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5 Best App Ideas That Actually Bring You Money In 2022


Dec 2021
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best app ideas to bring money
In one of our previous articles, we discussed how to build an app in 2022. It was expensive and relaxed and we got a nobel prize for how awesome it was.
Okay the last part was a lie but we did get huge traction from that article, feel  free to check it out here.
Some of the questions that we got from that were:
"How can I market my app post-production?"
"Are there any guidelines that I am missing?"
"How much does it cost to build an app?"
But by far the most common question that we have got is:
"What are some good ideas for apps by dedicated app developers that make money?"
We get it, folks. Today it feels like there are a lot of apps for everyone. The market can feel like it's saturated.
When you do a thorough market analysis and work on finding the perfect niche and the right client, the idea of too much competition vanishes.
You will blow away all the competition, just like Thanos did with a snap.
But this isn't the article for your app's market research.

5 Best App Ideas That Can Help You Make Money

1) Meal Prep and Food Planning Apps

Admit it. Planning an entire meal can be challenging, imagine how difficult it is to prepare for the entire week!
And you know what? Everyone goes through these problems. Post-Covid, everyone is back on their hectic life. People want to eat healthily, be healthy, and feel like they have some semblance of control over their lives.
This is where your app comes in. Food prep is just one way for humans to feel that they control their lives. Bring them that security through your app.
Focus on giving them quality meal preps with the proper guidance. This is one of the sure-shot ways to get great feedback with a positive compound effect.
More positive feedback means more people would like to get your app and the cycle repeats itself.
How can you make money with this app?
- Ad revenue.
- Premium memberships for long term preps.
- Premium memberships for exquisite regional dishes.

2) Work-out Apps

This is a goldmine. Especially during the mid-2020's workout apps just blew through the roofs. Even post-Covid apps are now slowing down, which shows that they are here to stay.
And 2022 isn't off the hook yet. Omicron is now showing its face, and if a repeat of 2020 happens, more and more people will look on to apps for fulfillment.
This means workout apps might end up as a treasure trove for you.
How Can You Make Money From This App?
- Ad Revenue.
- Premium membership allows for different styles of workout that include Calisthenics, free-weights, tube resistance bands, strap resistance bands, yoga, and all its other types.
- Sponsorship from gym brands and franchises to add them in your references.
The last part requires you to build a strong brand for your app. Don't worry, that is also a topic that we will discuss later.
But the main focus of this article is to give you a glimpse of some ideas that can help you make money from the app.

3) Photo-editing Apps

Another perennial favorite of the masses. Photo editing apps in a way provide everything that the current generation wants.
- A way out from the boredom of normal life.
- The power to make oneself look a lot better than they are.
- A way to make oneself look any way they want, whether for social proof or anything else.
Damn, the more we talk about it, the more we realize what's at play here.
In any case, these are a few apps that can help you make money.
How Can You Make Money From This App?
- Premium memberships allow for different editing styles.
- Premium memberships allow for 2-D, 3-D, cartoon, and anime photo making.
- Premium membership automatically blocks all the ads.
- Without premium membership ad revenue is an excellent source of income.

4) Dating Apps

Everyone knows about Tinder. Bumble is famous. But here's the thing. They are generalist apps.
Everyone can apply for them. And as we discussed before, you want to double down on your target demographic and focus on solving their problems.
This means you have to focus on your audience and make an app for them.
They can range from vegans looking for vegans in a particular city or an app for people who are just from a specific state. The opportunities are endless.
How Can You Make Money From This App?
- Premium accounts are allowed to see who saw their profile, who messaged them first. They can get more connections in the day compared to free accounts.
We have avoided ad revenue on dating apps because people hate looking at someone attractive and an ad pops out.
This might give you a slight boost initially, but bad reviews will affect you in the long run.

5) Consulting Apps

We saved the best one for the last. These apps can give you a lot of money if you play them correctly.
Consultancy doesn't have to be specific and can range from cosmetics to astrology.
But it is always better to double down on your niche. You can focus on providing consultancy to those:
- Who connect MBTI modalities and astrology
- Meditation and well being
- Hardcore science such as medicine (Certified)
- Education and teaching
How Can You Make Money From This App?
- Time slot-based earning. The longer a client wants to consult, the more money they provide for the value they get. And your app takes a cut from that.


As we have said time and again. Opportunities abound everywhere. The main question is, can you see it?
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

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