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Useful Pros And Cons Of A QR Code For Your Business


Sep 2021
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useful pros and cons of a qr code for your business
In the last couple of years, QR codes have grown quite popular. For every transaction or communication, there is a QR code available. For ordinary people, it is a source of completing the task, and it obtains information and promotion more comfortably and smoothly. Several things are downloaded promptly by scanning a QR code. Everyone is required to use their smartphones to scan the code.
It is quick access to everything, in other words, a quick shortcut for the agile process. Now, even small vendors to enormous businesses own a QR Code scanner. One of the best parts of a QR code scanner is that you do not have to be present at the moment to execute it; you can generate it through the internet also. But nothing comes perfect, so there are challenges in QR code, as well as several benefits. Today, we will go through it and tell us what you think about it.

First, What Is QR Code?

A QR code indicates Quick Response code. It's a scannable 2D matrix barcode that activates specific actions such as visits to the website, social media profiles, digital payments, app downloads, etc.
QR code functions quite simply, and it is pretty easy to use. A scannable 2D matrix barcode is applied to align your phone camera. Eventually, you will begin a specific action, such as visiting a website, without having to type a thing and are directed towards that particular website.
You can make a QR code that can be scanned, rather than typing into a long URL. The codes may also be used for the purposes of communication. The code may rather be scanned to access the message you are to communicate instead of sending an email or a text message.
Although there are several reasons for using a QR code, before entering it, you want to make sure you have all the information you need.
Following are the points of advantages and disadvantages of a QR code:

Pros of Using QR Code:

1) Quickly Trackable

Not all QR code is the same, and thus each QR code is unique and makes tracking manageable. With it, you can detect which location attracts the most traffic when your QR code is available to customers in several places. The data shows where the audience interacts most with QR codes to make marketing works easy to adjust.

2) Deploy Multiple Placement

QR codes can be printed on paper or represented digitally, which suggests you can put them everywhere. After the COVID-19 pandemic, and before that also several restaurants have adopted QR codes to order from the menu. For instance, a person goes to the restaurant, and to check the menu: that person needs to scan a QR code from their mobile device. Many of them had made it mandatory, so people are left with no option other than scanning their QR codes.

3) Various Productive Uses

You can get productive with QR codes because they have numerous different applications. Social apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat have great models of fruitful QR codes. Users can add friends, navigate to profiles, or sync with WhatsApp Web by swiftly scanning a code with their phone.

4) Urge to Curiosity

We all have once thought of how QR works? Why it has become so necessary, and several other reasons behind it. But that is how it functions, you do not know what you will receive or get until you scan that code. Many marketers like to keep an offer of rewards and bonuses by scanning QR codes with their QR code mobile application. It eventually built excitement, thrill, and urge for the users. To increase the activity of QR code scanning, several companies do it.

Cons of Using QR Codes

Let’s look at four disadvantages of using QR codes for your mobile applications:

1) Difficult For Everyone

Scanning QR code is easy, but what if you do not have a smartphone. If you go to a place where QR code scanning is mandatory; but, your phone does not have access to it. There would be plenty of customers who do not have access or have a difficult time operating it. Numerous times people forget that not everyone has the ability to do it, and keeping it mandatory makes it difficult for them.

2) Facing Inconvenient

Scanning a QR code is not as smooth or automatic as expressed by people online or in the advertisement. Users are required to take out their phones, open their QR code reader app, and scan the code in front of them. The whole process can be lengthy and frustrating. Sometimes, it can even be critical as people can hack it. And not all people are comfortable doing it, and thus they face inconvenience.

3) Irrelevant Action

As QR codes are comparatively new, the interest that supports people to pull out their phones and scan a code may waste off. Not everyone would like to take interest in it and especially the ones who are not fond of technology. Modern technology is not consumed by everyone and multiple users choose the traditional method instead of the modern QR code scanning method. Moreover, extreme use of these codes can turn people off, since they might start comparing them with spam. So, if the option is limited, someone might take interest in scanning QR codes.

4) Unware Of Process

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone wants to pick modern technology, and some people are still unaware of the QR code. As they are unaware, they do not want to take part in the process because they do not believe in it.

Final Words

Though QR codes once presented intend to respond more with less, mobile technology has developed to the extent that the benefit of this tactic isn't as essential as it once was. Meanwhile, QR codes still have a spot in the world of small-business marketing, consider the tactic against other cost-effective approaches before considering that a QR code will address the optimal result.
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