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Want to Develop web app in Joomla ?Then Know some of the new cool features of Joomla 3.4

Web Development

Mar 2016
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want to develop web app in joomla

Joomla 3.4 has untied and it amazes us with new cool features for both end-users and developers.

It will prove to End-users easy going to find and edit modules, because they can access fully from the front-end.

Developers will cherish the inbound with Composer and the ability to liberate various versions of their extensions to variety of user groups.

Here's a briefing of what's new in Joomla 3.4 ...

Feature #1. uncoupling to Web links

The Joomla team decided to create a lighter core ans so in reference to this thought they walked a footstep in this process by removing extensions that were not widely used, such as Web links, by making them an optional feature.

As per new release web link has been parted from the core part of joomla and is moved out to Joomla Extensions Directory as an  part of official Extensions.If You are already installed with Web link it won't be removed but in future if you wish to use web link  you can install it from JED.

Feature #2. Front-end module editing! Truly a game changer

For users, the most exciting new feature in Joomla 3.4 will be front-end editing that permits you editing modules directly on the
page without call for the admin dashboard.

Now just click on module and edit it ..! as simple as that . No need to ponder around in admin area anymore now.
This new feature

streamlines the administration of websites by making them amazingly easy to edit.

Feature #3. Composer integration

It is a feature that is loved by all the developers . But, what does Composer Integration mean in plain English?

Well , answer to the question is that Composer is a package manager for PHP that streamlines integration of external code libraries into Joomla.

Composer is a really one of the most known product that's far and wide used in the PHP community. You can derive an array of libraries that Composer supports at Packagist.org.

Feature #4. No Captcha

People love to abhor Captchas which are often awkward and difficult to use. In addition, old aged captchas are insolvent to guard you against spam.

So, Google underlined what it known as no CAPTCHA. This makes captchas much simplified to use - a notable number of users now just have to check a check box, instead of solving a puzzle. No Captcha is now exclusively available in Joomla 3.4.

Feature #5.More secured file uploads

Malevolent file uploads are one of the usual ways for hacking a site. Joomla 3.4 now has "Upload Shield" code that fosters detecting most malicious uploads by testing their file names and file contents.


This feature is an modification and up gradation on work done in the known Admin Tools extension.

Feature #6. Release of beta versions to different users

The Joomla core freely permits its users to decide whether they want to go with Beta versions (for testing) or just wanna pick up stable versions. Now extension developers by including tags attribute to their update server manifest can do the same for their extensions.

Then, they can request their users to examine upcoming releases by using these footsteps:

Go to Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Update

Click -> Options

Under the Preferences tab -> set the Minimum stability to Alpha

Click -> Save & Close

Click on Purge -> Find Updates.

Feature #7. Collapsible Sidebar



Now you can make your admin panel peak width by collapsing the Sidebar.

Some of the Other improvements in Joomla 3.4 are ...

Language consistency:

There are enhancement to the sanctioned language practiced in Joomla, which is British English (en-GB). Till today's date, many of the language strings were inconstant. The foremost goal of Joomla was to maintain equal standard in all the en-GB language based on the updated official guide.

A newer file .htaccess file:

This upgraded file would be a part of new installations only. It leads to increased security by retarding directory listings.

A newer file robots.txt :

This file will also be the ingredient of the new 3.4 installs. This enhancement improves SEO by allowing search engines from having access to Joomla's media files.

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