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Surprising Reasons Why Apps Get Rejected From Apple App Store

App Development

Jul 2017
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surprising reasons why apps get rejected from apple app store
With the high rate of technological development over the years, different app stores have been created. But it is important to note that each of these application stores has its own stringent quality requirements outlining what is acceptable or rejected in their app store.
This is what Apple app is known for. In Apple store, as far as approving apps is concerned, there are certain rules and regulations governing the store. In other words, there are certain norms employed in the Apple store which will eventually determine whether a mobile app will be accepted or rejected.
However, while having the thought of developing your own mobile app, it is necessary to become acquainted with the content, design and technical criteria that Apple demands (as part of what is needed for all apps in the Apple store which is something that mobile app development company practices). 
One of the major objectives of the Apple's App stores is basically to keep the app society safe and also to protect users from the low level or hostile apps. 
There different reasons why Mobile apps get rejected from the Apple app stores, these reasons might be shocking to know.
However, before you submit your next app, you need to consider certain things from the Apple app stores so that it won't be rejected.
Here is a list of some of these surprising reasons;
1. Linking With Outside Payment plans:
app store payment options
Via the built-in iTunes in-app purchasing mechanism, Apple demand that all digital content be sold. This is also applicable to digital subscriptions as well as one-time purchases.
Your app will, however, be rejected if it receives other payment mechanisms for digital content. It is as a result of this fact; the Kindle application does not allow new books to be purchased by users in need of it. This rule is also applicable to even web pages linked to from your app.
Apple rejected the Dropbox app because the web-based login screen includes a link to purchase extra space. All other apps that used the Dropbox SDX were also rejected by the Apple apps stores.
Therefore, try as much as possible to check your workflow continuously in other to be well assured that all purchasing is directed through the user's iTunes account to avoid stories.
2. By Using The Word Beta Indicates That Your Application Remains Unfinished:
Your mobile app can get rejected if labeled "Beta" and even "Preview."
Despite the fact that Google insists that it the recommended industry practice to launch services into indefinite "Beta," Apple store has been complicated about any indication that an app is not yet exhausted.
3. Avoid Mentioning Other Supported Platforms:
The universal rule is not similar to Apple. It is recommended that if you have an app which is obtainable on the Windows or Android platforms, it would be better to advertise it on your website, rather than promoting it in the app or the app store description.
4. The Use Of Icons And Buttons Wrongly:
use of icons and buttons
Due to little UI issues that do not have anything to do with functionality or operations, many iOS have however been rejected.
So it is imperative you make sure the built-in Apple icons and buttons are the same in appearance and how they function by applying the standard UI button bar system item and make yourself known to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.
For example, you wouldn't want to apply the " compose" icon for anything, but rather using the content creation. 
Apple engineers are becoming very strict about this because they want apps now to perform in ways that can be known.
5. Improper Use Of Trademarks And Logos:
In your mobile app or product images, try as much as possible to avoid the use of trademarked materials or Apple icons and logos on them. For instance, using icons that show an iPhone drawn on it. 
Your mobile app can also be rejected if it has trademarks in the keywords of the app. The reverse of this is such that, you have to be sure that your mobile application does not hide out the attribution information in any secured maps. You should be aware that will result in an immediate rejection.
6. Crashes From Users Denying Permission:
It is important for users to give permission for apps in iOS 6, in other to have access to the address book, photos gallery, calendar, location, Bluetooth, reminder, Facebook and Twitter account. 
However, Apple requires that the app continues to operate anyway if the user wishes to deny an app having access to any of these services.
During verification, the app will definitely be tested and will be rejected immediately if it fails to perform appropriately.
Users should try and test all combination of "allow" and "deny" for every data used by your app.
7. Localization Glitches:
Of a truth, the users of your mobile all will definitely be in all locations, and not only in the place where the development was done. Even if your app is not yet localized for different languages. Your app will definitely look unprofessional.
To test your user experience in different locales to ensure dates and other data is in accordance with the user's location, use add-ons such as Invariant Culture and a simulator. Also, do ensure your mobile app works at all time on the map.
8. Improper Use Of Storage And Filesystems:
Immediately after the release of iOS 5.1, an app update was rejected by Apple because developers left the 2MB database untouched from the app bundle into the filesystem breaking the iCloud ideal of covering up the only user generated content.
However, any data that can be replaced because it is in one position, coupled with the application or is easily re-downloaded from a remote server, should not have the tendency to be backed up.
It is advisable for non-user data to pick a cache storage location or mark with a "do not backup" features.
9. Long Load Time:
app loading time
There is a maximum app start up time for all Mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and even Windows.
For instance, the time limit for iOS is about fifteen seconds, the operating system will, however, kill it if your app is not functioning by then.
Slower server, slower hardware, and other environmental challenges may cause your app to boot too slowly during the process of review. So relying on the iOS simulator can be very disastrous. Try as much as possible to always test your hardware and keep some old phones close by to ensure all user have a fast and easy start-up.
Bottom Line:
From the above, we can see that Indian app developers should be aware that their app's load time and a host of other mistakes mentioned above is the only way they can design applications for Apple app store that will amaze their users and won't be rejected. 
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