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Top 7 Intermittent Fasting Apps For 2022

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Nov 2021
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top 7 intermittent fasting apps for 2022
Intermittent fasting is one of the eating protocols that is being heard the most in recent times. Although, it already has many enthusiastic followers thanks to the benefits offered by this form of diet, the reality is that it continues to generate many doubts. Having to account for schedules, etc., can make it seem more complicated than it actually is. Luckily, little by little applications have appeared that help us to follow this protocol in the simplest way.

Top 7 Mobile Apps That Motivates You To Perform Intermittent Fast In 2022

1) Intermittent Fasting - Zero-Cal Fasting Tracker

It is one of the most used applications to help us when it comes to following the intermittent fasting protocol. This free application is very intuitive in which we can register our starting weight and our goal, in order to keep track of our progress. To use it, you do not need to count calories and, as an advantage, you receive information based on scientific evidence about intermittent fasting.
It also gives us the option of choosing the type of fast that we want to follow and it is in this aspect that it is very complete. This is because it has many options for the users to choose from. Once we choose the plan, we can customize the hours in which we are going to do it. To help us with motivation, we can go on achieving achievements.
Download: Play Store, App Store

2) Clear - Intermittent Fasting for Body and Mind

If we already know about intermittent fasting or are not looking for tips to lose weight, etc., it is possible that what we are interested in is simply an application that works as a timer. In this case, the Clear app is an excellent option. It has several programs already created and allows you to easily see how many hours you have been fasting, how many hours you have left to enter the window where you can eat, etc.
In addition, for some of us, it is important that the applications adapt to the dark mode of our phones. In this sense, this app has the option to use that mode. In addition, making use of its widget we can put it on the home screen so that we can see the timer in a simple way. The app is free, but we can subscribe for 3.99 a month, for a more complete follow-up.
Download: Play Store, App Store

3) Vora

In addition to having a timer like the others, this application allows us to connect with our friends - as long as they also have the application - being one of the most interesting features that we have found.
In this way, if several friends have planned to start doing intermittent fasting at the same time, you can see the progress of others, share with them your progress and achievements. In this way, you can help motivate each other.
Download: App Store

4) Bodyfast - Intermittent Fasting With Coach

If what we need is a more complete application, with specific plans for us, Bodyfast offers us an infinite number of personal plans based on our data and progress. Some of them are paid and have a price of about 30 euros for a three-month subscription. However, we can also find approximately 10 free plans.
Once we have chosen, it allows us to record numerous parameters, control how much water we have drunk - essential while doing intermittent fasting - and see our progress and achievements easily on a schedule.
Download: Play Store, App Store

5) DoFasting - Intermittent Fasting and Diet Assistant

The DoFasting application is the most complete and suitable for all those who want to combine sport with intermittent fasting and are looking for an app that unites everything. In this case, the download is free. However, once we enter he asks us a series of questions about our goal, usual meal times, weight and height. With this data, the application offers us fasting and exercise plans, so we will have to pay around 30 euros for a three-month subscription, although you have the trial option for 14 days.
Download: Play Store, App Store

6) Simple - Intermittent Fasting

This app not only helps you record the hours you eat and not, but it also offers 14-day meal plans. We can customize these plans so that they adapt to our tastes or way of eating. It can be of great help in the case of vegans since following an intermittent fasting can be a bit more difficult to meet protein needs.
In addition, the application offers updated information based on the latest scientific studies in this regard, it gives us tasks to fulfil so that we do not lose motivation and a record of our weight to see progress. It is a free download application, but to obtain some of its advantages you will have to pay a subscription.
Download: Play Store, App Store

7) LIFE Fasting Tracker

This application is simple and very intuitive to use, which is an advantage. In addition to the fasting timer, which shows us the phases we are going through based on the hours of fasting we have, it also has a library with information about fasting. We can get in touch with experts who can answer questions. But one of the funniest things is that we can comment on our progress and receive likes and comments as in other social networks, as well as interact with the achievements of other users. It is free to use although inside we can pay to obtain some extra utilities.
Download: Play Store, App Store


Keeping up with fasting can be a tedious assignment to carry on. However, several apps have appeared on the Play Store to help in this regard. These apps offer various options that motivate and encourage users to complete their intermittent fasting target. Hyperlink InfoSystem, a top mobile app development agency can assist you with the development of excellent intermittent app.
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