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Uncovering Your App Story : Transforming your Next Big Idea into Exceptional Mobile App

App Development

Aug 2016
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transforming your idea into exceptional mobile app

Are you aware of the fact that mobile apps encounter more than 55% of the total time spent on digital devices? The smartphone revolution has changed the way people live and think. Mobile apps have replaced the earlier desktop and computers where people used to search and get the results. Mobility is the factor that came into existence with the emergence of the mobile application in the lives of the people. Nearly, 85% of the user's digital media time is spent on the mobile apps. There is no wonder why app development company can turn out to be a big business. Almost 45% of the national revenue is generated by the mobile application and its development. It is estimated that shouting hike of 55 and 78 billion is expected to be foreseen in Mobile domain in the upcoming 2016 and 2017 respectively. By the above significance, it is quite clear that smartphone is the domain which is expected to get boomed in the upcoming future years.

Today, you can find an app for each and every aspect. Starting from entertainment, games, beauty salons or any other categories there exist a deep classification for smartphone Users. By this, you can assume what level of competition currently exist in the mobile-driven market. There is only one success mantra to stay long in this domain - “Give immersive and excellent customer experience to gain competitive advantage amongst App Store”. It includes a huge amount of planning, brainstorming, and development of an effective strategy to go with mobile app development.

So here, we bring in front of you some secret recipes to develop a successful mobile application that transforms your next big idea into a cut-throat mobile app that gains high download ratio and income in an app store.

1) Brainstorm Your Idea

One of the biggest mistakes that marketers confine is to make a jump without having a clear idea of what they want. This is especially true in the case of “Mobile First idea”. Marketers tend to follow the latest market trend without knowing the requirement of their app. If this is the approach you are going to follow then it can put you in the real trouble. The best way to start with is fantasized your idea. For what you want to develop an app – to give best customer support, to provide the specific type of service, giving entertainment option to your customers? By considering this factors it will help you to generate your app idea.

Another approach you can consider is identifying the issues and problems faced by the people on daily basis and make a checklist for the same and then try to determine whether you can define a product/service for the same that can give you the best app idea which is innovative as well as can lead to solution to people.

2) Test Your Idea

Before you move ahead to application design and development stage it is quite essential to identify whether any genuine demand or requirement do exist for your app or not. To get the idea about the demand simply put your application idea to test to get the idea how many people are actually interested or influenced by your app idea. One of the best ways is to make use of Google Keyword Planner that let you know what users are fond of via the keywords they search. In this way, you may come to know how many people are interested in your app.

3) Pen Down Features & Modules

Once you are clear with the app idea the next step to proceed with is identifying what features and modules need to be incorporated into the app. Features are something that adds charm to your app. Your app features will decide what services you are going to leverage to your end users. But, before deciding any features just check out your app idea with the similar apps in the market. Mark the common features between both the apps and make a checklist of what's new you are offering to the end users.

4) Finding Appropriate App Development : Essential Step For Successful App Development

Once you have the clear vision of App idea in your mind, then the next step is to find such mobile app development companies uk that shares the same vision like yours to develop an app in a way that bangs the hits of success in App-Store. While selecting the app development company for app development to make sure that they have enough level of proficiency and expertise that knows what it takes to make an app a successful. If you wanna develop for any of the most popular platforms like Android or iOS then, list out the developers that have high aptitude level and if possible check their portfolio and test one or two of their apps in order to get an idea of their working proficiency.

5) Striking User Interface

Along with app features, design is something that you cannot forget. Your application may seem to be quite alluring, but what about user experience? Is it user-friendly? The Key technique is to develop striking and mind blowing design that amazes user followed by ease in navigation and user-friendly UI. Right from scroll to tap each and every component should be placed appropriately so as to deliver an amazing user experience. Another important aspect to be considered is loading and a lightweight aspect that an app should possess so as to give maximum performance.

6) Test Your App

Testing is something that juices out your application performance on the larger scale. Testing helps you out to advance your app performance by finding the bugs and errors if any. As testing is a continuous process, it is carried out at regular intervals during development stages. But, post development testing is more important as it checks out the app performance, - How fast it works and whether it gives you crash report or is bug-free. One should try each and every testing as far as possible to ensure better results.

7) App Store Optimization

Whether you believe it or not, Applications race in the app-store is set on fire. There are hundreds and thousands of app having a similar concept like you. Getting your app visible in app store requires a lot of efforts to be undertaken. App store optimization is to optimize your app in a way that it creates sound visibility amongst user in the app store. Higher your app ranking leads to high download rates and increases in ROI.

8) Social Media Integration

Integrating your application with social media will leave an immense effect on users. One should leverage users with the options to login with their existing social account. Your app should provide the direct link to the various social media networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc. so that it advantages you to share your content on this social sites attracting more users to your app.

9) Update App on Regular Intervals

Bringing more updates to your app will make user enthusiasm live to be in touch with your app. So, update your app, introduce the exiciting feature and keep it bug-free.

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