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Top Vue Development Tools in 2024

Web Development

Jan 2024
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top vue development tools
As of the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022, Vue.js ranks as the sixth most popular tech stack, capturing 18.82% of the votes. This rising popularity is attributed to Vue.js's simplicity, flexibility, and efficient performance in building modern, dynamic web applications. As developers continue to embrace Vue.js, dependable web app development frameworks become increasingly important for streamlining the development process.
With 2024 approaching, the Vue.js ecosystem has undergone considerable advancements, resulting in a slew of new and enhanced developer tools. Navigating the plethora of possibilities can be difficult, requiring developers to consider the best options for their projects. In this post, we will look at the greatest Vue developer tools that appeared in 2024, offering vital insights for developers looking to improve their Vue.js web app development experience.

Best Vue Dev Tools for 2024

1) VuePress

VuePress is one of the excellent web app development tools, especially if you're into top front-end frameworks. It acts like a wizard for creating static sites using Vue.js. Originally designed for technical docs, VuePress has evolved into a mini content management system (CMS). It lets you embed Vue directly into Markdown files, allowing you to spice up your content with interactive elements. You can customize themes easily, play with service workers, integrate Google Analytics, and support multiple languages.
The default theme offers a mobile-friendly layout with tweakable menus, a sidebar, optional homepage, and GitHub links. Though relatively new, VuePress is rapidly growing, continuously adding features to simplify developers' lives. If you're exploring web app development tools and top front-end frameworks, VuePress is definitely worth considering!

2) Axios

In Vue js development, Axios emerged as a key tool for managing Ajax requests after the separation from 'vue-resource.' This shift boosted Axios's popularity, becoming a favorite within the Vue.js community. Despite not being part of the official Vue repository, Axios is considered among the best Vue developer tools, offering features similar to its predecessor. It seamlessly integrates with Vue.js, supporting cancellation and providing TypeScript definitions for robust asynchronous operations.
For Vue js development or those looking to hire Vue.js developers, Axios has become a go-to choice, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness in handling asynchronous tasks. Keep in mind that Axios requires native promise support from your server, and if lacking, a polyfill must be provided.

3) Vuex

Vuex, designed to address the state management challenges commonly encountered by developers, serves as a vital state management pattern and library for Vue.js applications within the JavaScript frameworks landscape. Its primary objective is to function as a centralized data store, offering a comprehensive solution for various aspects of front-end applications.
Comprising four well-coordinated objects - state, getters, mutations, and actions - Vuex empowers developers to create fully functional front-end applications seamlessly. Within the realm of JavaScript frameworks, Vuex stands out as an essential tool, providing an organized and efficient approach to managing state in Vue.js applications.

4) NativeScript

NativeScript, an open-source framework within the realm of web development frameworks and JavaScript frameworks, enables the creation of native mobile applications. Utilizing CSS and JS for rendering user interfaces, NativeScript aims to deliver a native-like experience for developers. This framework provides direct access to native APIs from JavaScript, eliminating the need to delve into tech stacks such as Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android.
In the domain of web development frameworks and JavaScript frameworks, NativeScript stands out by offering iOS and Android runtimes, facilitating exceptional mobile development. Its versatility encompasses various use cases, making it a valuable choice for your next project in the dynamic landscape of JavaScript frameworks and web development.

5) Vuetify

Vuetify shines as an exceptional Vue tool, boasting a user-friendly Vue library. Launched in 2014, its popularity has soared, making it a top choice for Vue js development. Vuetify is adored for its UI components, enabling developers to effortlessly create modules for applications, be it mobile apps, single-page apps, or progressive web apps.
For companies looking to hire Vue.js developers, Vuetify proves indispensable, facilitating the development of new applications and seamlessly integrating components into existing ones. With both free and premium versions available, including advanced themes, Vuetify caters to the diverse needs of Vue js development and streamlines the hiring process for companies seeking skilled Vue.js developers.

6) Vee Validate

Taking inspiration from the validation system of the PHP framework Laravel, Vee Validate keeps a vigilant eye on input and effectively displays errors. This template-based library boasts zero dependencies and garners support from over 40 locales.
For a Vue js development company, integrating Vee Validate is considered one of the best practices. Whether you are developing a new web application or enhancing an existing one, incorporating Vue Validation with Vee Validate ensures robust input validation and error handling, aligning with the high standards of vue js development company.

7) Gridsome

Gridsome, acclaimed as the modern site generator for Vue.js, stands out as a formidable tool within the realm of top front-end frameworks. Tailored for Vue js development, Gridsome empowers developers to craft fast and responsive static apps and websites. Its inherent speed and adeptness in handling complex developments contribute to its standing as a top choice.
Distinguished for generating progressive web apps, Gridsome facilitates easy and secure deployment, allowing developers to deploy entire sites on CDNs. Notably, Gridsome's robust performance can handle millions of hits without a hitch. Embracing static site generation, APIs, and JavaScript, Gridsome excels in constructing Jamstack websites, ensuring responsiveness on both ends. In the context of the ongoing debate between Angular vs React in the domain of top front-end frameworks, Gridsome remains a notable contender for Vue.js developers.


As we anticipate the evolving landscape of Vue.js development in 2024, exploring the best Vue developer tools becomes crucial for developers seeking efficiency and innovation. The tools mentioned showcase the advancements and possibilities within the Vue.js ecosystem. Hiring Vue.js developers who are skilled at utilizing these technologies to produce cutting-edge web applications is crucial for companies trying to stay ahead of the curve and take full advantage of Vue.js' capabilities. The full potential of these technologies may be unlocked by competent Vue.js developers, guaranteeing a smooth and successful development experience in the upcoming year.
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