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How To Build An AI-Enabled Fitness App Like GOQii?


Jul 2021
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how to build an ai-enabled fitness app like goqii
Mobile apps have made it convenient to perform any task from home, whether it is conducting meetings, education, grocery or food delivery, streaming the latest movies, or maintaining health and fitness. And fitness is a common ingredient for every creature on the Earth, and humans are no exception.
In the middle of Covid-19, everything has been put on pause, but you can’t put a break on your health and well-being, right? Especially when dealing with health issues such as diabetes, heart conditions, etc., it becomes more crucial than ever to maintain a healthy body and mind. This is where AI-enabled fitness apps enter the frame. These fitness apps are vital these days, and the health tech industry is witnessing a substantial rise in the use of these apps.
It should be noted that the figures are high when it comes to mobile apps in this domain. Nearly 50,000 fitness apps exist in the market today, or more but not less. And as these numbers keep rising, you should be aware that not all features are delivered to the app users. And if you are in the line of developing one such app, you must be aware of it.
The fitness sector has been at the top of the market in terms of profit in the past years. According to some sources, the figures show that the revenue generated from fitness apps will rise to over USD 50 billion by 2022.
Fitness apps make the most of the latest technologies and serve users with different needs. If you plan to enter the health & fitness industry, you should know the existing industry trends. You can still make a successful app in this fiercely competitive market by having a unique idea and following the AI-enabled fitness app development process rulebook.
GOQii is leading among other fitness apps by offering exactly what the users demand. This article will describe many features and development processes to help you build your AI-enabled fitness app like GOQii.

Topic Covered

- Introduction to GOQii Fitness & Well-being App
- How does the GOQii App Work?
- Why Should You Build an AI-enabled Fitness App?
- AI-based Fitness App Development Process
- Popular AI-based Fitness Apps You Should Know
- The Bottom Line

Introduction To GOQii Fitness & Well-being App

GOQii is one of the leading fitness apps introduced in 2013 that uses a new Contact Tracing system. It is headquartered in California, USA. Using this app, the users can track other users within the proximity. This is super handy in the present pandemic situation.
GOQii has built an intricate but successful solution that includes a team of expert trainers, eligible doctors, fitness bands, and licensed healthcare professionals. This mobile app partners with multiple famous diagnostic centers and labs; thus, users can get check-ups done in their home’s comfort. This app offers a fitness band that helps users see and assess their health reports.
The app provides a futuristic security system as it is essential to have health records safe and secured on cloud-enabled health lockers.
GOQii has attained a user rating of 4.4 on all channels and over one million installs. This app makes the most use of AI tech to provide users with the top fitness app.

How Does The GOQii App Work?

When the user registers or logs in to the GOQii app, they are asked several general questions like name, height, weight, age, etc., but particular sections are meant for the app to understand the users’ goals.
Once the user subscribes to GOQii, they are asked to enter their fitness goals and medical info. And based on that, the app suggests 5 trainers and asks users to pick one. After choosing the trainer, the user and the instructor will talk for about 30-min over a call. During this call, the trainer will learn the user’s expectations, current fitness regime and recommend changes in fitness or diet if needed.
The app users don’t have to stress about their medical info being exposed to the trainers. The instructors can only receive info like the users’ age, gender, weight, height, and goals. Different individuals will be allocated different trainers as their requirements differ as per their body types.
The app users can link the fitness band to the app to supervise and store their health info on the app. App users can either buy the band in the app or buy any fitness band and link it with the GOQii app. The app acts as a fitness coach and a health monitor. The app users can get consultations on their fitness goals, health, and diet plans.

Why Should You Build An AI-enabled Fitness App?

Today, the fitness sector is entirely connected to fitness, health, AI, and ML. According to several reports, AI tends to automate everything better. AI can empower the app and enhance the engagement levels in the fitness apps, eventually boosting revenue generation.
Several things are possible with the blend of AI and ML, especially when it is immersed in the fitness apps; you can totally pull yourself together like you are in an actual gym with an instructor. The latest AI tech can help you forecast the workouts your user needs and can execute based on the specific user profile. AI development can help you design various exercises while assessing and learning their performance and outcomes.
Artificial intelligence can record and assess users’ blood pressure and heart rate from their wearables and recommend the best practices that suit their bodies. Besides, ML can help your app learn the users’ habits, workout duration, and health conditions and forecast the future based on the information to receive the desired results.
Not just users but trainers can also benefit from the blend of AI and ML. Trainers will receive the desired datasets to create a personalized diet program or a workout plan for their users. ML can robotize multiple time-consuming activities and eliminate human mistakes, which is a critical factor in the health sector. AI-based fitness app development can tailor numerous processes that make it user-friendly and affordable for your users.
AI-enabled fitness and well-being apps are more effective than other ordinary apps as these techs help you grow revenue and marketing, improve decision-making, etc.

Must-have Features To Be Incorporated In The AI-enabled Fitness App

must-have features to be incorporated in the ai-enabled fitness app

While creating an incredible fitness app like GOQii, some features must be implemented in your app. As these fitness apps are created for the users’ basic tracking and supervising activities, these features become essential for your app development process. The general app functionality will rely on these features, so ensure that your app incorporates them.

1. Sign Up Or Log In

This is the initial step for the users before they use your app, so make it as smooth as possible. This acts as your app’s record of the specific user, and the user can use the services provided by your app. Make sure your users don’t waste much time providing you unnecessary information. You can create a custom page to get the required information of your users or allow them to register with different social networking sites such as Facebook or Gmail.

2. User Profile

Once signed up, your users should be able to make unique profiles on your app. You can create this part as per your app’s functionality. The users can provide important info that’s concise and simple. People love the option of public or private when it comes to privacy settings, so make sure to include that as well.

3. Fitness Band Connection

IoT and API work parallely in the fitness app category. Your app will collect important data from the users’ band with this feature. Your app should link with the users’ wearable to supervise their steps, calories, etc., without any hindrance. If you introduce your app on various platforms such as iOS, Windows, or Android, it must connect with many wearables.

4. Performance Report

A perfect AI-enabled fitness app will be synced with a fitness band to help your app gather data related to users’ health & performance like steps count, heartbeat, calories burned, etc. AI will calculate these figures to evaluate and produce performance reports. Make sure this data & reports are shown in graphs & charts for the user to understand clearly.

5. Push Notifications

This feature is another prevalent one and should be more general for your AI-enabled fitness app development. Integrating this feature will remind your users about their medication, future sessions, and appointments, etc. Moreover, your app can also remind them to use the app for great results if they have been inactive for a while.

6. Search feature

This is a commonly used feature for any mobile app. App users can find many exercises, coaches, diet programs, health experts, etc., using the search tab. For easy access, you can incorporate this feature with an auto-fill of recommendations and words. Finding any program or item makes your app quick to use, as users don’t like wasting their time searching for something manually.

7. Reward System

To encourage the users for their fitness goals, you can leverage this feature to reward them with some points to accomplish a goal. The users can use these points to buy multiple subscriptions or add-ons within your app. Reward points will increase your user engagement and loyalty. Whereas it can even act as a marketing tool to entice new users.

8. Video Training

Coaching on video is much better than through modules. Video training features must be on your app to enable users to receive personal training or consultation with any doctor or instructor. These features help users increase their morale by learning the right way of working out. In addition, personal training will encourage users to accomplish their fitness goals.

AI-based Fitness App Development Process

Developing an AI-enabled fitness app is considered an intricate task. Understanding all the features, tech stacks, team requirements, etc., helps ease the app development process. Now you know all the essential features to be included, you can research this specific market. This study will show many critical points such as monetization models, techniques, competitor analysis, etc. The main thing is allowing capital for this app project. It would be great if you decided on an amount to spend on building this app project.

Tech Stack To Consider For You AI-based Fitness App

Several APIs and tools are available to help you build amazing apps, and they have multiple functions that are important in their own ways. It merely depends on your preference to incorporate them or not; however, to build a fantastic app that fulfills user expectations, these tools are essential.
The APIs in the list are Luno API, Health Graph, Google Fitness API, Starve, Jawbone UP, Runscope API, Breezometer air quality, and many more. The list of tools encompasses FoodSpex, BMI calculator, and a few more.
These tools and APIs work in the backdrop, hidden from the users. There are particular hardware needs for the wearables that will link to your app to pull the data needed, like Barometric altimeter, Gyroscopes, Skin response sensors, Ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, and more.
Besides tools, APIs, and hardware, there are a few frameworks and programming languages needed to improve your apps’ features. These languages involve Java, C, HTML5, JavaScript, to name a few. A cloud computing platform such as IBM SoftLayer is necessary to render cloud hosting. Spring Framework and Android SDK are two robust frameworks preferred in the fitness app development process.
You can use Relic for monitoring performance and Github for code collaboration. Moreover, you can use JIRA to track any problem, and you can use Confluence for project management. Finally, you can use HipChat as you will need a help desk and a chat desk.

Monetization Models For Your AI-based Fitness App

The main aim behind putting all the effort into building an app is money, of course. Your AI-enabled fitness app can gain revenues based on your approach. There are three most common models used by multiple fitness app companies, such as freemium, in-app ads, and subscriptions.
Freemium model - This is the most famous of all the models. Here, you can allow users to use some features for free and charge a fee for other pro features or any add-ons. This will help you collect users and attract them with your app’s features. Freemium is the best monetization strategy so far, as per experts.
In-app Advertisement model - This one does not charge the app users. Here, your app will show ads of several companies on your app and levy a fee to them. This technique is less famous than the others as several ads bug the users resulting in awful user reviews.
Subscription-based model - You can use this model if your app has all the advanced features that they will most likely pay for. You can make multiple subscription plans to let them access specific features in each group. This model has been super successful and has helped mobile apps in producing more revenue.

Team Structure To Build An AI-enabled Fitness App

AI-enabled fitness app development processes will need a structured team with varied expertise. You can recruit an individual developer or engineer to build your app or outsource an AI-based app development company that can perform the task with desired outcomes. Before choosing the team, ensure you check their background and experience in the field. These experts should be pro in the AI and IoT domain.
A perfect team structure for AI-based app development will look like this;
- App developers
- The back-end and front-end developers
- Project manager
- UX/UI designers
- QA engineers
- Maintenance expert

popular ai-based fitness apps you should know


Aaptiv is a voice-based app offering limitless access to tons of exercise by the best coaches. It includes 30 new sessions every week across 12 famous sections, including outdoor yoga, running, strength training, and a lot more. The app made a major shift last year with its new feature called Aaptiv Coach. This AI-enabled assistant created tailored plans as per users’ targets. It considers their existing fitness levels and eating patterns to build a user profile based on which suggestions are shared, including weight loss plan, flexibility, and more.


This one is considered very famous in the athlete community. This app renders all-inclusive performance tracking and saves valuable information around your activity. Recently, Strava also got into AI athlete personalization with its membership service. This app leverages AI and ML to improve personalization and develop a rich athlete experience.


FitnessAI uses AI to create customized weight lifting programs for users. The app has tools that adjust weights and reps for each workout each time. The app tells users how much rest time should be and suggests setting the difficulty level for the following times.


This is an India-based top health and fitness app. This app’s AI-based virtual assistant Ria answers users’ queries about fitness and diet in several languages. The chatbot makes diet plans after taking into account users’ information and health factors. Moreover, this app is compatible with many other fitness bands, and HealthifyMe uses data collected from these devices to create an algorithm for easy accessibility.

The Bottom Line

Tech advancement has evolved the fitness industry extensively. You can monitor your well-being using the app with AI and ML. Despite severe competition in this field, there is a lot to explore for a new advanced AI-enabled fitness app. Your app can be super hit with the right sets of integrations and features in this category.
At Hyperlink InfoSystem - one of the top AI app development companies in the world, we can help you develop a wonderful AI-based fitness app with our qualified developers and engineers. Our expert team knows everything about AI and ML integrations and can help create an outstanding app to deliver a seamless user experience. Several high-rated fitness apps are out there with great performance and ratings developed by our experts; get in touch with us to give us an opportunity to do the same for you!
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