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Top 5 Hiking Apps Like AllTrails

App Development

Sep 2021
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top 5 alternative hiking apps like alltrails
Hiking - an activity: that is a therapy for many people. It makes your mind and body healthy, fresh, and happy. Several mobile app development assist in your hiking and provide all the necessary information you require to know. When it comes to hiking apps, one name always appears, and that is AllTrials. Certainly, it is one of the best hiking apps you will come across globally.
But we believe that you should constantly expand your knowledge regarding everything, which includes hiking apps also. Hence, we will tell you the best alternative hiking apps like AllTrails - which you should acknowledge and embrace.

Following are the list of top 5 hiking apps like AllTrails:

1) Komoot

Komoot gives you one of the best instructions as they have striking graphic design and interface. The mobile app has in-built voice navigation - so while hiking - the app will guide your next direction. Komoot is simple to use and pretty helpful. Moreover, the mobile app measures the optimal journey to your address for you; if you click on the spot on the map, the app will generate the easy route at that point.
The Komoot app has an in-built GPS system that you easily import to its websites also. Furthermore, you can communicate with other hikers - even those on the spot like you. Even they have the option of offline maps - in case you lose your network coverage while hiking. The only negative point is that you cannot zoom maps so much but overall, it will provide you a great experience.

2) Map My Tracks

Do you wish to keep track of your entire hiking journey? Well, you absolutely can with MapMyTracks App. It is a fitness-inspired app, which empowers you to keep a track record of it. You can know the average distance you cover, heart rate, number of steps, the total distance covered, and many more. To sum it up, it shows you how much you have hiked and at what pace and time.
It has GPS tracking, which presents you with fitness details. You can even share your reports with friends or family; as it is easy to read - you can save them on your smartphone as well. Another feature is that you can set your goals of distance or activity; if you want to accomplish in pieces and bits, you can as it breaks down for you to cover your comprehensive measure. They have a MapMyTracks community where you can share your delight and bad experiences with other hikers. They might help you with other queries too, most importantly you will learn about your health and fitness while hiking. The MapMyTracks is free to use and is available on Google Play Store.
top 5 hiking apps like allTrails

3) Gaia GPS

If you are a frequent hiker aware of mobile hiking apps, you surely would have heard about Gaia GPS. The mobile app is pretty famous for its navigation services. The mobile app is not a typical hiking app - but it will help you with direction throughout your journey. In Gaia GPS, you can find new trails, save hike statistics, performance, record your route, and much more. You can get Gaia GPS from the Apple play store and Google play store. It will inform you about the weather and the forecast weather of the next few days - so you can plan your hike accordingly.
The GPS makes the route more manageable and less time-consuming for the hikers. They have an offline version as well. The mobile has two versions - free and paid. The free version is enough for the basic GPS navigation, but if you want to travel like a pro, you should get the premium version - it will cost you around $39.99 per year. Both free and paid have their features, and like usual, the paid versions have more features and more options - but it depends on you which version is wiser for you and your hiking trail.

4) Guthook Guides

Guthook Guides is an ideal hiking app for Guthook Guides. The mobile app is famous among solo hiking travelers as it makes you feel safe and secure. The GPS network in this app is accurate and reliable - so you can hike long miles. You can share your location with your family and friends, so no matter where you are - Guthook Guides internal GPS will present your location to your loved ones - who might see your place at the moment and follow along with you.
It has both free and paid versions. In the paid versions, you have to $8.99 per item and can be downloaded from iOS and Android. The best part is that it has detailed maps so that you can cover thousands of miles of trail routes. It does not have to be mountains but also counts crest, water sources, road crossings, and others as a part of hiking. Users can design custom routes with the app’s tool. You can share photos, videos with the other hikers and even can comment on their posts.

5) Hiking Project

One of the mobile apps which are pretty similar to AllTrails is Hiking Project. It is an excellent source of inspiration because of its crowd-sourced hiking app. It gives you the power to choose your hike, the regions you want to hike, details about the hike, and much more. The features of this mobile app are remarkable and are available in Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. They have a ranking list where hikers have ranked their favorite trail and experience.
It is free to use and can be obtained easily. It has a descriptive source to know the details of plants, wildlife, and many more where you are hiking.

Final Words

The mobile apps by app developers are pretty helpful and easily manageable for hiking. Most of it all, if you want to skip AllTrails, and want to try something new then these mobile apps are perfect for you. Get your hiking experience even more delightful with these wonderful mobile apps.
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