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Top 5 JavaScript Frameworks For Web And App Development

Web Development

Sep 2022
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top 5 javascript frameworks for web and app development
All the people out there who are somehow connected with the world of tech innovation are surely familiar with javascript. And if you are just starting your journey you might be wondering is JavaScript really that famous? Does it justify all the hype?
Rather than giving my words against yours, I would like to share some stats. What do you think how many websites are there in the world? Right at this moment( While writing this blog) it's almost 1,981,461,555. This number increases every single second. You can check the current count here. Do you know how many of them are built using javascript? 98.0%. This is the fact stated by W3 stats. Now you can do the math that total how many websites are using JavaScript right now.
These were just the stats of the website. What about web developers? Well, According to the Stackoverflow survey, almost 66% of developers reported they choose JavaScript as their programming language. And that's not all, this is the 10th year in a row that web developers have chosen JavaScript as the most commonly used programming language.
JavaScript is nothing but a collection of JavaScript code libraries and pre-written codes that makes the development process easy and quick. Along with offering all the needed support to headstart their development journey by providing, JavaScript development offers tons of frameworks that make the web and app development process flawless.

5 Top JavaScript Frameworks

1) React JS

One of the most popular frameworks is React JS. It was introduced by Facebook or we can now say Meta. It is one of the frameworks that developers love as ReactJS makes it easy for the developers to create feature-rich and smooth web apps.
Before you get confused let me specify one thing React is a library and React JS is a framework which includes the complete ecosystem of the libraries.
We can write a whole other blog If we start listing all the amazing features of React JS. So, we will make it short for this one. Web development companies can make interactive and dynamic web app solutions with easy-to-read and debug coding structures using React JS.
React JS allows the developers to break the complex UI into more understandable and reusable components that minimize the website redevelopment efforts. The web developers can use each module for both server and client sides reducing the development time.
Along with that, React JS offers secured data flow, efficient memory data structures and various other features that minimize the development time and offers amazing results. Well-known brands such as Grammarly, Outlook, Codecademy, Netflix, Paypal and many more uses React JS.

2) Vue JS

Vue JS is another popular framework that gives tough competition to React JS. Even though both of them are versatile and open-source frameworks, various developers out there still prefer Vue JS as it is easily accessible for both programmers and non-programmers. Most of the front developers prefer Vue JS as it is much easier to learn and more adaptable than HTML.
Vue JS offers a set of tools to make the PWA development nullifying the development efforts for programmatic navigation, page structure, custom layouts and various other front-end development efforts.
When it comes to practical usage Trustpilot, Alibaba, BMW, Behance, Gitlab, Adobe Portfolio and various other web solutions are built using Vue JS.

3) Meteor JS

Unlike the other Meteor JS is built using Node. JS that supports web and app development for android, iOS and even cross-platform. Meteor JS is widely famous for its real-time features that support the web apps offering various services such as live video streams, news feeds, score updates and much more.
Along with that, Meteor JS has minimised the efforts developers used to put in for front-end, back end and database creation allowing them to create all of them using one language. Meteor JS offers easy-to-use user templates that update data in the database automatically.
Some of the web app solutions like Streem, Bitcasino and many more are built using Meteor JS.

4) Angular JS

If you want to hire web developers for single-page application development make sure they have prior experience working with Angular JS. Angular JS is the perfect choice when it comes to single-page app development as it puts the code quality standards as the core concern.
As almost every other developer can work well with HTML, JavaScript and CSS, it makes it easier for them to work with Angular JS. Along with that, it offers a set of UI components that make it easier for web designers to develop filters, form controls and various other elements with less effort.
Just like every other framework, Angular JS has its own set of pros and cons even though various companies like Udemy, Snapchat, Amazon, Gmail, Forbes and many more use Angular JS.

5) Svelte

Another open source framework Svelte is one of the lightweight frameworks that help web developers to create quick and scalable websites.
Svelte is another framework that helps with real-time applications as it uses less code and makes it more efficient which works well on various devices.
A component framework Svelte is a compiler first, and a UI framework later. Svelte is lightweight and robust and also helps to reduce the data bundle size making the website load and run more quickly. Along with that, Svelte saves the efforts of including the glue codes or any reactive code that makes the web and app development process more effective and accurate.


Even though the blog ends here, the list of JavaScript frameworks does not. There are various other Java Script frameworks exist that make the development process easy and quick. Do let us know which one is your go-to framework.
If you are not sure which one can be the perfect framework for your project development requirements, you can reach out to our web developers and they will help you with the further process.
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