Using Your Business App To Create Customers’ Loyalty

using your business app to create customers loyalty
All studies show that getting a new customer costs ten times more than retaining it. For any company, having loyal customers to their brand is the best way to be sustainable, increase their turnover and growth.
In this sense, Smartphones have revolutionized how companies relate to their customers. Mobile applications have become the solution to many of the needs of its users.
Good examples of this are companies such as Mc Donald´s or Domino’s Pizza, whose mobile applications have become an essential tool for communicating offers and promotions of their products and engaging users.
Why is an App the best tool to build customer loyalty?
why is an app the best tool to build customer loyalty
Mobile apps which developed by app developers offer many advantages to the user and the business that undoubtedly help this brand-client connection to occur, such as:
- Maintaining updated data of the clients. It is no longer necessary to resort to the classic infinite and boring forms that frighten customers. Mobile applications allow you to customize the fields that the user must complete and include those that have the most value for him and the brand and even complete a one-click registration with the sign-in of Facebook or Gmail.
- Connect with your users effectively. Thanks to push notifications, you can send direct and fast messages to your users with relevant information for them, discounts, and reminders. These actions add a lot of value to the user because, in addition to receiving benefits that may interest you, you save your client from having to make tedious phone calls or having to know of your e-mail address.
- Quick and easy management of reservations, purchases, and food orders. Performing these actions from a mobile App is very simple and helps eliminate possible frictions. This type of services through an app provides enormous value to users since it is a time and money-saving.
Mobile devices have revolutionized how brands communicate with their customers, have contributed to building stronger and more lasting relationships thanks to functions that improve efficiency and respond to specific needs.
If we refer to the importance of building relationships, it is because, thanks to these functions of mobile applications, companies have managed to express an interest that goes beyond the need to sell or obtain an economic benefit: concern for the customer.
This does not mean that the sale is not vital to the business. Still, the true profitability of a customer is obtained by strengthening long-term relationships, making him see that behind his purchase, there is a brand that cares about him and not about your money.
App features to build customer loyalty
app features to build customer loyalty
For the mobile application of your business to capture new users and retain them, the app must be useful. For them, you can ask yourself the following questions:
What value does your mobile application bring to the customer? Is it easy and intuitive to use? What needs do you cover, and what processes do you improve through this tool? Does it meet the expectations you had awakened during its launch?
All these questions determine if the application adds value to the users in the interaction with your business.
As we have said, the key is to establish long-term relationships with the client, so there is an incentive to use the app regularly. To do this, you must have a well-defined loyalty strategy and set of functions in the app that allow you to take implement that strategy.
Next, we will talk about some powerful functions to build customer loyalty through your business' mobile app:
Push Notifications with Geofencing
It is one of the most powerful functions of the mobile application. It is essential to strengthen the relationship with customers and attract new users. You can spread personalized messages, special promotions, events, etc. in certain geolocated areas.
Imagine the potential of this function, which allows you to send a message to a specific user when passing through an area that you have defined, such as the competition venue, or a few meters from your establishment.
Also, it is very important to know how to manage them properly and adapt them to the profile of each user. For example, determine hours when the user is not disturbed, such as during the night, or that the messages are aligned with their interests.
GPS coupons
The GPS Coupons feature is another of the most effective ways to build customer loyalty through a mobile device. Thanks to the mobile app, discount codes can be created for any type of product or service.
The important thing is that the coupon system is flexible to adapt to any type of business. You can configure these coupons for a fixed amount, for a percentage, activate them only on some products or for the total customer purchase. You can also include an expiration date, or that can only be redeemed in certain locations.
This function offers very interesting possibilities for small businesses, schools, clinics, or any business that wants to give its users an exclusive service. You can enable user registration to access, for example, courses, subscriptions, or a private club.
You can also use this function to create user groups with a similar profile and segment your products and services specifically for each target.

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