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Understanding Enterprise App Development Challenges & Solutions In 2021

App Development

Apr 2021
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understanding enterprise app development challenges and solutions in 2021
With the rising demand for mobile apps, business owners are demanding to create enterprise apps too. This is due to their awareness of how mobile apps can make their organization more successful. More businesses turn to build enterprise apps, whether it's to streamline processes, boost employee engagement, or drive efficiency. As per the survey report, 79 percent of US companies have contributed their major success factor to enterprise apps.
So, what are enterprise apps exactly? Enterprise app development refers to easy-to-use software that uses intricate data and follows the latest security standards. The Enterprise app development process allows companies to create customized software to enhance their business. To drive efficiency, boost employee involvement, and streamline their workflows, enterprise app development is the best choice!
66% of companies are expected to improve their investments in enterprise apps in the coming 3 years, and its market is forecasted to reach USD 430 billion in 2021, as per Fliplet reports.
Three Types Of Mobile Enterprise Apps
Company-level Apps
This app makes every department work together, engaging the whole organization in a private network.
Employee-level Apps
These apps keep an eye on the company's overall performance & efficiency. For instance, it's a messaging tool to enhance the communication process between developers & team leaders to get fast updates.
Department-level Apps
These apps can improve the efficiency of specific departments. For instance, advanced HR management apps enhance human resource productivity and resolve employees' issues faster.
Why Should You Invest In Enterprise Apps?
Higher Productivity
Enterprise apps track down the employee's work. You can remind employees to finish their tasks and meet organizers to track their work.
Enterprise app is an ideal tool to ensure your organization's smooth, safe, and effective workflow. This app allows you to see the increased employee efficiency and better customer services, ultimately boosting the ROI.
Effective Communication
Can you imagine sitting at one place to respond to emails? Well, these are days of more mobility and connectivity. Enterprise apps allow employees to respond with their teammates instantly rather than interacting via emails.
More Employee Engagement
more employee engagement
Employees can share pertinent information, make an announcement, and also get real-time feedback without visiting the office, thanks to enterprise apps.
Improved User Experience
User experience is a vital feature for an organization's success. Mobile apps are an excellent way to connect with your customers & employees at any place and time, leading to improved user experience.
5 Challenges And Solutions Of Enterprise Mobile App Development
1. UI Design
Exemplary or poor experiences determine whether your business will turn into a huge failure or success. Make sure your enterprise app has a great UI, mainly when your app functions on a vast scale. For that, you must track the latest user interface design trends. Having a poor UI design becomes confusing for employees to perform up-to-the-mark.
Create default settings & automatic form-filling to make your app user-friendly and quick.
2. Information Security
As a user, the first thing that comes to your mind is a security violation, meaning credit card fraud or identity theft. However, a security violation is more than just identity theft or cc fraud for a corporate setting. An app manages a plethora of sensitive data on an enterprise level, including personal details, account information, and social security numbers. In case your enterprise handles various financial statements, data loss can be a severe threat for your business.
To secure your business from data loss & threats, you need a periodic app vulnerability test. It will check if the app, the server, and back-end service are secure or not. User information privacy protection & user permissions should be prioritized in enterprise app development.
3. App Updates
Enterprise-level organizations invest tons of dollars in creating excellent mobile experiences. But, if their apps don't render smooth communication, they will be lost in the market. Therefore, ensure your apps are in sync and always used by the employees to work smoothly in your organization. After all, communication should not create a hindrance to your performance.
Suppose your workflow depends on your enterprise mobility solution; you must have a proper Enterprise Mobility Management/Mobile App Management in place. You can promptly push app updates to the app user's device without waiting on updation approvals.
4. Managing Big Data
managing big data
Any enterprise consists of massive data that includes data center costs, storage costs, and network costs. Successfully managing this huge data is a challenging task for businesses as it tends to delay the response rate for the user.
Try moving the static data to big data platforms that offer security, maintenance, and storage. Decide whether the big data app will be on-premise/cloud-based.
5. Proper Resources And Expertise
Finding the ideal resource with professionals is one of the biggest challenges you need to face while designing an enterprise app. Several apps massively fail in the market as they lack knowledge; android or iPhone app developers with a confined understanding of the basic app development quality assurance & lifecycle are the actual challenges that enterprises are facing in today's advanced era.
Ensure your app development is experienced enough to provide you the best services. For this, they must understand the significance of UI/UX design, quality assurance, security, and back-end integration.
Estimated Cost To Build An Enterprise App
Well, the cost to develop an enterprise app depends on several factors such as hourly rates, location, app development company's experience, platform, features, and complexity. However, the cost can go as high as USD 500,000 for a pricey app. However, again, this all depends on your app type. You can save a lot of money if you incorporate the features as per your needs and choose the right mobile app development agency to guide you through.
Final Note
Mobile apps are not just a boon for app users but even for business owners. These apps make a pathway for entrepreneurs to earn a handful of money with numerous features involved. What should be your main question? Which mobile app development should you fall for to build your enterprise app? Hyperlink InfoSystem excels in this field, indeed. The company has created tons of apps providing increased security, great flexibility, and high speed. Get in touch with our team today!
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