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In 2018, we'll be witnessing a continuous growth and development of mobile web and other spectacular innovations that are based on the dynamic market behavior. As a web development company, there are basic web designing tools that should be a prerequisite to getting ahead in the game. Below are tips on becoming successful in today's world of web development.
1. Large Imagery Web Design Trend:
Stock photos continue to play a vital role in the world of digital communication, doesn't matter whether it's a portfolio, eCommerce store, or blog. People make use of images to interact more with users and also demonstrate the message which they are trying to send.
For a very long time, the web has been low, suffering from fake photography of happy people wearing clean smile and suits. Smart People uses a slideshow of a full-width original photo background which creates an impression of an ideal humanistic brand.
All thanks to communities, such Picjumbo, upsplash, because designers now have access to use beautiful and natural photos for their web designs and blog posts as well. Today, we’ve seen different website making use of photos from Unsplash with amazing looks.
Recently, studies have shown that users mostly ignore cheesy or artificial looking photos. Nevertheless, 2017 is a year of unique imagery, and you should make sure to take advantage of using original photos to flow with your audience in an advanced way.
2. Video Background Web Design Trend:
Websites are storytelling tools; a story can be much more efficient when the visuals or motion are fully involved so that the message can be transferred quickly to the visitors.
Many businesses are implementing video on their web pages. In 2018, this trend will grow more with endless possibilities of HD quality videos to create an impression of the real-life experience. People love watching videos, as statistics have shown mind blowing numbers of users consuming videos online every day.
A typical example of a website video backgrounds is the Bloom of Ruins. It builds a memorable experience by making good use of strange light with a blur imagery inside a video background, and it loads very fast, making a unique overall look and feel. A Bloom of Ruins is a good example of a subtle video that is used as the full website background.
3. Personal Branding Trend in Web Design:
Personal branding will continue to exist whether you like it or not. Your image and identity (how other people perceived you) are very different. The primary purpose of personal branding is to integrate vision and mission so you can be viewed as you would like to be, instead of speculations.
Having a human figure behind the organization or brand increases the trust of the people and makes it easier for them to take decisions. Personal photos with a combination of a large number of followers tell people that it is worth following.
4. Web Design Trend:
Web usage styles are starting to change, and you cannot ignore statistics if you are successful in today's market. One in every three website visitors now make use of a mobile device, and any sites that do not provide a mobile optimized version will cause an unpleasant experience and also lose money as most users tend to forget the website if it is not user-friendly on a mobile device.
It is nice to combine beautiful visuals and unique typography to create a pleasant and friendly mobile reading experience.
Take a mobile first approach before you start designing your website to be sure that you maximize all of your potentials and reach get across to more of your target audience. What this means is that you have to be focused and brief on the content or performance which usually takes advantage of a more advanced feature, like GPS, mobility, touch screen and others, which cannot be offered by desktop computers.
5. Web Design Trend (Grid or Modular Based):
Grid or Modular based design is also known as cards or tiles design approach. They are not new in the world of web design, but it all began to get more progressive as it became very responsive-friendly together with the tiles arranged nicely on various screens and created a flexible graphic structure that looks crisp and clean on every screen size.
Enough white space together with strict grid and a rectangle shaped content arrangement will appear very trustworthy and balanced as well.
One of the most favorite examples of a modular design is Microsoft Metro design, even though it doesn't look very favorable. However, several web applications like Instagram, Pinterest is making proper use of the grid-based layout.
6. Single Page Web Design Trend:
It is even clearer to understand from the UX perspective – "Everybody Scrolls" which means that users love scrolling.
To represent its new product, Apple MacBook has designed a unique and long single page to showcase its new product.
Scrolling is dominating over clicking because of the changing web browsing style and patterns. As earlier mentioned, mobile device usage development has influenced the structure in which websites are designed these days. With small screens and super touch navigation system, people now prefer to scroll everywhere instead of clicking on a link, waiting for it to bring out its content.
Research shows that regardless of the layout structure, about 90% of visitors always scroll to the bottom. Single pages obtained momentum some years ago. But recently, it has begun to make more sense and users seem to be enjoying it because it presents a huge pile of information at one glance in a uniquely designed step by step format
7. Flat design Web Design Trend:
Flat design was adopted by intelligent designers and bigger tech companies such as Apple. One of the benefits of using the new improved paradigm is that a flat design makes Indian app developers concentrate more on content, select the best colors to assist users with an easy movement through designs, and also using white space with great care. It is necessary to focus on core brand colors with emphasis on the product.
The idea of Google Material Design is presently being embraced by so many top mobile app developers in India, allowing them to produce a more related and digital service that can be manipulated without the user having to go through the compound curve. Research conducted recently shows that majority of web designers are supporting the flat design movement.
Summary About Trends in 2017
If you have been a follower of the web design scene for a while, you would have felt what is upcoming. There are no significant changes this year, but most trends that began getting traction as far back 2014 will keep growing and influencing more people, and some others will gradually fade away.
Nevertheless, web design is evolving rapidly and most essentially, it adapts to everyone's behavior or technology advancements. This article has mentioned most trends that will continue to be in the spotlight for the remaining part of the year, and these resources provided will assist you to get into the game, as quick as possible.

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