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Useful App Development Techniques Necessary For Boosting Business Processes

App Development

Oct 2018
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useful app development techniques
The use of mobile applications in the commercial sector has increased very tremendously in recent years due to the uncommon role they play in promoting products and services, boosting customer retention, and improving ROI. For this, many thanks go to mobile app developers, app designers, and app development companies, for their dexterous contributions that have made this a reality. No doubt, the business world wouldn’t have been where it is today if it were not for efforts in mobile app development.
Nevertheless, there is still much work that needs to be done particularly now that the mobile app ecosystem is characterized by a fierce competition. As a result of this, app developers are not relenting in their efforts to ensure that enterprises get more attractive and highly functional apps that are well-capable to meet every of their business needs. 
While focusing majorly on function, mobile app developers are faced with the huge task of developing applications with simple, intuitive, and responsive user interfaces. At its core, enhancing mobile app interface is all about design. This is why almost every mobile app development company existing today seems to be focused on developing and designing high-quality mobile applications that will both enable businesses to meet users demand and also help users get things done without stress. 
Below are some interesting techniques and best practices, mobile app developers can adopt to create useful design interfaces to boost business processes in various sectors. 
Adopt the right interface controls
interface controls
The importance of selecting the right design interface controls for mobile app development cannot be overemphasized. Basically, developers need to adopt specialized controls for their app interface in every possible way. When employed for their intended task, these controls are known to proffer well-optimized results. 
For instance, developers can choose to ease the selection process for users when performing a given task such as selecting calendar date with a drop-down list feature for the year, month, and day. No doubt, this method can be more efficient than using a simple drop-down list in several cases. This can go a long way in helping mobile users make faster and more informed decisions. 
Simplicity on demand
When it comes to developing mobile applications with an excellent user interface design, simplicity becomes very important. Users typically find it difficult to adapt to the interface of an app that features lots of controls on the display of mobile devices’ screen at all times. Rather, they adapt better to apps that offer less choice. This is because it is easier to scan the apparently available functions on an efficiently simplistic app. 
However, it is not really easy to simplify an app’s interface particularly when its functionality is at stake. There is no way to effectively simplify an app’s characteristics without hiding or concealing advanced functionality. This is where prioritization comes to play. All that mobile app developers need to do is to identify the most frequently used functions of the design interface and hide the rest. 
There are several ways mobile app developers can effectively tuck away less-relevant functions of their interface. They can do this by utilizing interactive pop-up menus and controls to both conceal and reveal advanced functionality. For instance, a developer can choose to adopt a special feature such as a drop-down menu to replace the use of search bars with advanced filters. And with just a couple of clicks, users can get those filters enabled. 
Use drop shadows
drop shadow
Aside from their attractive look, the use of drop shadows around modal windows such as pop-up menus can be very effective in enhancing an apps functional ability. This feature is basically designed to enable the reinforcement of modal windows by making them stand out from the background when they come up. Developers can also use drop shadows to darken the surrounding area with a shadow thereby blocking out the noise of the content beneath the window. 
With this technique, mobile phone users can easily focus more of their attention on the appearing window without worrying about the underlying content. Without the use of shadows, users can easily get confused and distracted from what they are doing when a modal window pops up, as they can hardly be distinguished from the main content. But this technique does not only help to make modal windows get above the rest of the page but can also adopt a special kind of three-dimensional effect that makes them appear closer to users.
There are several ways to do this. One of which includes the absolute positioning technique that involves positioning a content box within a background image with transparent borders. Another easy way by which mobile app developers can effectively use drop shadows to create distinctiveness within their app is by placing content within a container that is designed with a transparent PNG-background image. 
Simple registration process
These days, many mobile users find it hectic to undergo a long registration process. To this end, developers are trying in every way possible to resolve this problem by simplifying the registration process. Users shouldn’t have to search for a registration page particularly if they haven’t yet gotten an account on the app. One easy way to enhance speedy registration in a business app is by integrating social media log-in. Basically, this means that users can be able to effectively sign up to your application via a social media platform with which they already have an existing account. 
Also, developers can enhance their apps registration process by simply linking their users to the sign-up page from the log-in page. This can go a long way in simplifying matters for those who probably wanted to try the application but were unable to locate the registration page as a result of being in a hurry. Placing a registration link on a log-in page will in no doubt enable but anxious and reluctant visitors to sign up and become registered users of your app. 
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