Ways To Monetize Simple Mobile Games

ways to monetize simple mobile games
The mobile game market has always been in change. There are various strategies that are used by app developers to differentiate their games from the other millions that are on the App Store and Google Play. Some of the exciting games on the stores were partially destroyed by their intrusive advertisement. Other apps acted as trailblazers and asked for money to continue playing. It can change now.
Arcade games for mobile phones stand out from the crowd because they alone make up 47 percent of the total downloads of mobile games. So far, however, this category has struggled with monetization, especially since it contains very different categories; This includes games like Candy Crush but also a number of shooters. Google and Apple could pull Arcade out of the swamp of in-app purchases and loot boxes thanks to monthly subscriptions.
The mobile game market is constantly changing, and different app developers employ different strategies to monetize their products. Here, we will discuss some of the methods through which you can monetize your mobile game.
1. Promotion through bloggers
promotion through bloggers
Bloggers and streaming sites have a huge impact on the mass audience. If you choose the right bloggers and have positive reviews, you can achieve brilliant returns in the form of a rapid increase in active users of the application, which will positively affect future profits.
2. In-app purchases
The game currency allows you to buy the necessary items in the game. If you create a base currency, and then introduce an improved product, for the purchase of which a different type of currency is needed, the player will want to buy something that he does not have. Namely, the new currency and the desired object:
• Limited resources are created so that a player buys the same item several times. 
• Holiday bonuses delight users and excite the desire to make themselves pleasant and buy new game items. 
• Inaccessible characters engage the audience and encourage them to buy a new hero because he has an individual character and the best opportunities for promotion in the game.
3. Disclosure of the plot and character
• Personalization reveals the hero and pumps his abilities. Players are interested in improving their character. 
• Skill points reduce the time to complete complex tasks. As a result, the audience gets more opportunities, and conditionally buys skills.
• Extra lives appear at the most critical and necessary moment when the player is ready for anything for the passage of the level. 
• Tips are very effective because they do not reveal the solution to the problem but are necessary for a better understanding of it;
• Serial paid content with more and better features.
4. Built-in advertising
built-in advertising
Ad implementation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to monetize. If you use the advertisement wisely and not annoyingly, the player will not even notice it. And you will receive a positive profit. App developers implement this using:
• Video format between levels. A bright video image will relax the player and contribute to good advertising efficiency;
• A window at the entrance and exit from the game. This is an ideal moment to attract the player’s attention to an advertising product;
• The paid version of the game without ads. If you do not want to see advertising windows - buy the premium version.
5. Partnerships
The old and good method of making a profit from the game. The introduction of partner products in the main schedule, as well as the development of characters for the theme of the partner’s brand. This is a great opportunity to make money on the game before it is launched.
6. Creating a merch
This method of monetization is suitable for a game that already has a certain circle of audience and fans.
• This may be different attributes of the gameplay;
• Themed bright objects;
• Fashion design using game graphics and characters;
• Themed Ringtones;
• Game pictures for phone background or stationery.

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