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Want More People To Use Your App? Just Do This!


Jan 2022
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want more people to use your app
Admit it. You hate app development companies, don’t you? If you’re an app development company yourself then the other companies can act as your competition. If you’re a user, then for you it’s a nightmare to constantly update your apps.
Looks like mobile app development companies cannot catch a break, right? App developers work so hard on an app, only for critics to rip it to shreds. At the same time, you never know if people will actually like the app.
It seems as if it’s a no-win situation for both, app development companies and their app developers.
But what if I tell you, that there are certain things that you can control. No, it is not the weather, nope, it is not the critics (It’s literally their job to find faults).
Rather than all that hogwash, I’ll be focusing on a few key features that can help you bring in more customers and clients for your app.
But here is the catch. These tips are not quick-fix solutions to all your problems. If you have doubts about other facets of app development, then feel free to search our other articles on those topics like 5 unique ideas for your app.

Without further ado, Let’s Start Our Today’s Session:

1) Keep Your App Simple

You have heard it before, I have heard it before. Simplicity is the key to everything. No matter how confusing the plan is, it can only be successful if it’s simple enough to be implemented.
Many amateur app development companies and app developers think if they make something complex, then people will love it.
Wrong. People love simple solutions to complex problems. Period. You don’t have to make things complicated unless and until you want to direct some new age hippy-dippy up-and-coming romance movie with vampires and werewolves.
“People love simple solutions to complex problems and not the other way around” -Us
Take, for instance, TikTok. During the pandemic, people had too much free time.
This became a problem so a video-sharing app helped them pass their time. A simple video-sharing app literally stole the spotlight from other online giants because of how easy it was to share our creativity. Yes, I know that it’s full of crazies as well, but credit should be given where credit is due.
There are a few things that you should keep in mind though. Simplicity as a word emphasizes simplicity from the user’s perspective. If a program is easy to implement by the app developers and app development companies but makes for a crappy User experience, then obviously you need to shelve that.
“Simplicity should emphasize a simple user experience.” - Us.
And this brings us to the second point of our article, which is:

2) Speed

Listen. Nobody and I means nobody will like your app if it’s slow. I know patience is a virtue and all, but hey, if you’re not making an app where people earn imaginary brownie points for showing patience (This can be a great idea for an app) then you are doing it wrong.
This is common knowledge as well. Since the last decade or so, the attention span of humans is reducing and you need to attract your client’s attention immediately.
Now, you can make things a little interesting by throwing in titbits of gold nuggets in between the screens. This is a feature that is flawlessly overused in almost all the gaming app development companies in their video games and it still works wonders.
Do You Know Why?
Because in games every loading screen means a great nugget of info that can help improve the gameplay and strategy.
Try and do the same if improving your loading speed becomes too much of a hassle. But in any case, you also have to focus on the upcoming aspect, and that is:

3) Improve Your Design

By design, I don’t necessarily mean your cover or your graphic but rather an overall balanced resolution. You don’t want a blocky graphic limiting your sales, do you?
Well unless and until you’re working to make a game like Minecraft or designing games on Roblox, the blocky design will eat away your sales.
This is why app development companies try to make sure that the resolution of graphics and the functionality of the app go hand in hand with each other. Any side that gets less focused will create problems in the future.
Case on point, look at any of the one-star reviews of apps on the store. They are either because the graphic was too good but the user experience was bad, or vice versa.
If you’re an app developer, or even if you have an app development company, this is something that you must focus on. And as app developers, the best feature to have in your app is:

4) Personalized Push Notifications

If you’ll read the above text again, then you’ll notice my emphasis on the word “Personalized”. Sorry to go all professor utopian on you all but this is important. All too many times we see notifications but with horrendous messages.
Meditation mobile apps writing about fact-less topics, gaming apps becoming sell-outs, and Pay-to-win. If you’ll read our article on developing empathetic apps then you’ll understand what is wrong.
App development companies focus on pushing out a notification, but without personalized content, without good content, you’re just shooting in the air while hoping to hit a falling star.
That’s not how it works.


You need to come up with content and a message that has the power to move people. That connects and engages your audiences. As an app developer or even an owner of an app development company, you need to ask yourself “What am I missing”.
This is what separates you from the rest and this is what will lead to your greatness.
Hire the top 3% of best-in-class developers!

Harnil Oza is the CEO & Founder of Hyperlink InfoSystem. With a passion for technology and an immaculate drive for entrepreneurship, Harnil has propelled Hyperlink InfoSystem to become a global pioneer in the world of innovative IT solutions. His exceptional leadership has inspired a multiverse of tech enthusiasts and also enabled thriving business expansion. His vision has helped the company achieve widespread respect for its remarkable track record of delivering beautifully constructed mobile apps, websites, and other products using every emerging technology. Outside his duties at Hyperlink InfoSystem, Harnil has earned a reputation for his conceptual leadership and initiatives in the tech industry. He is driven to impart expertise and insights to the forthcoming cohort of tech innovators. Harnil continues to champion growth, quality, and client satisfaction by fostering innovation and collaboration.

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