What Are The Challenges Facing AR App Developers?

ar app developers
App developers who are looking to get the most out of modern technology have a number of decisions to make. As the augmented reality market continues to grow, more and more app developers are looking into this form of technology. The rapid growth that is currently taking place is not slated to slow down anytime soon, either.
Users do not wish to be forced into the same mundane lifestyle that they are accustomed to. With augmented reality, app developers are able to tap into the deepest desires of any business' target audience. However, there are more than a few challenges that mobile app developers need to be aware of before they can truly get the most out of AR.
It all starts by being fully aware of the two different types of app that rely on the technology:
Capturing Graphic Content
These apps capture certain imagery and are able to determine its position with the use of a smartphone camera. There are various tool kits available for app developers to select from as well.
Utilization of GPS Data
These types of programs will always have access to GPS tools. Relevant data is typically gathered by finding the relevant points of interest in the region. Mobile app developers can choose from a wide range of different platforms.
Of course, app developers are not always able to finish these apps in a timely manner. There are several challenges that must be discussed in a more open forum, so that readers can learn more about the issues that can hold back even the most well planned projects.
Technical Components
Even the top companies have to consider certain technical components when creating a top of the line app that relies on augmented reality. While the development process for these apps is often similar, the technical challenges that are going to be faced are numerous in nature.
Pattern Recognition
pattern recognition
Thanks to smartphones and tablets, users are now able to capture high quality images at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, these images are not always appropriate for augmented reality's visual content. QR codes and 2D barcodes must be utilized in these instances.
GPS Related Errors
GPS technology is not infallible and the range for correct readings tends to vary from app to app. For example, digital maps and navigation systems have a fairly wide range to work with (six meters). On the other hand, this gap can cause other forms of augmented reality software to experience lagging. Making sure that the marker objects are large enough is a key aspect of development.
Lack of Accurate Sensor Readings
This is the challenge that is faced most frequently by mobile app developers in the AR realm. Smoothing techniques must be employed to remove any and all electrical interference that is currently taking place.
What About The Devices Themselves?
AR devices also face a series of challenges. Any app development that is looking to take advantage of this technology must also take the time to consider the devices themselves. If the devices are not considered, the apps will experience unwanted lagging. There are also numerous elements that are not yet available to the general public, contributing to their lack of enjoyment.
Let's take a closer look at some of the issues that take place with AR enabled devices:
Lack of Education
When any form of technology begins to emerge, the general public will not have the necessary education. This is more of a social challenge for app developers but it remains a challenge nonetheless. Augmented reality is currently becoming more and more commonplace but it will take some time for the message to reach everyone's ears. This is something that app developers will simply have to contend with.
Unavailable Content
There are some who may be able to download augmented reality apps but that does not mean that they are able to access all of their desired content. The augmented reality market is only going to continue to grow but this growth is not taking place in a linear manner. The market's slow growth makes it difficult for all parties involved to access content and before an app is released, the company and their chosen firm must make sure that their clients are not left out in the cold.
Multi User Experience Limitations
multi user experience limitations
Since the current augmented reality experience is designed for one user to enjoy, this leaves users who are looking for a multi user experience wondering what comes next. Right now, the AR experience can only be enjoyed on smaller, portable devices. Solutions are in the process of being created for larger devices but at the present time, the multi user experience limitations still exist.
Browsers that are being used for augmented reality are not always easily customized. This keeps vendors from being able to fully cater to their target audiences. In order to properly integrate all functions into all platforms, interoperability is required. As the current structures continue to change, these problems should become a thing of the past.
The aforementioned challenges are common in nature and should not keep any firm (or their clients) from being able to achieve all of their most crucial objectives. The mobile app developers that are able to overcome these challenges are able to create an enriching experience for all users. Now that the largest companies on the planet are on board, it is only a matter of time before these challenges are met, so that they can finally disappear for good!

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