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Top Mobile Apps That Get You Cashback In 2020

App Development

Jul 2020
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top mobile apps that get you cashback in 2020
Today, most of us spend hours on our smartphones. A recent study states that the average young person is using the mobile for 5 hours a day. And as much as crazy that sounds, smartphones have been beneficial, also have replaced laptops in doing so many things, thus increasing the usage.
As much as harm it does by wasting our productivity, it can also offer us an end number of opportunities if used in the right direction. Also, you will be pleased to know that you can install apps that can earn you some money. It might seem like a dream come true. But yes, such apps do exist, and they are no scam. App development companies have made it possible to earn easy money these days.
Let me help you guide through some best money making apps in 2020.
1. TopCashback
This app pays the most compared to any other apps out there; hence it’s been placed on top position. For the most part, Cashback applications get a fixed cut from retailers to generate traffic to their websites. To make it effective, such apps provide a rate to their clients as additional money. This is precisely what this cash making app does.
What is best about TopCashback app? It is that this app renders 100% commission it earns back to the users. This allows users to make excellent cash rewards that give them deals like 40% on specific selections.
TopCashback has a massive user base, and it’s affiliated with well-known manifold retailers, grocery stores, and even travel packages. This is one of the top Android apps to make some cash and has some exciting offers too.
Extra features:
Free to join.
Promises 100% cashback.
Earned 8 million users across the globe.
2. Ibotta
Ibotta is one of the most preferred and the best apps for earning cashback. It’s the best money making app that provides distinctive splendid approaches to create fantastic cashback. Right from examining your purchase receipts, purchasing qualifying stuff from your preferred retailers loyalty cards to buying in-app stuff, this app has several ways to save additional cash.
This app stores your money into your Ibotta account in 48 hours soon after approving the action. You can then make transfers to your PayPal account or even alter it to gift cards. You can transfer the money or turn it into the gift cards as soon as you reach $20 as a reward.
Other features:
You can find money-saving deals.
You can redeem the offer option.
Inspires you to make purchases from your preferred retailers, restaurants, and bars.
3. Rakuten
This app is one of the few that doesn’t operate on a points basis, and makes payments directly to the users. With tremendous refunds of up to 40%, it’s quite simple to see why it has a high client rating.
This app has a vast network of retailers in its channel beyond 2500, including some big brands like Macy’s, Walmart, and Kohl’s. This app allows you to find the particular links that will render you special offers. If your purchase is eligible for the offer, you will receive the cashback.
This app has become well-known due to its enormous retail channel and offers a big payout. Also, if you sign up today, you will receive $10 as a bonus. This app also provides referral bonuses; if you refer it to your friends and family and sign up.
4. Shopkick
Another best reward app, Shopkick, also enables consumers to shop and earn through offered rewards for purchasing stuff in-store or online. With this app, you gain kicks for eligible actions, that allow you to make e-purchases, look over specific retailers, visit specific online merchants, and more.
These kicks or actions are then sent to you on your mobile directly by the retailer. Each eligible action is refundable for a certain number of kicks, and some gets valued more than others.
Shopkick is making its way to beat other money-making apps. It’s trustworthy and allows users to connect their favorite store cards and earn income by shopping in-store with your loyalty account. Brands like Sony, Starbucks, and even others are included in their vast network.
Other Factors:
This app receives excellent user reviews for its points to redeem facilities. 
High-quality customer services.
Elevates the shopping experience with thrilling money-making offers.
5. Dosh
Dosh is another big and one of the most excellent apps to make money. This app functions quickly and gives you an ample amount of cashback every time you shop using your credit card from any of the participating stores.
All you need to do is link your credit card to the app, and when you shop at certain retail stores, you can receive up to 10% cashback directly to your connected account.  
This app includes many popular retail outlets, namely, Walmart, Nike, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, and hundreds of other retailers. This app also renders sign up and referral bonuses to enable consumers to save additional money.
Also, if you wish to donate the money instead of earn, Dosh allows you to give your payment to the charity you prefer. This app is an exceptional means not just to earn cash but render donations.
Extra information:
Well-known for its enhanced security feature.
Renders option to donate money for a better purpose. 
Two-factor account authentication.
Money making apps have changed the consumer buying behavior. It has transformed the ways people shop, dine, invest, and much more. These apps are free and help you earn cashback and rewards only by shopping your favorite items from the stores you prefer.
The apps are quite simple to use, and it is a must experience, especially if you are a saver. These apps are genuine and can certainly help you earn money. It is like having an extra stream of income. You can view the ratings and the reviews by other users before installing the app.
Mobile app development agency has transformed the way we entertain ourselves, maintain social relations, watch the news, and gain knowledge. Still, they have made a significant difference in the ways we can save some cash.
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