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Transforming Ideas Into Reality With Android Apps Development Services

App Development

Dec 2018
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transforming ideas into reality with android apps
Android is no doubt the dominant mobile OS on the market today. Currently, it runs on an innumerable number of smartphone models and has over 80 percent of the market share. Aside from smartphones, there are so many other devices that are presently being powered by Android. These include tablets and smartwatches. 
These days, many businesses consider Android app development as a vital channel toward improving brand awareness which is partially due to the astronomical rise in the use of mobile apps. However, it was quite surprising to see that the future of native application development which was almost going bleak is beginning to gain some traction around the globe. To most professionals, it might be as a result of an increasing adoption of emerging technologies. 
In a bid to effectively meet clients’ needs, many top app development companies are continuously looking into adopting various innovative strategies that are not only aimed at transforming ideas into reality with Android app development but also enhance an effective development process. Basically, these development agencies are just interested in improving user experience thereby providing alternatives that can make the development work much easier and also save users from any technical hassles. 
The journey toward developing a reliable operating system for Android hasn’t been really easy. Right from the onset, Android developers have always encountered different challenges while developing apps for Android OS. Some of these problems include boring User Interface (UI), slow emulators, OS fragmentation, and buggy IDEs. 
Transforming the Android Ecosystem
android eco system
When compared to its early days, it is evident that the entire Android ecosystem has undergone better improvements. No doubt, everything is changing and this is actually happening so fast. To this end, many top app development companies are not relenting in any way to be part of this transformation process so as not to lose track of what’s going on. 
The introduction of instant apps is one of the major factors behind these changes. In a bid to meet up with the needs of both users and businesses, instant apps were introduced. Interestingly, the mobile space has not stopped to become more and more successful ever since the instant app development process was established. The launch has not only helped to improve accessibility but has also enhanced engagement, increased session duration, and improve conversion rate for many developers. 
Smart Apps
Today, there are many top app development companies designing and creating apps that do not require users to download them. Basically, modern Android developers focus more on creating modified versions of applications that are capable of loading very quickly like a mobile site. This all began when Android announced that mobile app development teams can start developing and releasing instant apps. 
This launch has gone a long way in revolutionizing the Android development approach and has as well enabled developers to improve on their various strategies. Like the mobile website, top app development companies are showing increasing interest in this transformation which is enabling the phenomenon of Android instant apps to gain more traction across the mobile ecosystem.
Currently, the native app landscape is gradually gaining its place back particularly now that Android app development has been taken to a whole new level. With this launch, users can easily access application features and even get to use them quickly without needing to download it. Here are some ways top app development companies are adopting instant apps to transform ideas into reality with Android. 
Improve app marketability
With the instant app development approach, developers have come to realize that there is a better way to present an app’s potential without having to spend much. Rather than developing a full-fledged Android app, they’d do this by presenting certain features of the app in a prototype form. Through this means, top app development companies can place and share links of their instant apps on multiple platforms beyond Google Play Store. Aside from helping to create better visibility, this has helped to largely improve user’s interest on apps thereby boosting downloads. 
Generate more revenue
generate more revenue
The introduction of instant apps has been largely accepted in the development community particularly for those looking to make money with android app development. When it comes to generating revenue for mobile, this has proven to be a very efficient channel as it helps to drive newer and better monetization strategies. As a matter of fact, many Android app development companies and developers have been able to successfully transform their applications into a kind of revenue-generating machine through this means.
Thanks to sponsorships, in-app purchase, subscription, and advertisements, mobile app development company across the globe are striving to build trust and convince their users to get and use their apps. Before now, it has been quite difficult to achieve this feat with Android but with instant apps appearing on the platform, developers are finding it easy to convince users to use their apps. Through this, users are encouraged to download applications they are only satisfied with. 
Increase user retention
Back then, there was no guarantee as regards ensuring user retention or converting first-time users into loyal customers due to storage issues. Most mobile users don’t feel comfortable using apps for a long time. At one point in time or the other, they remove apps from their device just to free up space which are never re-installed in most cases. However, it is so good to know that this can be greatly resolved with instant apps. 
While functioning as mock-up of Android applications, users can use instant apps to gain firsthand experience of what they are looking for before heading out to download the app. Ultimately, users get to install the app only when they are duly satisfied with it. Obviously, there is no better way to offer users a glimpse of what they stand to get/gain from the app than this.
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