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Top Mobile App Ideas For Sports Industry

App Development

Jun 2022
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top mobile app ideas for sports industry
The sports industry has been growing more and more every year. It has grown into a billion-dollar industry. People all across the globe are taking more and more interest in various sports and sportspersons. If you ever browse through the google play store or the Apple app store, you will find millions of sports apps ruling the world here it could be sports coaching apps or ticket booking mobile apps.
According to the stats, the total revenue in the sports segment is projected to reach US$3.96bn in 2022, which is expected to cross US$5.22bn in the year 2026. If we talk about the sports app downloads, in the year 2021, the total sports apps download count was 1730.9 million, which is projected to reach 2033.9 million in the year 2022. Even if it sounds like tough competition, sports apps integrated with a trending app idea are going to rise throughout the years. Here is the list of top sports app ideas that are ruling the world.

What Are The Top Sports Mobile App Ideas?

1) Fantasy Sports Mobile Apps

The first and foremost mobile app ideas that are trending and ruling around the globe. The fantasy mobile app allows gamers to form the virtual teams of their favourite sports and relive the actual gaming experience. It allows the users to register themselves on the mobile application and create their own teams, play the games with opponents, and keep track of the score of the games as well. You can take your sports app development a step forward allowing them to buy and sell the players, teams, or even gaming equipment integrating cryptocurrency or NFTs to your mobile app.

2) Live Streaming & Live Score Apps

We have always been busy doing this and that throughout our lives. So sometimes we don't get time to watch the live sports matches or we don't really want to watch the match but like to stay updated with the score. At that time, people around the globe needed a sports app development solution that could showcase the live streaming of the match or just a live score just to let us know how well Manchester United is doing in Liverpool or how much Joe Root has scored and so on. You can develop the live game streaming mobile app or live score mobile app with outstanding UI/UX that can allow users to keep track of ongoing matches even with a low internet connection. You can even allow them to view the highlights of the match if they have missed the match. You can choose subscription plans as your revenue generation model that users must purchase to watch the live streaming of the matches.

3) Sports Betting App Development

People love enjoying sports, but what takes it to another level is sports betting. Don't you think so, it would be amazing if users would have amazing sports betting app that lets them bet on their favourite sports team or player and provides detailed analytics about their chances of winning or how much they should bet. You can equip your mobile application with big data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that can enhance the user experience with customisation.

4) Sports League Management App

If you have ever been on any management team, you might have an idea about how crucial it is to manage the team. Now imagine how hard it will be to manage the whole team of athletes, their training sessions, their matches, their fitness routine and everything else that can affect their performance. And a mobile application can sort everything out with the fingertips. A mobile application can allow the athletes, coaches, their managers or an authoritative person to manage the profiles and keep track of every single detail about the athletes. The data analytics tools can help the managers to track the athletes' performance. Only authoritative personnel can install and access the sports team management mobile application. It can even inform the athletes about the next scheduled matches and even practice sessions. It can work as an amazing communication tool among the teams.

5) AR/VR & IoT Sports App

Even with quite a bit more innovation, it was a bit crucial to track the fitness of athletes accurately. IoT devices have made it easier for sports team members to track their fitness in real-time. A mobile application integrated with various IoT devices can help your users to turn the information generated through IoT devices into useful data that can help them plan their fitness routine differently.
AR/VR integrated mobile apps are really famous among the millennials and Gen Z as it gives them real-life simulation experience. Your AR/VR integrated mobile application can stream the live matches, which allows users to simulate the real experience as they are watching the match live from the stadium.

6) Sports Event Booking App

Being one of the active participating countries, so many matches are happening around the world. Users have to browse through various mobile apps, websites and social media platforms, whenever they want to attend specific sports events. You can reach out to the mobile app development company that can help you build a sports event booking app that provides each and every detail about the sports events happening around them based on their location. The mobile app should allow organisers to fill in every single detail about the event, such as time, place, organisers, price and so on. Users should be able to register themselves for the event, whether it could be a fan meet, Instagram Live, live match or just a vibing session with the athletes.


If you want, there are so many ways you can be involved with the sports industry through the mobile application. So, it's your time to turn your obsession with sports into a revenue generation model. You can reach out to the app developers Hyperlink InfoSystem with your unique mobile app idea and get the perfect idea about how much it costs to develop a sports app. We will help you to own the feature-rich sports mobile application that can help you earn a bit more with your sports obsession.
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