotions to provide accurate features. Along with that this mobile application also edits the user image to make it exactly like their celebrity doppelganger. One of the reasons why thousands of people choose this mobile app is, it provides accurate results for free. You don't have to pay any subscription charges to find your celebrity twin.
Must Try Features of Celebs
  • The largest celebrity database to compare users' faces.
  • Highest level of accuracy for quick comparisons.
  • Machine learning integrated facial recognition features for accurate results.
  • A fun feature to find your look-alike animal as well.
  • social media compatibility.
  • Zero subscription fees.
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3) Star By Face

Star By Face is a bit different from usual celebrity look-alike mobile applications. Rather than taking selfies and finding your look-alike celebrity, you have to upload your photograph and the mobile app will edit your picture as a celebrity face. The machine learning feature recognizes your facial expression and presents the result accordingly. The thing I love the most about Star By Face is it's completely safe and secure. The app never saves your photos in the mobile app. It will automatically delete all the photos once it presents the results you wanted. Just like Celebs, this mobile application is also social media compatible, you can share your results on different social media platforms directly.
Must Try Features of Star by Face
  • Database of thousands of celebrity faces.
  • Machine learning integrated facial recognition features for accurate results.
  • Most user-friendly interface.
  • HD quality celebrity look-alike results.
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4) My Replica

My Replica is more than just a look-alike celebrity finder mobile application. This mobile application allows users to edit their photographs professionally. This mobile application compares your photo with the wide collection of every famous person who ever exists such as actors, singers, sportspersons, scientists, mathematicians and many more. You can edit your end result photographs with various in-built features and share them through various social media platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more.
Must Try Features of My Replica
  • Find your most look-alike celebrity.
  • Facial recognition feature to provide the accurate feature.
  • HD result generation.
  • Photo editing feature with the professional touch.
  • High quality and accurate celebrity look-alike results.
  • Database collection of celebrities including actors, singers, sportspersons, history persons and many more.
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5) Y-Star

The popularity of Y-Star is increasing day by day because it allows users to morph their photographs into celebrity faces in the span of seconds. This mobile application offers an effortless user experience capturing facial data through the front cam of a mobile phone and generates the results accurately. This mobile application requires so little effort from the user side and provides accurate results automatically. This mobile application can be your go-to app whenever you want to morph your image as a celebrity. This is a must-try mobile application when you find your celebrity look-alike.
Must Try Features of Y-star
  • Automatic result generation using front cam data.
  • High quality and accurate celebrity look-alike results.
  • HD quality photo generation.
  • Facial point identification to generate accurate celebrity look-alike faces.
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There are many other celebrity look-alike mobile applications other than these. You can use any of them to find your celebrity twin. But all of them have something unique for that particular mobile app only. My Replica has a unique database collection, Y-Star has facial point recognition, Star By Face provides extraordinary privacy and security to user data, Celebs allows you to find animal look-alike faces whereas Gradient allows you to generate cartoon characters of your face. This list can go on and on. But you can not download each and every mobile app to try out these unique features right? But there is one thing that you can do. You can reach out to our mobile app developers who can build a mobile application combining all these features in one mobile application based on your requirements. Reach out with your requirements now.
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